Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thankful Thursday

A friend of mine recently mentioned on her blog that she and her family changed their language from saying "I HAVE to" to "I GET to". I recently sent a card to a friend that said "Any Day you are Above Ground is a Good Day" I love these examples of positive thinking. The ever thoughtful people at a restaurant that shall remain nameless, put some overripe, mushy, nasty lettuce on my chicken sandwich which unfortunately I did not notice until I bit into said sandwich. Yuk!!! The point here is that I was so sick all night and into this morning that I have been mighty irritable. Toss in some road rage and possibly smacking the guy talking on his cell phone as he walked directly in front of my car...anyway...the grumpiness was getting out of control. In an effort to return to some semblance of sanity I thought maybe I should count my blessings! And buy myself some gorgeous flowers at The Fresh Market. Just stepping through the doors made my senses happy. My eyes beheld all the gorgeous, succulent fruits and vegetables with their vast array of colors! I was able to smell freshly baked bread and rotisserie chicken. I ran my fingers across some lovely heirloom tomatoes...wondering what they taste $4 something a pound I am a bit reluctant to try them. I do wonder if they taste as good as they look! I purchased some honest to goodness ginger ale for my tummy and it tasted so good, not sweet and syrupy but crisp and gingery. I heard the busy hum of employees working and people shopping. As I was admiring the flowers, trying to make a choice, a lady mentioned the absolutely beautiful simple yet so stunning. I purchased a tropical looking arrangement with Lillies and Gerbera Daisies, Palm Leaves and some other type of exotic leaves. It makes my office so much brighter and cheerful. I still do not feel great, however, I know this too will pass. It is a "light" day at the office I can relax and not feel stressed due to deadlines and demands. Today I am thankful that I have an "inside" job and am not out in the sweltering heat! I am thankful that I am finally able to improve the appearance of our office. I love looking at all the plants I recently purchased to make the work environment greener and more beautiful. I realized that I need to walk into beauty each day. Just because. Just because I am the lone woman in an office full of men. Even though we are commercial contractors a little beauty is a good thing. The "men" have noticed and actually like the chairs, lamp, table (courtesy of my garage) and the plants! I am thankful it is Thursday!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Work in Progress

Organic Cotton Washcloth knitted in a basket weave pattern. I had to concentrate and count! Washcloths are particularly good things to make when attempting new patterns as they are small and you will not pull your hair out when you must unravel the knitting due to gaping holes or such. The organic cotton yarn feels like a dream and these make particularly good face cloths as the cloths gently exfoliate your skin! I am pleased with this particular one as it turned out to be relatively square and does not resemble its deformed partners.

I did my insomnia thing this morning around 4 a.m. which is too early to get up but too late to get any more restful sleep. Rather than turn the television on and watch something totally inappropriate I decided I would finish the "confetti" scarf. When using this incredibly fun yarn and using a simple stitch, the whole activity becomes more like a meditation. The clicking of the needles, the movement of the yarn from one side to the other. I read something about knitting prayer shawls that suggested you say a prayer before you knit something for the "recipient". I do not sell many scarves mainly because a little portion of my heart goes into each one. A friend commissioned me to make scarves as Christmas gifts one year and determining the cost was very difficult. The work is labor intensive, the cost of materials is high when not purchased from a wholesaler and last of all, how does one price the little part of your spirit that goes into each item one crafts? So Dishy, I promised you a scarf, what do you think of the "confetti" scarf?" It is fun and youthful. Or would you prefer something thicker and more organic? This scarf needs a home, so leave a comment and I will allow my grandchildren to choose a name out of a hat! Tonight I will begin with the first of 50 chemotherapy caps...Needles for Noodles, as Hayden calls it, she is so clever with words! Originally I thought I would knit 50 of the same kind of cap but in different colors and textures. However, I found the cutest hat pattern, courtesy of Soulemama. I think she would be delighted to know her pattern will grace the head of someone that will deeply appreciate wearing such a cute cap. I also have a circular loom which makes a nice thick hat and may use it as well. I am excited and delighted with the Needles for Noodles project. Feel free to join us in this fun effort! Some people knit, some crochet and I have seen a vast array of sewn turbans, scarves and other head gear. Whatever your talent, let's share our "wealth" and pay it forward.

Monday, July 28, 2008

One Wrong Turn

"Small errors can have a larger impact on our lives. The longer we delay corrective action the larger the needed changes become" as taught in a lesson by Karen Connell.
I was supremely lost. One initial wrong turn and then another...where in the world was I? So close to home, so close to my destination! No GPS to guide me. A cell phone left at home. Friends expecting me 45 minutes ago. Attack of the full fledged hissy fit. As I drove and drove in the middle of seemingly nowhere I became more and more frustrated and aggravated. I was angry with myself and ready to go home except I had no idea which way was home. I was continuously circling, so close yet so far. If I wanted to attend church there were dozens of churches, one on each corner! Yet, I continued to drive and rage at the world. I finally saw a church with a sign that said " When in crisis, turn to the Lord and Move On" Hmm...I finally saw a road that looked remotely familiar, however, I was on the "wrong" end. I pulled into the quaint church driveway pictured above and sat for a minute and gathered my wits (what was left) said a prayer, took a few pictures and drove on. Finally, I was making progress and reached my friend's house one hour later than originally planned. Upon arrival I launched into a diatribe of my whereabouts complete with unladylike language, amidst much laughter I was welcomed and given refreshments! A fun time was had by all. Yet underneath all the fun I felt a sense of unease. As dusk settled upon the land, I arrived home without incident. Reflecting on the days events I was able to pinpoint the reason for my unease. I had relied on myself and in frustration behaved badly. No one was there to witness my outburst, however, I knew it was not my best self. I have been relying on the "world" lately and less on the "spirit". I know that before a situation turns to a crisis to call on a higher power. In my case, my Heavenly Father who knows what I need often before I do. As I expressed gratitude for my day and my blessings I felt at peace. On Sunday, the talks and lessons were very much directed towards relying on Heavenly Father and believing in Him. One part of the Sunday School lesson mentioned that Korihor (Book of Mormon) was speaking out of both sides of his mouth. In effect he was saying I believe there is a God, but I can't see him, so unless I see some signs I don't believe in God. So which is it, you either believe or you don't. For me, I know God lives I just don't always listen and always regret that decision. We are given a great gift of the Holy Spirit and if we will listen to the still, small voice, we won't have to resort to outrageous behavior. The lesson from our Relief Society meeting was based on making errors and taking corrective actions quickly. On my way home I gave a great deal of thought to the messages I received and went home to ponder them further. The thought that kept coming to me is that if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. I have been reading a lot of diverse material lately, some good, some questionable. I have been enjoying a non fiction book by a well known author and midway through this book, the author refers to religion and church in a very negative manner particularly the religion of her birth. As I continued reading, the stories and characters in the book resembled the very things the author would have been taught as a result of her religion. For all of her bravado, her bitterness shines through. I am unable to finish the book (which for me is highly unusual) I pick it up only to put it back down. I feel that sense of unease and so choosing to listen to that still, small voice I think I'll pass on finishing this particular book.
As for me, I am not ashamed to stand for God, the Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fabulous Contest

CurlyWurlyGurly is hosting a fabulouso contest on her blog. She has recently returned from an extensive vacation including the City of New Orleans. In true sharing fashion, she is giving away goodies from the vacation and this fabulous griddle. Visit her blog and enter to win!
Now, if she would just provide the cook.....

Thursday, July 24, 2008


It was that time again. It was put off as long as possible. Sigh, the "girls" needed some support. I would ALMOST rather have a root canal than to shop for bras. Oprah endorses her favorite as do many other celebrities. I have not found the ideal bra yet. I often wonder if these devices were originally designed by men to "keep us in place". Bras, for most of us, are a necessary evil! They keep the girls supported and they keep us modest. There are so many issues involved when shopping for the dreaded bras. Fit, comfort...straps that stay put, a back that doesn't ride up, no pinching or stabbing anywhere. I remember thinking that I would never have anything to fit into a real bra. A training bra sufficed until I was about 17 years old. A late bloomer...but when they bloomed...the rest is herstory. I wanted to feel pretty and at the time the options for larger breasts were pretty much limited to the Playtex, Cross Your Heart bras. During my twenties I often wanted to wear a shirt with an arrow pointing to my face. I wanted my male employers to acknowledge that I had a brain. At times I wanted to shout "I am not my Boobs!" Approaching 50, I just look at them and sigh! Gravity is not kind. My husband on the other hand is a happy man. (sorry kids, that's all I'll say) Coming to terms with who I am...I have changed the way I dress. I have given up the t-shirts to the neck with jean jumpers or anything that approaches my neck too closely. While trying to draw attention away from my chest, my clothes made everything appear larger. My look is mostly v-necks and lots of black but with a softer look! I like it.

I have been thinking about breasts due in part to several friends that have suffered the effects of breast cancer. These brave women have undergone surgery, chemotherapy and all the emotional effects of this disease. One of my friends related that every time she told someone she had breast cancer people would automatically look at her chest. Our breasts should not define who we are as women.

Recently I made the acquaintance of a wonderful woman that decided to have her silicone implants removed. She emphatically stated that she did not wish to have "these things" anymore. Who decides what is enough? This lovely lady decided to be true to herself and no one else. Bravo for You, J!

In honor of breast cancer awareness some time ago I e-mailed my friends an article written by a nurse describing how to "Phluff the Girls". Monthly breast exams are critical, yet how many actually take the time to do so? "Phluffing the Girls" has numerous other benefits for breast health according to the article. Look it over at

Big or Small, Perky or Not...our breasts are just our breasts and not a measure of who we are as individuals. The sum of all your parts makes up YOU! You are unique and beautiful, a creation of the most high God!


I recently purchased this wonderful shower attachment with hose to install above our jacuzzi as it is extremely difficult to clean with the current set up. As I was looking at the contents of the package, I noticed one of these enclosed...

This is one of the many forms of drying agents, moisture absorbers and so forth that are included in various items you wish to keep dry.'ll notice the words DO NOT EAT stamped all over the packet. Somebody, somewhere whilst installing a shower attachment looked over at their partner and said, "Look honey, they included a snack!" Many of the appliances I purchase come with instructions in numerous languages. I have yet to see these little packets with any other language on them. So is this just an "American" thing? I am sure the packets come in products from other countries, however the little packets are written in English. Feel free to correct me! I just don't know. The only people I would think you would need to warn would be very small children that put everything in their mouth. In which case, they can't read so did their parents say "Look honey, they put a snack in here for the children?"
Somebody did it or there would not be a warning. I personally would not eat anything labelled oxygen absorber or silicone crystals or drying agent. As I thought about all the "obvious" labels and signs one sees posted about I wondered if this was due to the ridiculous amount of frivolous lawsuits generated in the United States. Some of my personal favorites included but are not limited to; Warning: Hot Coffee, Coffee is Hot! or Hot Chocolate is Hot! I have spilled enough drinks in my lap to know you are taking a HUGE risk drinking hot stuff in the car.
Although, a diet coke filled to the brim with ice gets mighty chilly when you dump the whole thing in your lap and you have to sit in it until you can change your clothes. Here's a new sign, Warning: Sodas with ice are really COLD, you could spill it and freeze off your ...........! I love the warnings on scissors and knives...they are sharp and they can cut you. Numerous warnings abound, so take heed and DO NOT EAT the little packets! So, have you seen any wacky warnings lately?

Friday, July 18, 2008


My pitiful attempt at capturing the most glorious full moon. It was so beautiful last night. I attended our monthly book club meeting which is always, always a good time. A group of people who love to read, discussing, laughing and just having a great time! My grandchildren are learning very early to love books! Little Miss Anna attended book club last night. I rode with her in the backseat...on the way home we looked for the moon, she was soooo excited every time she spotted it. I remember reading Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown to my children every night for what seemed like years. The words "I see the moon and the moon sees me" popped in my head and I was reciting parts of the book for Anna. Every time she would spot the moon she would say "I see the moon and the moon sees me". My daughter called me and asked if I would take some pictures from my house as I have such a clear view of the sky. She said that Anna was still looking for the moon and kept talking about it. I tried many attempts at stabilizing the camera (I need a tripod or a better camera) I finally retrieved a blanket from the garage and just sprawled out on the lawn. DH was in the garage working on a new airplane...sigh. I cannot begin to describe the loveliness of lying on the grass looking at the night sky. It reminded me of childhood drive-in movies and yard camping.
I have been "coming out" of my cocoon at a very alarming rate. The revelations, ideas and epiphanies that are swarming through my brain are astounding and exhilarating...stay tuned for this crazy journey! I feel like I have been asleep at the wheel and am waking up to a whole new world!!! What truly amazes me is my strong desire to be outdoors. My children and I spent a great deal of time outside when they were "small". As they got older and went their separate ways and a series of life events occurred I settled indoors and nested. Now it appears I am being kicked out of the nest by my own inner voice! I am excited to wake up in the morning to see how the new day will unfold! Yippee!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy,

If a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you,

If the simple things of nature have a message that you understand,
REJOICE, for your soul is alive...Eleonora Duse

A gentle breeze is fluttering outside the window. I stepped out to go to the bank and felt the sun on my face and the breeze blowing wisps of hair around my head. I am craving a walk in the woods by a stream. Some ice cold water to drink and some fresh berries or an apple for sustenance. Sigh...

Note on 50 books:
I am on the last couple of chapters of The Witch of Portabello by Paul Coelho - fiction, but has some meaningful messages throughout the story as told by the different characters who knew "the witch".
Maryjane's Outpost, Unleashing Your Inner Wild by Maryjane Butters - this is a delightful feast for the eyes and the soul. A practical guide to surviving the outdoors from your porch to the "real" outdoors and making it a truly beautiful experience. A vast array of topics is covered such as cleaning fish, decorating your porch, edible wild plants and making aprons. The photographs take you to a wonderful place. One you may remember...I will have to read this one a few times.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You've Come Along Way Baby!

I actually think my title was an advertisement for Virginia Slims cigarettes back in the day when they were still advertising those insidous, heinous health stealers. Okay, I'm better now. I loathe smoking. My mother smokes like a chimney and is in the beginning stages of emphysema. After many years of arguments, she finally does not smoke in my house or my car and cuts down when I am visiting her house. A smoker's house always smells like smoke to a non smoker. My eyes start watering and my nose either stops up completely in self defense or runs like crazy. I am thrilled that smoking is banned in most public places. After all I have to breathe and for years had no choice except to politely ask if smokers could blow their toxic steam somewhere else. My husband and I have some friends that smoke like they are never going to see another cigarette again. At work, our friend was complaining that she had to smell everyones perfume but yet she had to go outside, across the street to smoke. I am sure that some perfume and men's cologne is probably toxic as all get out, however, unless you have asthma it is still better than smoke. I love my smoker friends and family...that is why I wish they would/could quit. Lest you think I am totally angelic, I did smoke when I was about 17ish because I wanted to be cool. Hey, it was the 70's!!! I very quickly decided this was not an investment I wished to pursue at the expense of my health and my pocketbook! I have been in a reflective mood lately and have discovered many things about myself that I wish I knew when I was younger. Hence the old saying, "Youth is wasted on the young." It has taken me a very long time to realize I do not have to live by anyone else's rules or expectations. This is very liberating. I obey most rules, if they make sense and I obey the law except maybe the one about speeding! Approaching the age of 50, I have discovered that I like who I am. And what I don't like, I can re-invent should I CHOOSE to do so. Ain't life grand!!! I have discovered that friends come in all sizes, shapes, colors and ages. I am amazed and astonished at the level of intellect and confidence that my younger peers exhibit! They teach me so much. I love learning. It is a never ending process. I can devour books, articles, stories and gain a better understanding of all things. "Blogging" has opened up a whole new world for me and I find it slightly addictive. I look forward to "knowing" what is going on in the minds of my friends in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida and many other places in the U.S. and abroad. I love feedback and it doesn't necessarily have to be my point of view. I do not understand people that leave nasty comments on any one's blog. I guess the anonymity of it brings out the cowardice and meanness of some people. All we can do is not take it personally, it diffuses a blowhard pretty quickly. Reflecting on my life I realize I have been so blessed in so many ways. It has not come without adversity. Adversity makes one a stronger person. I really like my life. I have experienced many, many adventures and have some great ones planned for my "middle" years! I adore my grandchildren and am looking forward to travelling and playing with them until they are too cool to hang with Nonnee! Some random thoughts from Dr. Seuss keep running through my head such as the places you'll go and the things you'll see. As one of my friends mentioned to me, you sure have some lofty goals. If you don't aim high, you will never reach the stars!!! I just found an old birthday card that I has a Japanese symbol on it for dreams and says "Dreams don't follow the clock, they follow the heart." So now that I am not so busy rearing children I am following my heart and it feels great!

P.S. as to the list of things to do in the post on turning 50, one of my friends has sworn me to secrecy...she wants to get henna tattoos...I said sure, but you are not turning 50! Apparently it is something she has always wanted to do. (Henna tattoos are NOT permanent) Who knows I may soon sport a henna tattoo for a time! I am still entertaining suggestions for new adventures.

Monday, July 14, 2008

On Turning 50

Yours truly will be age 50 on January 24 2009. To celebrate this milestone I will be entertaining suggestions of 50 things to do between now and January! One item on my list begins August 2nd when I will enjoy a lovely dinner and stand in line for a book...yes, I have never in all my life waited in line extensively for the premier of a movie, a book, concert tickets or a game. This should prove to be highly amusing as the books are geared towards teenagers and are about vampires and werewolves. Just posting about it cracks me up! Why am I doing this...because I can...there are approximately 28 weeks including this one until my half century mark. Any and all suggestions will be welcome. Unless of course it involves anything that scares me very badly...I am not jumping out of aircraft!!! So far...

  1. Weight loss challenge of 50lbs by January 24th. Officially starts today...have already taken steps towards accomplishing this goal.

  2. August 2...stand in line for book release (midnight, is that too funny, I go to bed EARLY)

  3. Kayak lessons

  4. Play an actual beat to a song on Dear Husband's drums

  5. Cooking class at Fleur-de-Lys

  6. Read 50 books...suggestions...I probably have 50 at home that I haven't read yet.

  7. Knit 50 hats for chemotherapy patients

  8. Attend Hockey Game

  9. Attempt to ice skate...again

  10. beach trip

  11. hiking trip to explore waterfalls

  12. Donate blood 3X

I already participate in a variety of adventures, however, as you can see my list is nowhere near complete. Suggestions welcomed!

Friday, July 11, 2008

One is Greater than None

In my inbox this morning was an ad from a jewelry distributor. I make much of my own jewelry and this particular company has a great selection. They are also involved in numerous charitable works. As I read about eight 14 year old girls and their efforts to save children in Ghana, Africa I was moved to tears. It makes my heart swell to know that our future is in hands such as the loving ones of these teenagers. Check out their webpage and make a donation if you want to, I am so impressed with what these girls started
How often have you said to yourself I can't make a difference I am only one. Well to one person you may make a difference. Each of us can do something for someone. It does not have to be big or grand. It just has to BE. We read so much that is negative about our society, however many adults, teens and even children are out in society giving what they can. Some go above and beyond. I have known several guys that have received their Eagle Scout awards, this is a huge accomplishment culminating in an extensive service project. I am happy to congratulate our friend D.J. Rollins for his recent completion of his Eagle Scout project. there will be a ceremony and Mom's receive an award too, smart boy scouts, huh, they know who is coaxing and pushing them along. So congratulations to Alona and her family for "pushing" D.J. along in this endeavor. I know so many young people that strive each day to make the right choices and to be helpful members of society. You rock!!! Thanks for being such a great example because I will say I am never too old to learn! Paraphrasing a story I have heard a number of times, a man goes to the beach each morning and tosses as many starfish as he can back into the ocean. Someone tells him he can't possibly matter, there are too many. As he tosses a starfish, he says something like "it matters to this one". You have a glorious weekend ahead of you, make it matter to someone!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


As many of you know I suffer from insomnia. I watch horrible television while I am awake. This is not conducive to going back to sleep. Last night's fare was an educational program based on the rituals people participate in to gain "manhood" or spiritual nirvana or an adrenaline rush. I apparently have a ridiculous urge to look at programs that repulse me but I have to watch anyway. I am thinking I need a television diet. I digress. We begin with a trip to Australia where a group of individuals participate in being suspended by numerous game fish hooks. Yes, you read that correctly. These hooks are enormous and are inserted either through the upper back, arms, or chest and then attached to a suspension apparatus. Lest you think just the male population participates, oh no, women were suspended as well. I * DON'T * GET * IT * I tolerate pain fairly well, however do not deliberately seek to induce it upon myself. I have never understood self flagellation for spiritual purposes. I support an individual's right to participate in whatever that person chooses provided it does not interfere with someone else's rights...I JUST DON"T GET IT!!! On to a tribe in the Amazon whereby the young boys wishing to attain "manhood" to be allowed to hunt, fish, and marry must place their hands in specially woven gloves filled with bullet ants for 10 minutes. This must be done twenty times for them to officially be warriors. This is so painful it can often take several years for the process to be completed with the youngest boys starting around age 12. The bullet ant stings are about twenty times stronger than a bee sting. Paralysis of hands, legs, organs can occur. Nausea and the shakes are common. These boys can die. It is their culture and they grow up knowing they must endure this right of passage. Were the tribal elders all sitting around one day and saying you know those boys need to sow some wild oats so why don't we devise a heinous torture for them? Thirty minutes of watching the various rituals was my limit. I did not stayed tuned for the crucifixions and various other forms of "worship" Makes getting on your knees to pray not too uncomfortable...huh? I also know for a fact I will get in touch with Heavenly Father through prayer, contemplation, meditation and church attendance. I will not be suspended by fish hooks or whipping myself silly. I think he will hear me! Passage of womanhood...I have given birth to children...had menstrual cycles and am currently experiencing the joy that is perimenopause...that is ritual enough for me.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I enjoy cooking when I have time and formerly adored watching cooking shows. The Food Network was a favorite channel of mine much to my husband's dismay! Lately, The Food Network has taken the cook out of cooking and the "cooks" are now more like celebrity actors.
Many now make my ears hurt because they have so many affectations and I can come up with better ideas myself. In no particular order, disappointment abounds...
Rachel Ray - What the heck happened to her. She is way over the top perky and endorses everything. Too much celebrity quality and not enough stellar cooking. The trinity of cooking, peppers, onions, celery with tomatoes gets old after awhile. Rachel, I loved you on $40 dollars a day.

Paula Deen - Okay, we southerners do not all cook and talk like her. Her voice and giggle drive me up the wall. I just can't watch. Maybe too much of a good thing is no fun anymore FOR ME.
(My husband loves her!)
Emeril - One BAM! too many and the OCD hand rubbing thing...Food Network has made Emeril disappear and he will be appearing on a new network with a "green" cooking show. May be worth watching.
Sandra Lee - Semi-Homemade Cooking - PUH LEEZE!!! I tried doing the semi-homemade thing a couple takes less time to cook from scratch! And I am sure I will wear an outfit to match my kitchen that matches my tablescape to go with the theme of the day! That's realistic, isn't it. You might be able to pull it off for a holiday or if you stay home all day with NO CHILDREN.
I do understand this IS television. But isn't the point to be able to replicate the meals? My hairdresser and make up girl are unavailable at supper time. Wear white to cook in? or Silk?
I still enjoy Guy Fieri, Alton Brown and the Iron Chefs. I watch Iron Chef America for pure entertainment because I am certain I would not even know where to get some of the secret ingredients!

Cooks that I am still enamored of include...

The Barefoot Contessa - even if she does live in Southhampton! and probably doesn't have to cook! She dresses normally and cooks food you could actually eat. She also has a quiet, even toned voice and nice smile, everything is very understated and friendly.

Ace of Cakes - Those people are artists!!! I would rather display their cakes than eat them!!!

Nigella Lawson - is fun to watch and cooks some interesting food. Plus my husband will watch her.

Jamie Oliver - He is not very understandable but highly adorable in the kitchen. Food looks interesting and edible.

and multi purpose all around household Diva no list would be complete without....

Martha Stewart - I know she has a gazillion houses, a very talented staff and is an ex-con, but ex-con's need love too. I enjoy her show, it is informative. I like her publications. I pick and choose what is doable and leave the over the top stuff to people that have people or that have more time than I do. That working all day away from home cuts into the creative cooking, decorating thing a whole bunch.

In the repulsed but can't look away category...

Anthony Bourdain - I am not repulsed by him just some of the stuff he eats in his travels on the Travel Channel.
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern- Yuck-O! I don't know how he eats some of that stuff.

And from the "Who Wants to be the Next Food Network Star" are an excellent chef/cook but you are BORING...we want STAR Quality.

How about you, which cooks/chefs do you love/dislike? How many enemies have I made today, I do not know...maybe it is just me...I'm teachable, teach me!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Tomorrow will be the fourth of July whereby our nation celebrates its independence from tyranny. We must all be thankful for the many blessings we share by living in the United States and having life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness readily available to us. I personally will have a long moment of silence to honor those who serve our country both past and present.

Dear Husband and I may spend the day at the Fogle Family Compound in Neeses, SC. There is a huge convergence of Fogles with singing, eating great food, water sports and much laughter. I still owe Uncle Bobby a couple laps around the pond. Just so you understand the depth of this promise...the pond is a full size, competition sized water skiing, swimming, fishing and boating sized pond!

We will enjoy a 4 day weekend. THANK YOU! I have lots of things to do around the house and I have tons of great books to peruse! YIPPEE!

We will celebrate Chloe's 4th birthday on the 4th. She shares her birthday with her other grandma, so Happy Birthday Chloe and Gayle!!!

Little Miss Firecracker, born on the 4th of July. Full of love, life, joy and laughter!!!

Happy Independence Day to you where ever you may be tomorrow! Have a Great One! Show some sparkle!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Talk To Me

Somewhere above the eyes between the wrinkles in my forehead reads a sign that apparently says "Talk To Me". Seemingly random strangers begin conversations with me and impart information that would be best left to their therapists. I am not a therapist nor do I play one in the theatre or on television. I must have the "look" that says you can tell me your deepest, darkest secrets, I do not mind and I have all day! Generally this occurs at gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores. Grocery Store lines are the preeminent place to collect nuts. Being a genteel Southern Belle it is very difficult to extract oneself from these tricky situations. I am offering this bit of advice, DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT. Go about your business, do not look left or right, absolutely under no circumstances are you to look behind you. This is a sure signal that you are interested and will stay until the clerk starts clearing her throat or you look to the clerk for rescue. A sure way to start a conversation in the grocery store line is to purchase "unusual" vegetables even the check out folks do not recognize such as daikon, leeks, rutabagas and parsnips. I love to talk to people, really I do, however in the grocery store before dinner and after work is not my favorite time to be cordial. I want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Due to the exorbitant cost of gasoline...gas station conversations are almost impossible to avoid. It is a quick segue from "wow, these gas prices are killer" to "yep, I've had to give up my mani and pedi" or "looks like I'm having beans and rice for supper again." Here again, the key is to not make eye contact unless you have all the time in the world. I frequently talk about strangers being friends we haven't met yet and while this is true...every stranger is not your friend nor would you want them to be. I am sure a serial killer somewhere is waiting for me to make eye contact. Due to the eclectic nature of my reading habits I have encountered some very unusual people in the bookstores. My advice here would be to quickly shift your eyes from right to left and look over your shoulder alot, this discourages quite a few interested parties from extensive conversation. Of course, there is the option of talking to oneself....and answering. Works every time.

DISCLAIMER: The author of this post claims no responsibility for advice given at this location. She is also very talkative herself so much of this advice can totally be disregarded.

How about you? Are you a magnet for conversation wanted or otherwise?