Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dear John

My dear friend Ruth Ann recently sent me this lovely card as a thank you note.  She and I share a love of similar artists, museums and other fun stuff.  On a recent facebook post Ruth-Ann mentioned that she loved receiving mail and did that make her a dinosaur.  No my friend, I, too love receiving cards, letters, notes and postcards.  It is such a pleasure to open the mailbox and find something special instead of the usual bills and junk mail! 

I participate in Postcrossing whereby I send and receive postcards from all over the world.  I recently sent a card with some fun stamps, stickers and a $1 bill to a young lady in the Ukraine...she responded by sending me several postcards, a Ukrainian bill and a lovely letter asking if I would like to be penfriends...well yes I think I will!

I also participate in Necessary Room's Gift of Jewels...several times a year cards are exchanged around the globe...given a random name you send and receive cards from and to a new friend!  It is such a wonderful experience.  I have maintained a blog/facebook friendship with former participants.  My latest Gift of Jewels was sent to Norway...I received a beautiful card and some beautiful postcards made from Sharon's photos.   She shares my love of heart shaped rocks and clouds.   Her letter to me was so very beautiful and YES, I will respond to her as well.

It has recently come to my attention that rather unconventional objects may be mailed as well...hmm...might I mention that excites me to no end!   Here are some ideas for that venture 13 ounces or less   

Because of all the Happy that has been in the post lately and because my friend Ruth-Ann adores mail...I am paying it forward...who knows it may be YOUR day for some HAPPY MAIL!!!  If you would like to be a victim oops I mean beneficiary of  a joyful surprise and I do not have your address....send me a little note and I will be happy to oblige!!!

Scatter some sunshine of your own...husbands usually enjoy love notes as do children even if they are grown, grandchildren...random strangers enjoy finding a sweet sentiment...go ahead pass a note I won't tell the teacher!