Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You are Wrapped a Little Too Tightly!

So, someone once told me I was wrapped up too tightly.  Well yes I am, thank you.  Sometimes you wrap yourself into a tight coil to protect the tender, sore, secret spots.  A rattlesnake coils itself and rattles to warn trespassers.  Someone always feels the need to poke a stick in the sore, tender spots heedless of the warning rattle.  Why then, would they be shocked when bitten?  It is no secret that some people are every bit as toxic as the venom from a rattlesnake bite.  My cure for toxic people...avoid them when possible, if not possible be very nice to yourself! 

Sometimes it is very difficult to shake off the funk...this helps...

a friend came by the office for a surprise lunch date...I have a 90 minute (don't be a hater) massage scheduled...my favorite dance/meditation class at 6...plus after we express pure joy through movement we have dinner together and experience laughter, tears and more joy!  I would say things are looking up and I can unwind that tight coil.