Thursday, July 24, 2008


It was that time again. It was put off as long as possible. Sigh, the "girls" needed some support. I would ALMOST rather have a root canal than to shop for bras. Oprah endorses her favorite as do many other celebrities. I have not found the ideal bra yet. I often wonder if these devices were originally designed by men to "keep us in place". Bras, for most of us, are a necessary evil! They keep the girls supported and they keep us modest. There are so many issues involved when shopping for the dreaded bras. Fit, comfort...straps that stay put, a back that doesn't ride up, no pinching or stabbing anywhere. I remember thinking that I would never have anything to fit into a real bra. A training bra sufficed until I was about 17 years old. A late bloomer...but when they bloomed...the rest is herstory. I wanted to feel pretty and at the time the options for larger breasts were pretty much limited to the Playtex, Cross Your Heart bras. During my twenties I often wanted to wear a shirt with an arrow pointing to my face. I wanted my male employers to acknowledge that I had a brain. At times I wanted to shout "I am not my Boobs!" Approaching 50, I just look at them and sigh! Gravity is not kind. My husband on the other hand is a happy man. (sorry kids, that's all I'll say) Coming to terms with who I am...I have changed the way I dress. I have given up the t-shirts to the neck with jean jumpers or anything that approaches my neck too closely. While trying to draw attention away from my chest, my clothes made everything appear larger. My look is mostly v-necks and lots of black but with a softer look! I like it.

I have been thinking about breasts due in part to several friends that have suffered the effects of breast cancer. These brave women have undergone surgery, chemotherapy and all the emotional effects of this disease. One of my friends related that every time she told someone she had breast cancer people would automatically look at her chest. Our breasts should not define who we are as women.

Recently I made the acquaintance of a wonderful woman that decided to have her silicone implants removed. She emphatically stated that she did not wish to have "these things" anymore. Who decides what is enough? This lovely lady decided to be true to herself and no one else. Bravo for You, J!

In honor of breast cancer awareness some time ago I e-mailed my friends an article written by a nurse describing how to "Phluff the Girls". Monthly breast exams are critical, yet how many actually take the time to do so? "Phluffing the Girls" has numerous other benefits for breast health according to the article. Look it over at

Big or Small, Perky or Not...our breasts are just our breasts and not a measure of who we are as individuals. The sum of all your parts makes up YOU! You are unique and beautiful, a creation of the most high God!


Hayden Tompkins said...

"Gravity is not kind." LMAO! I am not laughing because it's funny, I'm laughing because that may well be me one day.

Actually, I have planned on getting a breat reduction ever since I was in high school. Right now I am a 38G. I wear a 38DDD. Only close-esque to comfortable, really.

I realized early on that I had to tell my boyfriends pretty early on what I was planning. Otherwise, they were completely stupified and felt mislead. Good thing I decided on this course of action because my husband is MUCH like yours.

connie said...

Yes my young friend, gravity is no respecter (sp?) of persons!!! We must all succumb. 38G??? I bet your stories are better than mine LOL

marlajayne said...

Humorous...and yet there's so much to ponder here. I recall reading about a young woman with a long "herstory" of breast cancer in her family. When she was diagnosed with it in her early 30s (I think), she decided to have them both removed rather than risk an early death. Her story is in the book of photographs entitled Sisters, and she and her two sisters decided to go on a vacation getaway before she did it. That was about ten years ago, but I recently read about a well-known woman (although I can't recall who she was!) who did the same thing.

thedailydish said...

Connie, I bet you're gonna get a million hits on this post from allll sorrtsss of interesting people. I can't tell you how many folks come to ogle my foot post. And that's FEET. I'd bet BOOB fetishists are even crazier. Or just more acceptable. I can't decide which. Love ya!