Thursday, April 30, 2009

Everybody Loves a Parade

Everyone loves a parade,, women, children of all ages gathered around to cheer on the SOS Hall of Fame dancers, shag clubs and apparently anyone with a golf cart or convertible as they rolled down the drive to the sounds of beach music. All except this guy...The word anal is missing from his t-shirt. This man took his job to a whole new level. Oh, Mr. Parade Official I think all the grown ups here know to get out of the way of the floats and stuff.

A few of the "floozies" watching the parade...floozies tend to wear hats for any occasion!

The Diva has been repeatedly asked to ride on the "floats" however she maintains...why ride on one float when you can be a part of the whole parade? Quick Connie, take a picture because I want one of these umbrellas later...sounds like another arts and crap project for me!

Ugga Chukka Ugga Chukka...Shagging, so easy a Caveman can do it...yeah right...they haven't met this Cavegirl

Livin in the wild, wild of my the the can can girls and the cannot "girl" up top!

Well of course she's gonna hitch a ride on the nearest horse...did you expect otherwise?

A parade at the beach always requires at least one boat!

And what kind a parade would it be without a clown or two? Do you watch from the sidelines and cheer everyone on or do you stay away? A GREAT time was had by all this day!!! Too many pictures to share to little time!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life is a Beach

Who doesn't love a beach party! Home to many fun filled, idyllic days in the sand and surf...and shopping, eating, dancing, parades...I love the coast...anywhere...I love bodies of water large and small.
Ashes and debris on the sand as a result of wildfires near the coast of South Carolina.

Amidst a ranging wildfire whilst recovering from respiratory ailments may not sound like a good idea...however...the smoke was minimal at "our" end of the beach. I was quite saddened by the damage and destruction due to carelessness...I could go on about our stewardship to the environment...that's a story for another embrace the beauty of the coast and the joy of having delightful, wonderful, caring friends!!!!!
I witnessed a phenomenon that occurs in the Spring, Autumn and Mid-Winter on the Strand as the multitudes flock to the coast for SOS (Shagging on the Strand) Activities abound to tickle your can do as much or as little as the heart desires! The floozies (with the exception of moi) have attended SOS for many, many, many clarify, I do not dance much, if ever, so I was not inclined to attend the festivities...during our tea party (see previous post) as the conversation turned to SOS, I was invited to spend the weekend...the lovely Rhetta drove Debbie and I to the beach on Thursday evening, the Diva and the Princess of Quite a Lot prepared dinner and a fun, relaxing time was had by all! A MOST HEARTFELT APPRECIATION goes out to the Diva's boy toy, TOM...delightful and lovely man that he is...cooked homemade buttermilk pancakes and BACON for our Friday morning breakfast...thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Afterwards a girl's morning was spent at the vineyards followed by a scrumptious seafood lunch at The Grapevine. Naps were taken and some took off for an evening of dance and merriment. The parade on Saturday deserves a story of its own and will be forthcoming! I cannot express the delight and joy of the long weekend spent with such WONDERFUL FRIENDS (thank you all!) Along the way I made the acquaintence of a few new friends...
This little guy was torn between following his master down the beach or staying with me!!!

I didn't know the Easter bunny stayed over at the beach...How about you do you love a gorgeous coastline?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Lump or Two

Imagine, if you will, a quaint, picturesque small town (think Mayberry) about an hour from the state capitol...Ridgeway, SC is the home of Laura's Tea Room located in The Thomas Company building. Begun as the I.C. Thomas Company by Isaac Thomas in 1885, the store sold general merchandise of every description. The present brick store was erected in 1911 and is still owned by a fourth generation member of the Thomas Family. Now, imagine a group of lovely ladies decked out to celebrate a birthday (as did the floozies), a bridal shower, a daddy-daughter outing or an afternoon of socializing complete with fabulous refreshments and servers that cater to your every whim! Sign the your cup and saucer...prepare to enjoy...

Lunch menu: iced herbal tea with lemonade and ginger ale, variety of black and herbal teas, scones, quiche, a variety of tea sandwiches (yummy) and a variety of desserts (think chocolate dipped strawberries) all served on beautiful china.

You may wear your own hat or select one to borrow...this is NOT a borrowed hat that our lovely Diva is wearing...Yes, she did have to walk through the door sideways. Can you see three of us in the picture? Jeanne is in there somewhere behind the plumage...she still has afterglow from the Hawaiian Honeymoon!

Let's try on some hats and open presents! So, it me, does this hat say "Princess" to you?!

How cute am I....

The "floozies" do what "floozies" do best LAUGH, talk, eat, drink and be merry whilst being waited on hand and foot. Oh did I mention the lovely general store downstairs...we are just darling at shopping...boosting the economy, if you will...

Ridgeway for all its quaintness also has A police car and they will give you A GIANT ticket if you are a fraction of a mile over the speed limit...everyone who has ever driven through the town to get to I-77 knows this for a fact. The town had to build a new police station to house THE police car. The old police station was open until is that for progress.

A good time was had by all...the floozies and entourage will be heading out to Shagging on the Strand, affectionately know as SOS and yours truly (who does NOT dance) will enjoy the festivities as well! That is if I get a release (no, not from an institution) from the el doctorow...I am SUPPOSED to stay home and rest...All is well, dear friends...I am not having a heart attack...just inflamed, infected pleura...and blood pressure a tad too high...

I wish she'd get those darn feathers out of my ain't easy being a Princess with a Diva for a friend!!! She gets all the attention...we love her anyway.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Change for Chad

CHAD - Charitable Hands Are Divine
Date: Monday, April 20, 2009
Time: 5:30pm - 6:45pm
Location: City Hall
Street: 1737 Main Street
City/Town: Columbia, SC

Five years ago returning to college, Chad was in a fatal automobile accident. In rememberance of their eldest son, Bobby and Lisa Radvansky started an organization called "Charitable Hands Are Divine" , the acronymn being CHAD. The goal of "CHAD" was to create scholarships, to create a desire in people to perform acts of kindness and to become involved in their communities. Lisa assists others suffering from tragic events in their lives. Bobby is always on hand to lend a hand. Recently Bobby, (Bob to some) was on a local radio station and the "interview" lent itself to creating a larger vision for the community on a much grander scale than the Lugoff-Elgin, Camden area. I would encourage you to attend the meeting tomorrow evening as I think some great things are about to happen. The mayor of Columbia is on board and wants to see individuals show more kindness to one help their neighbors...after all, we ARE our brothers keepers.
I remember Chad as a polite young man I taught in Sunday School. My daughters remember Chad as fine looking, charismatic, fun guy to hang out with at church and other activities. I am supporting this effort in rememberance of Chad and because Bobby and Lisa are wonderful friends with a great vision! Life is Good...let us all help our "brothers" along the path! Hope to see you tomorrow evening!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


After attending church and children taking naps we celebrated...

For "Ree Ree's" 25th birthday, she requested the bunny cake from her childhood...go figure!
I haven't made THE "bunny" cake in...oh...about 20 years! It took a LOT of icing to hold that silly rabbit together. My Mom tinted the coconut for the grass! I thought the cake was rather cute...til a couple of boys put jelly beans everywhere. One would have to get very creative indeed to top CurlyWurlyGurly's Easter Repast ...I shall say no more, you have to see that for yourself, in addition the "Curly Gurl" painted some lovely eggs and Curly invited the s.l.o.b.s. poolside for some Florida fun! Thanks CWG!!!

I painstakingly decorated the Easter Egg Tree...several grandchildren whom shall remain nameless have redecorated it several times...much to my OCD chagrin...oh well, at least it was fun!

Michelle, Heather and Lindsey before the blowing out of the "trick" sparkler candles

P.S. Lindsey is expecting Baby # 3 in September!

Ree Ree gets a little help from the boys! The trick candles did not re-light as often as I hoped for...however did sparkle and crackle quite nicely. After dinner and cake eating...on to the eggstravaganza...Good Times for All!

Many eggs were found filled with candy, toys and dollar bills! Hunter always gives his dollar to MiMi...(great grandma)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday Baby Girl!

Happy 25th Birthday "Ree Ree". You have brought such joy and adventure into our lives! Our bargain hunter, shopper, bungee jumping, parasailing wonder...where did you get that sense of adventure? You always love to have a good time!!!

"Ree Ree" and "Meech" (also know as Shellie Poo) circa 1984ish
Sullivans Island near Charleston, SC...
St. Augustine, Florida (with Katharin and me in one of my jumpers)
Any beach is still one of your favorite places to be...actually I think you just love water! You couldn't stand it when your sister and cousins would swim in the "deep" you jumped off a diving board (much to my horror) and started swimming! People were always amazed to see such a tiny girl diving and paddling in deep waters.

Now that is funny, I don't care who you are... (this past weekend at "Big Buck")

Love ya bunches! And yes, my sweet girl, I am making your favorite "bunny" cake for your party on Sunday!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Big Buck

What the heck is a Big Buck if not a very large male deer? Last weekend...Dear Husband and I packed up the motor home and parked in a HUGE field with 100's + other motor homes near woods that were often used for deer hunting. Traces of the old deer stands still remain. It is predominately used for ATV and motor cycle races through the hills, dales and streams. I was very apprehensive about "sleeping" or more to the point not sleeping in the camper in the middle of this huge field given my propensity for insomnia...not to worry, I slept like a hibernating bear! Maybe it was the cave like "bedroom" I woke to the sound of revving engines and soon two little grandchildren arrived with their parents in tow. My son-in-laws were racing their "four wheelers" that day.
Danny meditating before the race...he won FIRST PLACE in his division...Way to Go Danny!!!

Getting ready to hike to the starting line. We are so cute early in the mornings!

Anna and Hunter on the "Ruckus" loading up to ride with Buddy, Buddy to the starting line. Waiting for the race to start!!! Go Daddy Go!

And they are OFF!!!

The first group to go resulted in a huge tumble of ATVs and riders all over the bottom of the hill. End over end, racers and one was hurt...picked up, dusted off and continued on their way. My heart took a few more minutes to start back up. Dear Husband and I hiked miles deep into the woods and down the steepest hills to the "water crossing" Riders are not allowed to jump the crossing...they must ride through the mud. They pretty much look like fudgscicles when they are finished riding.

More Cow Bell please!!!! Kevin had a frustrating start as the ATV in front of him stalled out...he finished with an excellent time...only four minutes behind Danny. Everyone had a great time.

Relaxing after the first laps of the race...the camper was parked pitside and we waited until the "boys" came by the pit to get gas, fresh water and goggles. Anna decided that I would make a great cookie holder and she placed her cookie on the nearest "shelf" she could find! A good time was had by all!!!