Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Thoughts and Tirades

Did you ever have one of those weeks whereby EVERYTHING gets on your last nerve?
I am feeling a bit more like sour grapes than Loose Lemons. The glass is definitely feeling half empty! The remedy for this malady is to get off one's rear and do something nice for someone, focus the attention away from the negative and make serious effort to turn the "scratchy" mood around. Before I return to being the "epitome of sweetness and light" following are a few minor irritations to unload.

Yes, I still find cell phone usage obnoxious when you are: a) in the bathroom b) trying to park a huge SUV or any vehicle c) when you are arguing with someone d) when you are standing in front of my desk...go away, go anywhere, just get that darn phone away from me...headlines...woman snatches cell phone away from fellow shopper and tosses it into fish tank.

Yield means check and see if I am inches from your bumper before pulling into my lane, if I am on the interstate I have already moved to the left lane. Speaking of the left lane...this is the PASSING lane not the drive slow and look around lane.

You may have nowhere to go...conversations between two vehicles full of people whilst blocking the road, parking lot etc. is not cool it is inconsiderate.

Visiting the office and staying FOREVER is annoying no matter who you are...(i.e.
father-in-law's cronies, former employees, etc. particularly when you are complaining about the economy, the new president blah, blah...being racist or crude only gets on my nerves more!

Employees coming off of a job and standing around my desk and talking to each other, yelling up and down halls etc. is annoying. Go home or go outside. And stay out of my bathroom.

The opening in the wall between my office and father in law's office...I despise it and want it closed!!! with glass, wood, sound proofing, anything.

Honey, if you change the channel in the middle of Top Chef I am going to be irritated...I would not do this to you.

Okay, I think I am better.

On to a more positive note...I am so impressed with these guys...the weather has been damp, wet and nasty...however, this guy and his buddy are outside everyday, dancing and really trying to drum up business!

The guys working on my yard are doing a great job, it looks fabulous...wonder if they do windows?

The sun is peaking out from under the clouds.

DH washing and waxing my car and keeping it filled with gasoline!

Sometimes it is okay to unravel a knitting project when it is not working out. Often it is the process of knitting and not the progress that is important.

I love receiving cards in the honest to goodness old timey way through the postal service! (Thanks Meg. Tracie and Cookie)

Blogging has been an interesting adventure which I plan to continue...I enjoy the interaction between our "i-friends and families, I enjoy writing and I enjoy is like pen pals for grown ups!

I was able to use my Books A Million gift card to feed my habit

Phone calls from this charming, witty and oh so sweet fellow! I love it when he says, "Nonnee, you are my Best Friend"

Silence is Golden because it is so rare! So many need a constant thrum of noise and activity...not me I can sit in silence and gaze out the window indefinitely!!!

"Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you." - Mother Teresa

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pole Fitness Dancing Puuuuleeeeze!!!

I have totally gained a new respect for pole dancers, truly! You must be incredibly fit to swing from a pole! How do I know this you may ask...the floozies planned a special birthday outing for yours truly! I was only told to be ready for pick up and to dress comfortably. As we pulled into the parking lot, my exclamation was I. AM. NOT. POLE DANCING...along with you have got to be freakin kidding me, right???? A private birthday party/lesson was arranged for the floozies and a floozie sister. I have never had so much fun! It is like ballet gone wild with plies and pirouettes and so forth. I have pain in muscles I did not know existed...I think my hair even hurts. As I think of this adventure all I can do is grin from ear to ear. Everyone should have the most awesome friends...thanks "floozies" it was an incredible experience and I love you for sharing my birthday and always giving of yourselves so generously. We were at the studio for about two hours and then the party moved to Elle's house for a light dinner, relaxing and fabulous gifts...thank you Elle for hosting the party. With full heart and tummy I went home and crashed after a good long soak in the jacuzzi.
Our most gracious, patient and fun instructor, Aisha (sp) this gal had the most amazing muscles I have ever seen...i.e. look at her calves!
The want me to do what???? The Debster obviously did not get the clothing memo!

The Diva brought some extra exercise clothes since I was dressed for Winter and had no clue about the dancing. Yes, girls we can do this and IT WILL BE FUN.

I can do this "body wave" and "stir the pot" as soon as I regain some measure of composure!

Oh Ma Bonté j'ai besoin d'un moment...

this is how we do it uh huh...think of the song by Montell Jordan...

Come on Sis...this is a blast..."We are Family, I got all my sisters with me....

Hmmmm...some people have hidden talents! This floozie sister was a joy to include in our adventure! Thanks for coming.
Oh we see you...come out and play!!! Very nice legs, the new exercise addition must be working out nicely!

We were treated to an expert performance and instruction on how to do a chair was all very nicely done and not embarrassing for anyone. The chair fitness moves were a whole lot easier than the pole exercises. A fun time was had by ALL! If you need a fitness challenge...pole fitness is an absolute MUST DO!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Office Surprise!

No surface(including the inside of my desk drawers) was left untouched, my family loves me! even if they did make a giant poster of all the wacky outfits I wore as a child.

The big day is actually tomorrow, January 24th! The party extends throughout the weekend with many festivities planned. My darling husband bought this car in December as an early Birthday/Christmas gift(b/c you are only 50 once, that'swhat he said)...trying desperately to avoid speeding tickets! It amazes me that a half a century has passed! I have seen so much and done so many different things. Alot of history has been made! I have spent a huge portion of my life rearing children and the second chapter has begun with incredible grandchildren. My family and friends mean everything to me. Life is Good...I am looking forward to the next 50! Cheers, I give you permission to celebrate a glorious day!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


CAUTION: A light dusting of snow will paralyze a southern state, close all schools and most state, city and county offices...what is a girl to do? We at Fogle Electric decided to delay our work day. After all, we did have SNOW!

Good thing Rosemary tolerates the cold! Looking a little leggy...perhaps a trim and tossed in with some chicken...

My neighbor's flagpole and bell...I wanted to watch the inauguration so I delayed going to the know snow and all...I couldn't get the car out of the garage!

Oh Look, a message on the "granny car" much better than "clean me I am dirty"

As the "blizzard" raged on I watched the inauguration and had lunch...took a leisurely bath...I had every intention of going to the office, truly I did...right after a nap.
Sigh...already melting and everything is just wet. Dear husband arrives home and mentions "long time, no see"...yes he really thought I would come to the office...the snow distracted me...that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Land Baroness

Once upon a time there lived a Diva. Her dwelling was quite lovely and was aptly named the Diva's Nest. As the Diva and her friends are getting older and more rambunctious...the Diva decided she must have land...lots of land! Many were called to search the country high and low for just the right spot for just the right price...lo and behold...such a spot was found! Just enough land but not too much...with a man cave already on the premises! A dream come true!
The Diva and The Princess of Quite Alot and The Lady in Waiting deemed it necessary to celebrate the newest acquistion in grand style!

After dining on Brie and Crackers, Bruschetta, fruit, ginger snaps with lemon curd, hummus with veggies and delicious beverages...this bevvy of beauties decided to have some fun...with this...

Mischievous as these ladies guessed it...a land mover is too irresistible to pass up...

I do believe this is how my brand new lip gloss and extra car keys came to be missing...

The Princess of Quite Alot is available and looking for a few good men...who could resist a beauty that comes complete with a land mover???

How would you like these two to come over and move some land???

For Hire...Will work for Cheep...Don't laugh, the Diva does know how to drive that thing!

Cheers and May all YOUR DREAMS come true!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy

In my humble opinion...there is always a reason to Celebrate! Since January is my birthday month I have begun earnest efforts to celebrate any and everything! Additionally, did you know the Chinese New Year is January 26th? Which to my mind means if you didn't get enough celebration in over the holidays, here's one more! Let the party start!

I received my lovely handmade scarf from Carrie
because I AM THE OFFICIAL WINNER of the tackiest Christmas decoration pictures! The winning entry below:
Yes, my friends those are artificial poinsettias stuck directly into the ground. We live in South Carolina, stuff grows even in Winter!!! Eat your heart out Curly Babe! Maybe you can win next time. (I am sure there is plenty of tacky stuff in Jersey)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Roosters in my Kitchen!!!

Have you ever had an invasion or infestation of some sort? My kitchen has run rampant with chickens and roosters!!! This guy right here is the instigator! He was spotted clucking around an art shop in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and insisted on going home with me. He bobbles his head each morning in greeting. My darling husband brought home a few more crazed looking buddies and thus a collection of randy roosters and coquettish chickens was born. Of course, once your friends are aware of what they consider a "theme", chickens and roosters adorn each gift you receive. I am grateful for each and every rooster and chicken...however, the must visit on rotation or we would not have room to cook or eat! None of our roosters or chickens look remotely like anything you would see on a farm. They tend towards the unique...just like us!
I have some watercolor prints of a rooster and chicken in fabulous bright colors (they came home with the funky chicken/rooster above) One states, "The rooster crows because he knows Hope Dawns" and the other, "So many eggs in one basket, Celebrate" I think these are apt descriptions of the Loose Lemon's household. We are so very blessed and in being so must celebrate each day with JOY and GRATITUDE!!! And a healthy dose of laughter. As my friend Jayne always says, "No matter how dark the night, morning always comes" One of my neighbors had honest to goodness live chickens and roosters and sure enough...every morning that rooster would crow letting us know a new day was dawning.
With each new day begins a new matter what the yesterdays are is a new day. I just love the very thought of having a new beginning each and every day! And I would really like some chickens and a rooster! I am truly not a morning person but the sound of the rooster always cheered me is something about that cock a doodle is like I'm up, lets get this party started!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna

To my sweet, loving, girly girl princess, Anna Banana...Happy 3rd Birthday - January 9th
I can hardly believe it has already been three years since I watched you "pop" into the world!
Thanks Meech and Kev for letting me be a part of the birth and the growing up years!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Alas Babylon

Rev. 18: 10 (King James Version of The Holy Bible)

10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.
Our book club meets tonight and the above book will be the topic of conversation. Written in 1959 at the height of the cold war with Russia amidst segregation and class differences...this novel explores what happens when society ceases to exist as we know it. Written 50 years ago (the year of my birth) it still has a timely message for us.
Once I delved into this book I could not stop reading until I finished the story. It is a story of tragedy tinged with hope. Hope for humanity and the return to some semblance of normalcy.
It is a story of people coming together despite differences. A story of neighbors working together to take care for one another, provide for one another and to guard one another against the desperate, barbaric, criminal element that comes out in weaker people. It is a thought provoking and inspiring read.
What would you do...
if your money no longer held any value?
if there was no medication, hospitals, doctors?
if there was no electricity, no water?
limited food supplies?
no law and order?
no gasoline, tires, oil...transport of any kind?
My hope is that you have made some kind of preparation in your life for emergencies. It doesn't have to be a disaster of epic can be loss of job, reduction in wages or salary, medical emergency, soaring prices at the grocery store and gas pump. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been strongly suggesting to its members to store food and water, have emergency medical supplies and to be prepared for any contingency. It is not a gloom and doom is a reality. Some of us live in areas of tornadoes and hurricanes or perhaps you live in an area of snow blizzards, are you prepared?
A Few other thoughts...will you help your neighbor in times of hunger or would your impulse be to horde everything for your family? Would you call on God or a higher power or would you blame God and denounce Him? Personally, my fervent hope is that my good, kind, compassionate self would overpower any base, dark traits that might be unmasked in times of true struggle.
Many sites are dedicated to emergency can "google" it and find a wealth of information. The American Red Cross has lots of good information as well. It is not a matter of hording, being paranoid or expecting the is for your well being and comfort and security.

It may be time for you to evaluate where you stand!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Believe - Merriam Webster's online dictionary:

1 a: to have a firm religious faith b: to accept as true, genuine, or real

2: to have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy, or ability of something

3: to hold an opinion

1 a: to consider to be true or honest

b: to accept the word or evidence of

2: to hold as an opinion or suppose

A couple of years ago I came across Christine Kane, an amazing folk singer, blogger and songwriter. Christine also leads retreats for women. My life has greatly been touched by attending two of her retreats and an e-seminar. When I first started reading her blog several years ago...she suggested choosing a word for the year rather than a "New Year's Resolution"
This sounded like fun and has been very enlightening for me. I typed up the usual New Year's Resolution one year, taped it in my closet (where I would see it each day) and with good intentions began my new year. A year later, I read the "resolution" only to find that just about everything on the list still I left it in the closet for another year. Obviously, this method was NOT working. I do accomplish many goals but not the ones on my "list". I mentioned the word of the year to my friend Jayne and we thought it would be great fun to do this together. We nagged each other back and forth about choosing the right word and we finally chose! I am noticing on many of the blogs I read that this seems to be gaining in popularity. If you are on the fence about your goals...this is a great way to think in a one word term about what you wish to accomplish. Jayne and I have a lot of friends that are pursuing this option as well with a good success rate! So thanks, Christine for the idea/suggestion.

I have been tossing around several words for weeks...believe just kept "popping up" I will be fifty years young in 19 days. I am looking towards a half century with excitement and some trepidation, mostly excitement! It has taken me quite awhile to just BE and to LIVE in the present moment, to be true to myself and to love myself for who I am. As is my way, I set a huge amount of goals before turning fifty...some doable and others not so much. There were a few things I didn't factor in the plan, however I am back on task with a more realistic idea of where I am heading. There are many things I do BELIEVE without hesitation...I believe in God the Father and his son Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit...I have personal experiences with Faith and the lack thereof...Faith is absolutely better! I have a belief in the power of love and peace to overcome many obstacles. I believe in the goodness of people. I believe in my family and the unconditional love we have for each other. So with all these beliefs and then some, why would I choose the word believe...simply because I wish to continue to believe in myself...believe that I can overcome my health issues, believe that I can continue to be an asset to our family's company and mostly to believe that I can create something wonderful each day! The added bonus to the word believe is that the words BE and LIVE are within this word. I want to live each day with Joy and Vitality. I just want to BE who I am unequivocally and just BE in the present moment. "The past is history, the future a mystery, the present is a gift" I do not remember the origin of the quote.

My challenge to you, my friends, is to try the word of the year or theme if you will...let me know how it works out for you. And no that is not me in the t shirt, maybe next year...sigh!