Monday, October 7, 2013

Having a bit of a ramble

Dear Blog,

Sigh, I know I have been in abstentia.  Life just does not allow me to control it.  I only pretend to exist behind the curtain and push the buttons.  I thought about breaking up with you permanently.  Some small part of me said, oh no it is not time to let you go.  How you tolerate the neglect I certainly don't understand. 

I have been experiencing overwhelm not in a bad way necessarily...suffering from a bit of post vacation blues.  I miss the ocean.  Specifically, I miss the Pacific Ocean!  The hubster and I took a road trip.  It was EPIC!  We traveled across our beautiful country, enjoyed about ninety percent of the Pacific coast and knocked out some important destinations such as Mt. Rainier.  Some of you are probably thinking here she goes again...I don't want to think of myself as being the person that holds you captive looking at 999 slides and talks about nothing but the EPIC trip.  It was so very meaningful on so many levels.  I am often asked what was the most beautiful or my favorite.  It was all good, really.  There may be a place or two we would not put on the next list.  There may have been a time or two where someone may have threatened to jump ship or car as the case may be and fly home.  And someone may have been overwhelmed by being in a car with an extrovert for that long.  We saw and did everything from the sacred, sublime to the ridiculous.  Many times, I absolutely knew I was standing on Hallowed Ground.  I had the image or thought of everyone and everything that led me to this beautiful country and becoming a citizen at the tender age of six.  I was meant to be here in this day and at this time I have no doubt.  I had glimpses of Heaven.  I imagine my first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean was much the same as my first glimpse of a new country as a child open to all possibilities.  I am training my brain to continue to believe in unlimited possibilities. 

How in the world did it get to be October so soon?   I haven't been to the coast of anywhere since August.  I am needing a fix!  The granddarlings and I spent a few days alone at the beach before everyone else arrived.  I realized again just how much energy is required to keep up with a seven year old and an eight year old.  They are precious, sweet and loving and curious and busy!  I was happy to see the reinforcements.  My dear blog, I will have to tell you all about our pirate adventure and Wild Peg another would excite you to no end.  Arrrrrggggggghhhh. 

Let's see what else...oh yeah, yeah...we went on our first ever Porsche Club Road was awesome...imagine 40 sportscars tearing through the mountains.  I wasn't as terrified due to previous experience on the coastal highway at Big Sur and northwards.  It was a lovely trip with a beautiful destination and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Where were we...oh yeah, my absence...this weekend I spent time creating, connecting and sharing.  When you are with a group of women that allow you and each other to be your most authentic true self/selves...magical things happen!  There is a definite shift in your perspective (the theme was perception and connection)  So I still have a ton of warts and bumps...I am pretty self aware of where I fall short (I know it's hard for your to believe however it is true)  We have the same experiences until we look at them a new way and learn the lesson once and for all.  I think it was Einstein and I am paraphrasing (or screwing it up entirely) who said " Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results."  I did have many AHA moments.  The true test is putting what you learn into action...because although your perspective may alter or change...quite frequently a conflict arises when someone has a different perspective or the situation you spent time away from is rearing its ugly head upon return even if you are basking in the afterglow of amazing growth for yourself.  And then there is always the new $#!+ that rears its head.  Fun times.

I have truly missed talking to you and I hope you will forgive me and allow me time and space to come back more often.  Speaking of time and space...I do believe I have my word for 2014...I'll get back with you on that one.  I will probably put that special thought into action since I am such an awfully slow learner.  My word Mindfulness has bitten me on the arse more than once this year.  Silly girl thought it would be any easy one.  Hahhahahahahaha...there is no easy button.

Savoring the moments, living amidst the chaos and trying to keep my sense of humor! Lovingly, Connie
PS Please go hug someone, a part of making things beautiful...thank you and ttyl!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

All Cry No Work

All Cry No Work comes from an Asian lady that used to own a restaurant we frequented often.  She ran that business with an iron fist, a loud voice and  mostly family.  She would literally scream orders to the got to the point that we began only getting take out.  One evening as I was waiting for boneless chicken or some such treat, a young lady came in just boo hooing...sobbing.  She apparently worked there and explained why she was crying.  It seems her brand new car was hit in a parking lot with nary a sign of the person that did the damage.   Did I mention it was her first BRAND NEW car?  Anyways, a few moments later after she had gone somewhere else in the establishment...the little  lady starts looking around and yellling to anyone within earshot...ALL CRY NO WORK!  When ever life slings lemons at me I try my level best to flip it to a positive.  My husband and I felt sorry for the young girl, however when either one of us would complain or fuss too of us would look at the other and say ALL CRY NO WORK!  It takes on a different meaning than what the little lady orignally meant...her employee was crying instead of working...for us though, we laugh about it and think yeah all that fussing and complaining is not working. 

I have been in abstentia, simply because life has been has thrown its usual twists and turns however I found myself ALL CRY NO WORK...I just didn't feel like writing about anything that I couldn't spin positive.  I miss my blog and I miss the camraderie of my fellow bloggers...I have lots of catching up to do!  Over at The Fifty Factor, my friend posted this interesting and fun getting to know you ABC thingy and I have decided to give it a go. 

Age :  Just had a month long celebration turning 54 requires

Bed Size:  Queen

Chore You Hate:  Mopping floors however I love sparkling floors what are you going to do?

Dogs :  Have always had one or more.  Currently have a rescue Chow/Lab mix with a quirky personality. His name is Duncan

Essential Start To My Day:  Prayer, meditation, a moment or two of watching and listening to the birds at the feeders

Favorite Color:  The entire BLUE family...anything sky or sea colored works for me

Gold or Silver:  Mostly silver...I do like it all

House or Apartment :  House

Instruments Played : Does the stereo count or a kazoo or wax paper over a comb...not the musical one in the family

Job Title:  Goddess of My Universe?  I do every office thing you can possibly think of for our family's business

Kids :  We have lots of children, their spouses and grandchildren

Live :  in a semi rural area near Columbia, South Carolina...although a Villa in Italy would be appreciated

Married :  Yes, 16 years of an interesting and wild ride...gosh I love that man! 

Never Again :  Can I get back to you on that one?  Road trips/vacations with unreasonable people...yes I do have to pee again!

Other Fun Fact :  I love to dance. I  particularly enjoy the tribal aspect sometimes included in NIA

Pet Peeve:  shouldn't that be plural?  I despise overly large trucks or SUVs trying their best to bully past me.

Quote   "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless"  Mother Teresa

Righty or Lefty :  Right handed or is this a sneaky political question :)

Siblings:  Two younger brothers, one is deceased and tons of Sisters whom have nothing to do with birth or blood!

Time You Wake Up:  As late as I can get away really depends usually 6:30 ish

University Attended :  Midlands Technical College, also attended the University of Mrs., MOM and Hard Knocks and Montessori Institute of America

Veggies You Dislike:   Overcooked ones..yuck!  I can't think of one I don't like now that I know how to cook them.

What Makes You Run Late :  My memory and having to go to the bathroom after I am in the car and then leaving my keys in the bathroom and having to come back inside to retrieve them.

X-Rays: in airport security or just in general...afraid to see what might be in there!

Yum Food : Chocolate, french fries, macaroni and cheese (shouldn't this be plural as well?)

Zoo Animal Favorite:  I seem to have difficulty having one favorite of anything...Giraffes...I love to watch them move and sit down, rather elegant for such an unusual body type

So I am leaving ALL CRY NO WORK here and getting on with the business of enjoying those moments we are given!