Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Planet Connie

Hey Ya'll,

I haven't fallen off the planet...just been hanging out on my own little planet...they like me there!  Spending lots of time daydreaming and planning projects, mulling over "stuff"  I have no shortage of ideas.  I proceed to go all manic and want to do everything at once usually when it is time to go to work.  Yeah, I made a flower headband before I came to the office this morning!  So I guess that counts as a Day 1 creative endeavor.  I have spent the greater part of too much doggone time researching, reading and browsing "creativity" sites and books about being creative that I failed to notice I am creative every day.  Although I should probably be less creative with my bookkeeping and accounting (that is a joke)  So my loyal fans...stick around and I may just share some of my projects...I am seeing how much of my stash of art/craft supplies I can plow through without purchasing new stuff.

Birthday celebrations are still underway...since I started late...I plan to continue until about February or so.
Favorite riding in the car music this week...the soundtrack from "Wicked"  It reminds me of the recent wonderful trip to NYC, the fabulous play at the Gershwin Theater, about how being different is not a bad thing, being popular is overrated, judging people = not good, defying gravity can be a good thing, to stand for something (or you will fall for anything)  "people" in charge do not always have your best interests at heart...stay informed, the line in a song that states, "no good deed goes unpunished"...that was my friend Dot Dot's favorite comment! 

It is a rainy, cold Winter day and I find I am missing my fallen comrads something terribly today.  Sleep well my pretties until we meet again. 

Excuse me, I must go find my sparkly ruby slippers...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowed In Day Two!

We so rarely get snow in the South...the snow and ice virtually shut our state down.  People rush to the store for bread and milk...I personally have a stash of chocolate...so I am good!  As I was dozing and debating whether to get up I heard the sound of THUNDER and thought great...no snow day for us.  I have never experienced thunder and snow.  I awakened to a beautiful winter wonderland!  Dear Husband and I had a good ole Southern breakfast after which he went downstairs to his man cave...I watched the multitudes of birds, watched Moe Kitty stalk said birds from his perch on the windowsill and took a few pictures.  I read some of the book club selection and some magazines, did laundry and took a most needed, wonderful nap!

I noticed over on facebook that many of my friends were getting cabin fever...two days at home...oh my!  Myself, I am thrilled to be home in my jammies...the cat and I are enjoying the birds, the silence (since dear husband went in to work) and the beauty of it all.  I think many of my friends are entertaining children or teenagers...been there, done that...I can understand their restlessness with all the noise and mess!

I have chicken and rice with mushrooms on the stove...lots of warm beverages...a toasty fire...a quilt...plenty to  read...Life is Good!  All the responsibilities of work will soon take over but for now...I plan to enjoy being "snowed in".