Saturday, December 29, 2012

Word of the Year Challenge

Six years ago I attended a couple of retreats led by Christine Kane.  I learned a LOT about myself and the power of words and thoughts.  Energy goes where Attention flows!  Christine mentioned the word of the year idea and I absolutely loved it.  I managed to get quite a few friends on board...we have been doing it instead of a resolution for several years now.  Quite simply you choose one word for the direction you wish to go in the New Year.  I have learned that the word you choose may bring up some old stuff that needs resolving!  So give very careful thought to what you choose!  In 2012, my word chose was exploration.  Exploration encompassed many, inner travel and being brave.

I struggled with a word for this thinking has been so scattered and I procrastinate on everything.  However, all the words that I was choosing all came back to one word....Mindfulness.
Mindfulness covers a multitude of areas...I have a BEAUTIFUL life and I want to SAVOR it!  I get caught up in the busies, the go, go, go of errands and responsibilities...much of that won't go away, however I get to choose the quality of what I am doing and I can slow down...smell the roses. 

My friends and I, we begin to question each other about our words slightly before Christmas...just to get the idea rolling.  My dear friend, Jayne wrote a great blog post last year about the word of the year and she re-posted it with a bit of an add on...I have also linked to Christine Kane, who was the source of the inspiration for me.  Christine has helped change the world and many people's lives for the better...finding their own best can click on the highlighted names and that will direct you to these very interesting, wonderful people!  Thanks Christine for the impact on my life!

So my challenge to you is this...toss those resolutions...choose one word...embrace it...let it unfold in your will NEVER make and break a New Year's Resolution again!  Let me know which word you choose (no pressure there)  Wishing each of you a New Year filled with joy, prosperity, love and all the wonderful blessings we all stand to receive if we are willing!