Monday, July 14, 2008

On Turning 50

Yours truly will be age 50 on January 24 2009. To celebrate this milestone I will be entertaining suggestions of 50 things to do between now and January! One item on my list begins August 2nd when I will enjoy a lovely dinner and stand in line for a book...yes, I have never in all my life waited in line extensively for the premier of a movie, a book, concert tickets or a game. This should prove to be highly amusing as the books are geared towards teenagers and are about vampires and werewolves. Just posting about it cracks me up! Why am I doing this...because I can...there are approximately 28 weeks including this one until my half century mark. Any and all suggestions will be welcome. Unless of course it involves anything that scares me very badly...I am not jumping out of aircraft!!! So far...

  1. Weight loss challenge of 50lbs by January 24th. Officially starts today...have already taken steps towards accomplishing this goal.

  2. August 2...stand in line for book release (midnight, is that too funny, I go to bed EARLY)

  3. Kayak lessons

  4. Play an actual beat to a song on Dear Husband's drums

  5. Cooking class at Fleur-de-Lys

  6. Read 50 books...suggestions...I probably have 50 at home that I haven't read yet.

  7. Knit 50 hats for chemotherapy patients

  8. Attend Hockey Game

  9. Attempt to ice skate...again

  10. beach trip

  11. hiking trip to explore waterfalls

  12. Donate blood 3X

I already participate in a variety of adventures, however, as you can see my list is nowhere near complete. Suggestions welcomed!


scchesleys said...

Hey! Since you're going to be standing in line with me on August 2nd, I can help you out with another one-hockey game! Love them! My parents bought us tix one year for the Inferno and we loved it (Mike lost his voice for about a week).

A suggestion: White water rafting?
I of course would not do it b/c I have a fear of drowning but it always looks like fun.

marlajayne said...

Dance more, a lesson I learned at a wedding reception this weekend.

thedailydish said...

Raise a chicken.

Yes I know it's weird but I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wants some chickens. You probably have the good fortune of living where you actually could.

Do it for me.

Other ideas:

*Go Para-sailing (waaaay fun)

*Shadow a job you've always wanted for a day

*Change your hair - color/style

*Get one of those Old-Timey photos made, or some similar wacky type photo

*Go tubing

I'll try to think up are calling me. yikes!

Alona said...

I want to tell you that you will make 50 year olds all over the world jealous. You are a beautiful woman so full of life and excitment. Many will envy your looks, your love, your excitement for life and your energy. I know women much younger with much less going for them. You should really be proud of your age. You wear it well.
Also, I am thinking I can totally help you with the waterfall hiking thing. I am going to do that one sometime also.
Oh and like Kristi's idea I get to do the white water with the youth this week. I am pretty excited. Have never done that.
Ok, you can also go to the space place and fly in one of those weightless thingys. I know that makes total since but maybe you know what I am talking about.

persistentillusion said...

*Read 50 books.

Some of the BEST books are childrens and young-adult novels.

Maybe you could read through a collection of Grimm's Fairytales (soo very different than what we think the stories are). That's actually one of my favorite books!

Perhaps some Shel Silverstein?? Oooh, I am so excited to see what you read.

And, by the way, CONGRATULATIONS!

Rosezilla said...

Yay for 50! I'm getting there fast. I remember when my sis turned 40 and said she finally felt like a grown-up - it's a liberating feeling. As for books, I agree, children's books can be wonderful - I suggest some of the ones you never read or read a long time ago - Heidi, Little Women, Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables - also the classics like Austen and Dickens. And something funny like Patrick McManus' old ones!

connie said...

This is so fun! Thanks for the ideas, keep em coming! I have a whole collection of children/young adult books. HaHa...been tubing, don't know about the para sailing my daughter says it is way cool but it is off the ground so I don't know...chickens...hmmmmm I talked to my husband some time ago about chickens, we have the space and no restrictions, maybe some goats...dishy you could get way jealous!

thedailydish said...


You MUST post pix.


DIVA said...

I suggest that you learn to SHAG..southern style that is....I will take you with me!


curlywurlygurly said...

what a clever idea--50 for 50! here are my suggestions...

a. put together a family receipe book (with pics!) and publish it into a hardcover book using blurb or snapfish.

b. have a garage sale--make a few bucks and clean out your house! :)

c. do some volunteer work--either a 1-time only deal or a weekly or monthly gig.


connie said...

Thanks Curly, I love the recipe book idea. I am working on some volunteering type projects, some are one time and some are ongoing.

Rhea said...

I just turned 50, in June. It went fine. I had a big party. Actually 3 parties. It was a great way to turn 50 and not worry about it.
How about hiking part of the Appalachian Trail?