Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I enjoy cooking when I have time and formerly adored watching cooking shows. The Food Network was a favorite channel of mine much to my husband's dismay! Lately, The Food Network has taken the cook out of cooking and the "cooks" are now more like celebrity actors.
Many now make my ears hurt because they have so many affectations and I can come up with better ideas myself. In no particular order, disappointment abounds...
Rachel Ray - What the heck happened to her. She is way over the top perky and endorses everything. Too much celebrity quality and not enough stellar cooking. The trinity of cooking, peppers, onions, celery with tomatoes gets old after awhile. Rachel, I loved you on $40 dollars a day.

Paula Deen - Okay, we southerners do not all cook and talk like her. Her voice and giggle drive me up the wall. I just can't watch. Maybe too much of a good thing is no fun anymore FOR ME.
(My husband loves her!)
Emeril - One BAM! too many and the OCD hand rubbing thing...Food Network has made Emeril disappear and he will be appearing on a new network with a "green" cooking show. May be worth watching.
Sandra Lee - Semi-Homemade Cooking - PUH LEEZE!!! I tried doing the semi-homemade thing a couple times...it takes less time to cook from scratch! And I am sure I will wear an outfit to match my kitchen that matches my tablescape to go with the theme of the day! That's realistic, isn't it. You might be able to pull it off for a holiday or if you stay home all day with NO CHILDREN.
I do understand this IS television. But isn't the point to be able to replicate the meals? My hairdresser and make up girl are unavailable at supper time. Wear white to cook in? or Silk?
I still enjoy Guy Fieri, Alton Brown and the Iron Chefs. I watch Iron Chef America for pure entertainment because I am certain I would not even know where to get some of the secret ingredients!

Cooks that I am still enamored of include...

The Barefoot Contessa - even if she does live in Southhampton! and probably doesn't have to cook! She dresses normally and cooks food you could actually eat. She also has a quiet, even toned voice and nice smile, everything is very understated and friendly.

Ace of Cakes - Those people are artists!!! I would rather display their cakes than eat them!!!

Nigella Lawson - is fun to watch and cooks some interesting food. Plus my husband will watch her.

Jamie Oliver - He is not very understandable but highly adorable in the kitchen. Food looks interesting and edible.

and multi purpose all around household Diva no list would be complete without....

Martha Stewart - I know she has a gazillion houses, a very talented staff and is an ex-con, but ex-con's need love too. I enjoy her show, it is informative. I like her publications. I pick and choose what is doable and leave the over the top stuff to people that have people or that have more time than I do. That working all day away from home cuts into the creative cooking, decorating thing a whole bunch.

In the repulsed but can't look away category...

Anthony Bourdain - I am not repulsed by him just some of the stuff he eats in his travels on the Travel Channel.
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern- Yuck-O! I don't know how he eats some of that stuff.

And from the "Who Wants to be the Next Food Network Star" ...you are an excellent chef/cook but you are BORING...we want STAR Quality.

How about you, which cooks/chefs do you love/dislike? How many enemies have I made today, I do not know...maybe it is just me...I'm teachable, teach me!


Hayden Tompkins said...

Nigella Lawson! My husband likes her too. (Pssst. Don't tell anyone, but if she had short hair, we'd look pretty similar. So I don't mind.)

connie said...

Lucky you, Hayden!!!

Michelle said...

You are insane but its a yum-o ice cream sandwich is ridiculous

marlajayne said...

I'm embarrassed (sort of) to admit that only three of these people ring a bell. I will say that I like Rachel Ray's colorful kitchen, but that's the extent of my knowledge and opinions.

scchesleys said...

Some of the stuff they cook is just too odd/difficult and would not be eaten at my home if I put mounds of cheese and sour cream on it. I'll watch them if there's nothing else on, but I prefer to get my recipes from kraftfoods.com.

Alona said...

ok have to get my two cents in here! this is paul and not alona i am just using her id cause it is late and i cant remmber my password! i do agree that food network has lost alot of zeal and i only like a few of the chefs on there, I can cook better than most of them lol i just do not have the pretty boy face for TV! as for Paula, I love her cooking and her restraunt is AMAZING! besides her accent is HOT! she can melt my buttah anytime!hahaha ok all jokes aside i have tried alot of her recipies and i am very happy with the results, i dont care much for the other chefs but i do love watching alton brown and i did like watching rachel but she got to commercialized sp? (like i said it is late and my speller thingy is broken) the barefoot chick drives me batty! and martha bubba stewart is too pruny for my taste but hey it is only my opinion! have a wonderful day/night!

curlywurlygurly said...

my dad prefers that italian woman--giada? i don't have tv, so we don't see many of these shows.

back in 2001, my mum and i went to savannah and ate at this fabu little southern restaurant called the lady and sons. little did we know that she would become a household name. her food is GOOD. but i would probably eat a deep fried pot holder...lol.