Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Further Proof that Men Just Think Differently!

 So you meet the right guy and all you want to do is breathe the same air...fifteen years later and some days you just want to smack him with a pillow!

Men just think differently, I think it has to do with that Y chromosome.  In my personal situation, my husband is not a multi-tasker...all attention is focused on what is right in front of him at that time.  He also suffers from selective hearing! 

Him:  Is this all the trash that needs to go out?

Me:  There are three bags in the garage by my car.

Him:  Three bags of trash by your car?

Me:  Yes, dear.

Him:  I am riding to xyz...

Me:  Okay

An hour later...

Him:  I threw out the two bags of trash in the garage and I dropped the third bag at Goodwill! (With a huge smile, because he had done something "extra")

Me:  Um, there were three bags of TRASH in the garage.

Him:  No, the other one was full of clothes, I opened it and thought someone could use those things!

Me:  It was trash!!!

Him:  No, it wasn't...there were shirts and stuff in there.

Me:  Actually, it was a bag of stained, torn shirts and old socks and underwear and probably some household trash as well!  I am sure Goodwill appreciates those.  I told you it was trash...why must you second guess me?

Him:  I saw the shirts...I thought I would be helpful.  Was I wrong to want to be helpful?

Me:  Big SIGH!!! 

another example:

Him:  Would you like for me to carry that box inside for you?

Me:  That would be great!  Thank you!

Him:  Sits on the garage steps and continues to watch me.

Me:  Are you taking that box inside or do I need to?

Him:  I didn't know you were ready for me to take it inside...

Me:  Big SIGH

so he gets the box inside and puts it on the counter...perfect for him he can look right into the box...for me, not so much I am a foot or so shorter...I would need a stool to see in the box and get things out of it!  He just grins sheepishly telling me that a woman architect/designer told him men hang things up too high...Yep, different perspective.

My dear husband and his cell phone are never far from each other.  It is his office away from the office.  It his connection to his band.  We all love our cell phones, connectivity and contact information.  On our recent visit to Las Vegas, the phone was in his constant possession much to my chagrin...UNTIL we left the hotel.  We have checked our luggage, we have gone through security...we are finally relaxing for a few minutes before we board the plane.

Him:  Do you have my cell phone?

Me:  I didn't know I was in charge of your cell phone!

Him:  Well, will you call the hotel and see if they found it?

Me:  ????  I didn't leave it there!

Him:  Well I can't call I don't have my cell phone (with pouty expression)

Me:  *(&^% 

There were a few more airport scenarios I won't even go into...suffice to say...my dearly beloved is not going with me when I go to Italy! 

He is the dearest man whom I love, love, love...he just thinks differently and he means well, truly he does...now where is that pillow?

                                                   Caesar's Palace with the Newlyweds!