Friday, July 11, 2008

One is Greater than None

In my inbox this morning was an ad from a jewelry distributor. I make much of my own jewelry and this particular company has a great selection. They are also involved in numerous charitable works. As I read about eight 14 year old girls and their efforts to save children in Ghana, Africa I was moved to tears. It makes my heart swell to know that our future is in hands such as the loving ones of these teenagers. Check out their webpage and make a donation if you want to, I am so impressed with what these girls started
How often have you said to yourself I can't make a difference I am only one. Well to one person you may make a difference. Each of us can do something for someone. It does not have to be big or grand. It just has to BE. We read so much that is negative about our society, however many adults, teens and even children are out in society giving what they can. Some go above and beyond. I have known several guys that have received their Eagle Scout awards, this is a huge accomplishment culminating in an extensive service project. I am happy to congratulate our friend D.J. Rollins for his recent completion of his Eagle Scout project. there will be a ceremony and Mom's receive an award too, smart boy scouts, huh, they know who is coaxing and pushing them along. So congratulations to Alona and her family for "pushing" D.J. along in this endeavor. I know so many young people that strive each day to make the right choices and to be helpful members of society. You rock!!! Thanks for being such a great example because I will say I am never too old to learn! Paraphrasing a story I have heard a number of times, a man goes to the beach each morning and tosses as many starfish as he can back into the ocean. Someone tells him he can't possibly matter, there are too many. As he tosses a starfish, he says something like "it matters to this one". You have a glorious weekend ahead of you, make it matter to someone!!!


scchesleys said...

How cool are they! It's wonderful to see teens giving back and doing something.

marlajayne said...

It's ironic that Elizabeth and I were talking about this very thing (giving and caring) yesterday as we drove towards Cartersville. You're so right: We can all make a difference, and I'm going to order some bracelets this very morning.

Hayden Tompkins said...

I looked at their beautiful website (and their amazing mission). I never thought I would be old enough to be so PROUD of some 14 year-olds, but I am. What an incredible story.

Thank you for sharing this!

(On a side note - first Matt 2008, now this...are you trying to make me cry?!)

Michelle said...

I did cry you stinker!

connie said...

Well, since I was boo hooing at work I thought everyone else should have the opportunity! The message was so strong I felt compelled to share it!

Alona said...

That really is awesome and thank you so much for the side note about DJ (and me). I am very much a proud mama. It makes me feel so good to know my kids are doing good things and I truly do not have to worry about them getting into the bad stuff that the world has to offer them these days.
I love to hear storied of kids trying to make a difference in this crazy world.