Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let It Be

As a champion worrier I often find myself finding something, anything to fret over. As I wrote in an earlier post I choose a word rather than make resolutions. My word "release" has already challenged me on a number of occasions...I tell myself "Let It Be" or Let It GO!" All this musing and fussing puts me in mind of The Beatle's tune, "Let It Be." In Marlo Thomas' book "The Right Words at the Right Time," Paul McCartney mentions that the song came to him due to some worries he and The Beatles were having and he pictured his mother saying "let it be" So when you find yourself in times of trouble just remember to...

As I reflect on 2009 deciding what no longer serves me well...let it be reverberates through my head. Anyone in the New York City Times Square area there is a "Good Riddance 2009" giant shredder...just write what you didn't like and shred it to bits in preparation for 2010. As one decade closes and a new one begins may we release that which serves no one, be grateful for our blessings, live with joy because life is indeed GOOD! Wishing you Peace, Love and Happiness for the New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who Will Fill My Stocking

Scrambling about...looking for those last minute treats to fill the stockings...once Santa's job, now mine...once two stockings now more than 10! Mutiny in the ranks when it was suggested that maybe the GROWN children were getting a little "old" for stockings. Looking at the "loot" in the guest bedroom ~ wondering if I will still be filling stockings when I am 60, 70, 80...once gave each child an infant sock filled with a chocolate quarter and a candy cane...they were not amused!
So who will fill my stocking...it is looking a bit bare
who has small tokens and love a plenty to share
Do you have some patience, gratitude and time to spare
who will fill my stocking...with joy, peace on earth,
smiles, giggles and mirth...remembrances of that glorious birth
Dear Santa,
The above was a plea from my NOBLE self...this girl would love some chocolate, scratch that...lots o chocolate, uninterrupted quiet time, girly girl stuff...lotions and potions, sparkles
and let's think about that trip to Italy...just sayin
I have been MOSTLY good
xoxox, Connie
Love and Peace! Merry Everything to All my Fiends...I mean Friends.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Floozie Christmas

The "floozies" have been gathering monthly for birthdays and annually for Christmas for several (many) years. Since we are blessed not only with good looks and charming personalities...a unanimous decision was made to adopt a family each Christmas rather than buy gifts for each other. The Princess of Quite-A-Lot collected funds, pondered who the family should be and did all the shopping...Thanks Princess! After a scrumptious feast (all the floozies are excellent cooks) Santa's helpers set about the task of wrapping gifts and making merry!

It warms my heart to have such generous, beautiful (both inside and out) wonderful friends.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Have you been reflective of 2009 or are you too busy rushing around to think about it? Seventeen days left of this month, this year and then we begin anew...a New Year...a New month.

I have been "inside" my own head too much lately. They like me there...no expectations but my own. The danger in this is the disconnect from everything around and about. These musings and thoughts wake me up at the ridiculous hour of 3 a.m. almost every morning without fail. It is hard to do anything when you are exhausted. I have been obsessing a bit about being so caught up in the survival mode that there is a tendency to forget to slow down and enjoy the moment. Hurry up and do this and that. Oxymoronic (yeah, I am pretty sure that is a hybrid of the real word) Overly meditative versus hurry up there is more to be done and you are not getting enough done.

A few years ago I began choosing a word for the year rather than making a resolution...as I had the same resolutions for over ten years...THAT was obviously not working. The word gives me a direction to travel and I make better progress. So in typical fashion I began thinking of a word for 2010...just one word? I had a word in mind and it didn't seem "cool" enough or cute enough to post on a sign or bracelet as a reminder...I denied my word. I have been obsessing and thinking "and you thought a resolution was difficult, you can't even pick a word, one word." I threw a bunch of words in the pot and looked at it for a long time...fished my hand around til I had two and felt the edges like I could tell what was on one piece of paper from another!

What do you suppose happened...well of course it did...I chose the word that I have been thinking about and discarding for a month. More irony...the word is RELEASE...

The tendency to hold onto things when they no longer serve the greater good...objects...relationships that no longer work well for either party...thoughts...traditions...that reel that keeps playing in your head saying this is the way you have always done this...these are the areas in which I plan to apply the word I so desperately did not want as my word for the year. It already feels like the right choice.
*image is not mine...unable to find proper documentation...(many take credit)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To Be a Person Like That

Dear Dot Dot,

In remembrance of your wonderful life and because you have been on my mind much...because you were such a kind, thoughtful, giving person...because your humanitarian efforts raised the bar for all of us...I pledge to do at least one anonymous act of kindness every day of December...more so than usual. Til we meet again my friend...you are sorely missed...even though I can sometimes feel of your kind spirit and often snarky humor...love you always!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Once in a Blue Moon"

"Many of the instances in which we see colors in nature are due to a physical phenomenon called scattering. Scattering occurs when a beam or wave of light is scattered in a range of directions as a result of physical interaction with particles in its way. Outdoorsmen have unwittingly observed the scattering effect for many centuries. A much-mistaken incidence of scattering leads to the widespread phrase, “Once in a blue moon.” This phrase is accurate with its connotation of rarity, but those who coined it claimed that the uncommon event was just a cyclical happening associated with the Moon’s proximity to Earth. In truth, it is wholly due to scattering in the atmosphere. Forest fires and violent volcanic eruptions can fill the sky with tiny particles that will provide more of a scattering effect than is normal." For more info on the scattering effect see www.sewanee.edu/.../Worthington/Worthington.htm

Tonight we will have our first full moon of the month...the next full moon "the blue moon" occurs on December 31st.

It seems impossible to me that we are reaching the end of another year! I have been contemplating the word I will choose for 2010. I quit doing resolutions many years ago and now choose a word each year to be a reminder of my intentions and aspirations for the year. It works. It is probably about time to start nagging Jayne about her word for the year...she always chooses a great one!

I enjoyed a milestone birthday this year...I am finally middle aged (50) and have already had all the "crisis" I need... so my intention for 2010 is to fully embrace who I have become in 50 years and continue living the best life.

Back to the "blue moon phenomenom" it is said anything started and completed within the cycles of a full moon will culminate with great success! Here is an opportunity to complete some goals and end 2009 with a BANG!!! Maybe you are waiting for something, whatever is standing in your way...take a chance...after all...it only comes "once in a blue moon"

Here is a great idea from Jamie Ridler Studios: Remembering 2009

What was the highlight?
What was the low point?
What are you proud of?
What was fun?
What has changed?
What has stayed the same?
What did you say yes to?
What did you say no to?
What challenged you?
Who are the new people in your life?
What will you be glad to leave behind?
What do you want to remember?
What would you like to celebrate?
What did you love about this year?
If this year was a painting, what colours would it be?
What do you want to take with you into 2010?

So here's to wishing you a wonderful December complete with two full moons! May all your dreams wishes and intentions come to you. I highly suggest some moon watching with loved ones. Frank, Elvis, Ella and I are off to sing "Blue Moon" Peace and Love Ya'll (thanks Kristi)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Arms stretched out to embrace the wind and sun, little fairy flower dancing. Such quiet, gentle beauty. Wishing you and yours blessings, abundance and if you celebrate a most glorious Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


More folks are turning their attention to expressing their gratitude at this time of year and I think that is a great idea. Some time ago I made it my practice to truly be amazed by my blessings each and every day. When I am feeling grouchy or blue it requires extra effort. Each day that I arise I am thankful for a new day full of possibility!!!

I am a list maker by nature...I probably have lists of lists...so without further ado...a list of 25 things I am grateful for at this moment!

  1. my knowledge that I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who knows me and loves me. That I know I have a Father in Heaven and that some day I will be reunited with all my loved ones! I could not get through a single day if I thought that this life is it...there is no more...it just ends.
  2. my family...they mean the world and beyond to me...I love each one dearly.
  3. friends...they make my world go round!!!
  4. granddarlings...I know I mentioned family however these cuties deserve a special mention of their own...oh how I love each one and how special and dear they are to me!
  5. my sweet, sweet husband...he is not necessarily in 5th place and he IS family...again he deserves a mention for all the things he does for me and our family.
  6. seasons...I love that we have a variety of weather and each is beautiful...right now I am enjoying the beauty of changing leaves even as they are falling to the ground.
  7. pets...I love my pets they bring loyalty, dedication and love to the household... even though Moe kitty woke me from a peaceful slumber by attacking my dangling foot...thanks kitty I have two gouges on my foot!
  8. home is where the heart is and I love my home.
  9. plenty of good things to eat and drink in abundance.
  10. books...I love to read
  11. creativity including being able to practice taking pictures...I love my camera and hope to achieve a decent level of proficiency some day
  12. employment and good prospects for our company's future!
  13. flowers...daisies and sunflowers are my favorites followed by just about any other kind.
  14. art/museums/galleries...I love to soak up works by old masters and new artists...I love creating my own art
  15. music soothes my soul (most of it anyway) I love that there are so many varieties and I can enjoy whatever I am in the mood to listen to at the time.
  16. my racy little sportscar...I love riding with the top down on a beautiful sunny day. It is not a practical car but it sure is fun! (thank you honey)
  17. mountains and woods and streams...hiking and strolling through all the splendor.
  18. beaches that are within a few hours of my home...love the waves crashing...love where the ocean "touches" sky.
  19. technology...I am grateful that I can be in touch with the blink of an eye
  20. snail mail...I am truly thankful when I receive a letter or card in the mail...that extra time and thought that someone takes to let you know they are thinking of you!
  21. Danksos and Birkenstocks...my feet love them truly!
  22. funky socks
  23. cardigans and scarves
  24. All the teachers I have had in my life and those yet to come...learning is a lifetime process
  25. my senses...taste, touch, hearing, sight, smell, and intuition

It is amazing how quickly one can come up with a gratitude list...the list could go on and on...these are but a precious few! Thank someone today! Give thanks today and everyday! It sure makes me a happier person.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Stringing Our Way to Disney

Looking for something handmade and filled with love to give as a Christmas gift? My friend, Kelly teaches Special Needs children at Neptune Elementary School in Jacksonville, Florida. She got this brilliant idea (with no help from moi) to create a project that would teach her children sorting, counting and many other skills...the reward for this project is a trip to Disney World in Orlando (which I plan to attend) Here is the awesome link to the project... B.E.A.D.S
"Because Everyone Always Deserves Success" Privacy concerns do not allow me to post pictures of the students or videos of them working on the necklaces, keychains, bracelets and other items.

I have known Kelly since...well a long time...we have worked together on many, many projects.
She originally taught special needs classes in Camden and I assisted her with job coaching...we placed the students with volunteer employers in grocery stores, retail shops, and hospitals to teach them job skills. When the students were not "working" ...life skills were taught with various other projects. One of our biggest and most crazy endeavors at the high school was to create a monthly "restaurant". The students chose a theme, i.e. Chinese, Mexican...EVERY aspect of learning was covered during the month and culminated in a restaurant meal which teachers, staff and administration could purchase...they could eat in or take out. Each student had a job from hostess, to cook, to waiter, to kitchen help. The funds that accumulated after expenses would result in a fabulous end of the year trip. We went camping at Myrtle Beach with dinner and a show at the medieval theater...a trip to Charleston...horse and buggy rides with a meal in a very nice bed and breakfast (the students dressed up and had lessons in ordering from a menu and etiquette) Kelly is an artist and I try to be one...which resulted in numerous art projects (and disasters) One year we made sour dough bread and rolls ALL YEAR LONG...our promised trip was not to be due to budget cuts and we had the horse and buggy rides and lunch. (this did not go over well with us because the students earned the money and it SHOULD HAVE been earmarked for this and only this...not general school funds, that's a story for another day) My dear friend had a tendency to get really innovative and make more plans than two people could possibly accomplish in a short time with special needs students...she always relied on me to slow things down a bit and determine what we could realistically accomplish!

Take a look at the site...this friend is amazingly talented and a great teacher...how about help her take her students to Disney...a trip of a lifetime for many of them!!! She and I...oh what fun we had together...I really look forward to going on this trip myself if at all possible!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Memorium

December 18, 1925 - November 10, 2009 May your journey to the next life be filled with peace and joy. You are so loved and will be missed by so many family members and friends.

This soft spoken somewhat taciturn wonderful man was my father in law for 13 years...he stepped in to be my "dad" when his son and I were married. My own father died 27 years ago. Our relationship was born of humor and a gentle teasing between the two of us. My favorite story he tells of "us" is one that got better and more exaggerated each time he told the story. It began with our house remodel and the invitation to stay in my in-laws home since we had no bathrooms...it was a time I cherish because I spent a summer with them and built a great relationship with both and was able to learn so much about "their history". I shared the middle upstairs bathroom with Mr. Fogle...he stored the toilet paper in the closet near the entry door which to my thinking was highly inconvenient...I moved it all to the cabinet beside the toilet. That evening in walks "FoFo" with a giant case of toilet paper. He mentioned that he didn't realize we were completely out of paper...there was not a single roll to be had...I confessed that I had indeed moved the toilet paper in the cabinet beside the toilet...that incident happened probably seven years ago but to hear him tell it...it was like yesterday and that I not only moved it once but twice...he cautioned everyone that I would re-arrange things if not watched.
I came to work at Fogle Electric almost three years ago. My father in law taught me many things about the electrical business and took great delight when I would ask questions about his work. Work is the one thing that made him happiest. He worked every day through his illness and only quit a few months ago when he was to weak too come to work. Even during those last months...he would look at me and say...I'm going to get better and I'll come give you a hand...or I need to come by and keep an eye on you. We had a jovial, joking, laughing type relationship...it was not filled with hugs, kisses, I love yous or lots of words...it was special and I will miss him.
Hey Fo Fo...how about not hassle the cute angels...til we meet again

Monday, November 9, 2009

An Exercise in Patience

Did I mention that one of my biggest pet peeves is the CONSTANT use of cell phones??? Particularly while one should be FULLY engaged when driving a vehicle...thank you so much for driving into my turning lane and then stopping in front of me while talking on your phone.
Is it just me or is this highly annoying? I really do not want to hear you argue with your child/spouse etc. while I am...in a public bathroom, shopping or eating in a restaurant...is it really that important? Parking a big honking SUV while talking on a phone is probably not such a great idea either.

Last week proved to be an exercise of continued patience which I am lacking in spades which by the way culminated with a flat tire on the way home...thank goodness for a Friday mental health day...

Saturday was hectic with a hair appointment and super hero birthday party. A "quick trip to the grocery store tested the patience of a saint. The first line I attempted to "get in" had customer paying for all her items, one item at a time separately with coupons and some other foolishness...lane two...customer is in express lane with a fully loaded cart, pays, forgets something so goes to the FRONT of the register to pay for the forgotten item...this only happens when one is in a hurry (I allowed EXTRA time for a stop to the store) I kept telling myself, "there is something to be learned here" Patience, my friends is in fact a great virtue!

I think patience becomes a problem when you are overextended physically and emotionally...if you have a health issue such as a hurty back...little annoyances become exacerbated! Whilst shopping for party favors at the dollar store...I noticed this odd looking gizmo (see photos below) and a few people behind me were discussing "the gizmo's" merits as heard on an infomercial...I requested they pass one to me. Did I mention I LOVE this back rest thingy!!! It helps you to sit correctly in your chair AND gives great support for the back. It has elastic on the back and this is very important...the elastic thingies keep the back support attached to your chair so it does not fall over when you stand up thus causing SOMEBODY to fall when attempting to return to said chair! I might also add that if your vehicle does not have the lumbar feature this works extremely well for support while driving (again, you should probably be sure the elastic thingies are properly in place, just sayin)

All this comfort can be had for merely $1.00 that is $29.00 less than the infomercial price!

Monday arrived with a whole truckload of new issues. Did I mention my printer ran out of ink in the middle of a project and the extra ink was not to be found anywhere in this office??? Desperate times call for desperate measures...2 cartons of diet coke, yogurt, pretzels, assorted fruit (lots) and some chicken, a case of water...while on the "ink" errand I popped into the grocery store for ONE (1) carton of diet coke!!! I am thankful to be employed, to have a car to drive, stores nearby with plenty of goodness...not everyone is thus blessed. I am ever mindful of all the many blessings and gifts I enjoy even in the midst of being a grouch.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday


Some days, weeks or months are better than others...I am feeling a little inclined towards burrowing under the covers and "hiding out" sigh...the thought comes to my mind...And It Came To Pass. It is True, in a twinkling of an eye...those desperate moments pass and the sun comes out shining brighter than ever!!!
A few tunes I've been humming lately reminiscent of "ole blue eyes" Frank Sinatra...a few lines from the song...High Hopes
Next time you're found, with your chin on the ground
There a lot to be learned, so look around
Just what makes that little old ant
Think he'll move that rubber tree plant
Anyone knows an ant, can't
Move a rubber tree plant
But he's got high hopes, he's got high hopes
He's got high apple pie, in the sky hopes
So any time you're gettin' low'stead of lettin' go
Just remember that ant
Oops there goes another rubber tree plant...
And..."Would like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar, be better off than you are or would you rather be...a mule...a pig..." I'll take the star and the moonbeams thank you!
Blessings abound and today I am thankful
  • for a most glorious bright sunshiney day with a delicious crisp breeze
  • a Friday ALL TO MYSELF...some homecaring, birthday party set up, a little self care
  • hair appointment on Saturday morning which means the lovely Laurel will make me beautiful...plus she'll wash my hair...that is joy!
  • Super Hero birthday party for Hunter who turned 5 on Tuesday...I am thinking I will be Super Nonnee
  • my husband telling me that I am the BEST part of his life (I love you too, honey)
  • for a list of blessings that could go on and on

I do have a grateful heart...I do have days when I do not remember this as well...I am always able to shift my thinking...eventually. Wishing you moonbeams in a jar and a weekend of swinging on stars!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Duncan's Halloween Trick or Naughty, Naughty Puppy!

This is a cushion LESS swing...what happened to the cushion you might ask yourself...one very active, very BORED puppy...Duncan!

Dear Mommy...Nom Nom Nom...Look Mommy...I made snow...Nom Nom Nom...you were at work all day see and your back was hurting and see I just wanted to play...

I Love you Mom, sorry your yard is all messed up and junk...guess YOU will be cleaning and I will chase the rake...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Touch O Pink

October is nearing a close...it has been a month devoted to Breast Cancer Awareness...So much information is available...Be Aware...Do What YOU can! Christina of Soul Aperture invited the blogging community to participate in "pink thoughts"...who knows how many where reached by these efforts...Thanks Christina...you are a beautiful soul!
Browsing through photos I was amazed at the number containing a "touch o pink"
a few favorites...
  • electricians will not use pink pens no matter how desperate they get...
  • mother and daughter in shades of pink
  • overexposed gerber daisy...speaks volumes...we are overexposed to so much that is not good!
  • Divalicious Hair
  • Shoe Uncertainty...which one...granddarling chooses to wear one of each

Some clever creators have come up with an unusual way to raise funds for breast cancer research using bras as a vehicle for ART...here is one link...there are tons of images at Google Images...just type in Bra Art Show!

It has been my pleasure to participate in "pink thoughts"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday - Halloween Part II

"Meech" and "Ree Ree" approximate ages 7 and 5...

Sisters...then and now...still playing dress ups!!!

Ree Ree still has a little gypsy in her (smile, I love that) Meech is dancing again, however not in a unitard (she is taking Hip Hop classes, I love that) Fall Festival Saturday - I know of one little girl that will probably, most likely, definitely be a PRINCESS of some sort!
P.S. Michelle...I am still looking for the Rug Indian costume...who knows what I may find!!! BEWARE...hehehehe...love you girls...mean it!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween or Not...That is the Question???

(Halloween circa 1968ish in Germany with one of my best friends...muhawhaw...)

One of the sure signs of Autumn...ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and all manner of things that go bump in the night. I am quite the fan of classic horror movies and literature. I am talking about a good ghost story, the oldies in black and white film...I am totally not a fan of anything classified as horror that involves slashing, bashing and mutilation. As a child, the movie "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" scared my socks off! Time to read a little Edgar Allen Poe with some hot cider by the fireplace...

My back has been "out" and as an excuse I watched scary movies and "The Haunted History of Halloween" on the History channel. The show was a veritable feast of Halloween origins and traditions. I have always thought of Halloween as a time for friends and family to enjoy some fun and frivolity. Apparently, many think of Halloween as the "Devil's Day" and give it a more ominous meaning. I understand that much of the celebration has pagan beginnings...to each his own...something that I found deeply disturbing...was of a church that had a Hell House...wherein they showed sins and what would become of "sinners" if they partook in Halloween or the many other sins of the world...from the little portions that were shown on the program...if I were questioning my beliefs or a seeker...I would run away from this "christian" enterprise as if the devil himself were after me. The "Hell House" was freaky and not in a good way. I just didn't get it! The God I worship is a God of Love and Mercy and Charity. I am interested in what others think of Halloween...celebrate it or not?

And being the heathen that I am...here is a repeat from another Halloween post...my Mom clearly helped throw this outfit together...

My friend's mom was a wee bit more imaginative...love ya anyways MOM!!! Thanks for letting me wear your dress and make up!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Got Encouragement

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month...I am posting one of the most wonderful articles by one of my favorite singer, songwriters Christine Kane. I read this when I need to be reminded to encourage others or even to encourage myself...

How to Be an Extreme Encourager

Many years ago, when I first shared my dream of being a songwriter with one of my best friends, she knitted her brows and said, "Huh?" I can't say I was deflated by all of the warnings that followed. After all, I had always been surrounded by this kind of "practical thinking." In fact, I probably shared my dream with her just so she'd talk me out of it. During this fumbling stumbling time in my life, I met a man who became an unlikely best friend and mentor. He was a brilliant jazz musician, and he could do pretty much anything on the computer. One night, after he performed at a local jazz club, we were walking towards my car. I told him my dream of being a songwriter. Without even blinking, he said, "Honey (he always called me Honey), you'd be a fabulous songwriter. That's perfect!" And he meant it. At that moment, I felt like I was falling into a soft clean bed. I had never experienced such direct and truthful encouragement without a single "practical" warning attached to it. This friend set me free by offering one simple thing: Encouragement. Fast forward many years and successes and failures later. I'm surrounded by encouragers. I'm sure there are doubters around. But they don't register anymore. Also, I have become an extreme encourager myself. I've observed extreme encouragers. I've also recognized some traits that they all have in common.
Here they are:
• An extreme encourager lives by example
The best encouragers are the ones who live it. Whether they're just getting started, or they're veteran risk-taking creativity-living wild-women - the encouragers are the ones who want a bigger life for themselves and are willing to "go there." This is why my jazz musician friend could simply offer encouragement when my other friend could not.
• An extreme encourager actively listens
Encouragers know that encouragement doesn't mean you just tell people to "buck up" or "get over it." They know how to listen. This means looking at the speaker, listening to her, setting agendas and judgments aside, and honoring the speaker as a wise soul.
• An extreme encourager avoids clichés
Avoiding clichés is actually a result of actively listening to someone. Being an extreme encourager doesn't mean that you blindly tell people "You can do it!" or "Let go of fear!" It's deeper than that. It's seeing the truth of the other person, especially when they cannot.
• An extreme encourager acknowledges the hooglie-booglies, but doesn't focus on them
We all have the hooglie-booglies. These are the voices that tell us we can't, or we shouldn't, or we'll fail, or we'll look stupid. An encourager doesn't focus on those voices because she knows they're trying to hook her. An encourager simply acknowledges that the voices are there and that you can't make them go away by arguing with them. An encourager knows that those voices aren't the truth. They only SEEM like the truth.
• An extreme encourager remembers that no one knows what's best for anyone else
An encourager knows that we are all wise and that sometimes we make choices that might not seem so wise. An extreme encourager calls out our deepest desires and then helps us see the thoughts and fears that hold us back.
• An extreme encourager accepts miracles, grace and mystery as the deeper truth
Extreme encouragers are often mystics of sorts. They know that the so-called "woo-woo" stuff is more real than the so-called "logical" stuff. They celebrate the divine as a simple fact of everyday existence and don't get caught up in the "prove it" mindset.
• An extreme encourager knows that you can develop the needed character traits as you go In other words, she knows you're ready now, even if you're not perfect yet!
I shudder when I read advice that discourages people from trying something because of character traits "required" in advance. "You shouldn't blog if you're not disciplined." "If you don't have focus, you can't be a writer." Most of the successful people I know developed these traits as they went. I certainly did. Encouragers understand the huge potential for growth in each human, especially when someone begins to follow her heart.
I'm grateful to the encouragers! And I'm grateful to be able to pass it on to others - either my friends, or to women in my retreats or my coaching clients! Who has given you the encouragement you needed in your life? And do you pass it on now?

Performer, songwriter, and creativity consultant Christine Kane publishes her 'LiveCreative' weekly ezine with more than 4,000 subscribers. If you want to be the artist of your life and create authentic and lasting success, you can sign up for a FRE*E subscription to LiveCreative at www.christinekane.com.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Second That Emotion...

I had one of those nights where the brain is in overdrive and bouncing all over the place. Fortunately exhaustion finally kicked in and sleep was very good. Do you ever have moments, days or weeks whereby you experience every single emotion. Our lives have been filled to over flowing with abundant joy and yet at the same time we are experiencing extreme anxiousness, sadness and disappointment.

Unfortunately, some people will let you down and disappoint you...all we can do is get up, dust off and keep going...I saw a "Japanese proverb" that states "Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight"I like that a LOT. I still have to believe with every thing in my soul that most people are good...it is the only way to make it through one day to the next. With hope. My husband is the King of dust yourself off, quit whining and go forth!

sooo...how do you like my new house....

I wish...this enchanting home was the setting for a lovely wedding day brunch for our very soon to be daughter in law. Friends of the family hosted a lovely event and allowed me to wander amidst the antiques and fabulous architectural features...love!

It was a busy, cold and wet weekend culminating in the joining of two hearts as one!

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. F, III All the very best to them as they start a new chapter in their lives!

(My husband yelled Mazaltov after the speeches...I am not sure he knows what that means! The bride's sister tucked her dress in her PURPLE rainboots for the reception. It was cold and the ground was still very wet!)

So much joy...

coupled with anxiousness...a son in law in Afghanistan...we pray for his safety and well being...his wife and children miss him so much!

As my friend Kristi often closes...Peace Ya'll!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

In the Pink - Writing and Creating

Martha Stewart Living and Ford Warriors in Pink have joined forces to donate proceeds from a stamping kit to raise funds for breast cancer research. The kit has a variety of colors and lovely stamps to create a number of fun projects...ideas can be found in the Martha Stewart Living magazine or you can "do your own thing".

I love to receive emails and to "talk" with friends on facebook...however more than that...I absolutely ADORE receiving cards and letters the old fashioned way through the United States Postal Service. I enjoy sending my own creations...cards and embellished letters and envelopes to my friends. Yolanda at Perfectly Imperfect made some suggestions for letter writing groups. I remained pen pals with a friend from Germany for over fifteen years...it was good fun. Alas, I do not write near as many cards and letters as I did in years past. If anyone is interested in exchanging cards or letters let me know in the comments section and we can work out the details!

My husband and I would write each other letters and notes...sometimes they would be silly like the ones written by a younger child such as do you like me...check yes, no, maybe...my husband writes the most heartfelt, sweet letters complete with pictures! My daughters and I kept a notebook that we wrote back and forth to each other...often containing very bad poetry and limericks. I find it very difficult to part with my notes and spent a greater part of an afternoon reading the very first cards, notes and letters written by my children...so sweet and now my grandchildren are "writing" and drawing pictures...too sweet.

I think of some of the letters written in days gone by...some published in books...some collected by family members...the day to day thoughts expressed so lovingly. It is definitely becoming a lost art. My Mother and Father wrote daily letters to each other when he was stationed in Viet Nam...often it would take weeks to receive them. On occasion Dad would write separate letters to my brothers and me instead of including a line in Mom' s letters. I remember the letters from Germany...the struggle to read a language in which I was quickly losing ground. Now it is a phone call...nice...I miss the letters.

To those suffering a devastating illness, a card or letter is most appreciated by most. I have received thank you notes for offering such a simple kindness. Each of us know someone that is suffering from physical illness, heartache or other grief...send them your thoughts...it is not always easy to say the right thing...if your heart is involved the message will be heard and deeply appreciated.

To my dear friends and family suffering the ravages of disease...I think of you and pray for you daily with a loving heart. Peace be with you.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Pink Thoughts

Wishing and Hoping and Praying that the race for the cure for breast cancer will be achieved during her lifetime! Maybe she will be the doctor or scientist who discovers the cure!

Other thoughts for the day...

Tracie sent me five words to ponder and write about...piece of cake...right...right??? Without further ado...I present my words and my attempt to tie them in with pink thoughts as well.

  • Flowers - I adore flowers, so much that apart from growing some...I frequently buy them for myself and others...I always parcel out a portion of money each week to have fresh flowers on my desk usually daisies, one of my favorites! Flowers are food for the soul!
  • Taste - hmmm...I appreciated my sense of taste more when I lost it for a brief time...for whatever reason my body was off kilter and everything tasted of earth and metal. Now I can savor fresh fruit, crusty bread and pungent cheeses (lunch today) May you always be blessed with plenty of nourishment and that you are able to truly enjoy the flavors.
  • Comfortable - Do you remember a time when looks were more important than comfort? Well my friends, comfort is QUEEN!!!! My clothing and shoes must feel good against my skin and feet. I adore freshly laundered cotton sheets and a lightweight cotton blanket. My dear friend losing all her hair to chemotherapy remarked that the hat I knitted of the softest yarn was perfect to wear to bed..."my poor little, bald head gets soooo cold" This also prompted a project to knit many, many hats for the Oncology clinics that those in need may have something of comfort to warm their heads and hearts.
  • Work - I believe there is great joy in being able to work, whatever the job may be...employment away from home, the homecaring that must be done, the volunteer projects, the child rearing that can sometimes be a lot of W*O*R*K Great satisfaction is the reward for a job well done.
  • Believe - my word for 2009...I believe that through the efforts of many we can bring about "the change we wish to see in the world" (paraphrased from Ghandi) I believe we are beloved children of a Most Heavenly Father who knows our every need and desire and has a great plan for each of us. I believe that most people are Good...sometimes we may have to look a little deeper however goodness is there. I believe that goodness can radiate outwards like a ripple in a pond and we each must be the pebble that brings it forth.

I wish you a beautiful day filled with beautiful thoughts. To my sisters still battling a relentless disease I offer you my prayers of courage, strength and comfort.

Monday, October 5, 2009

In the year 1981..

28 years ago today I was in the hospital giving birth to the most wonderful bundle of joy...we were both blessed that day after serious complications and a short stay in the hospital...we began a beautiful journey...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is rare to photograph "Meech" without one or more children on her lap, back...attached to her legs...one beach photo of Michelle and her husband has little arms and hands reaching up...

I don't know if I tell you often enough...you are fabulous, wonderful, beautiful, talented and funny...my grandchildren and son in law are lucky to have you!!! Love Ya Bunches, Mom

(I think M's hubby took the photos, I only took the first one one Christmas morning)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Brighter Shade of Pink

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Christina has suggested posting "pink thoughts" every Thursday in October. You can read more about it by clicking on the pink thoughts badge to the left of this blog.

So many friends and family members have been touched by this disease. I wish to honor each of them and to raise awareness for our daughters and granddaughters...all the women we know and love.

There are numerous ways to show support and I would offer that you choose the way that best suits you and your lifestyle. I have included a couple of links emphasizing the need for monthly breast exams.

Cheryl Chapman has written a brochure about "Phluffing the Girls" which is illustrated and very informative.

The Feel Your Boobies Foundation has a website and facebook page and is also an excellent resource for information, products and donation opportunities.
Locally, Tilara is walking in the First Ladies Walk for Life 2009 and more information can be found here.

My prayer for you is that you are self aware and that you too may spread a message of awareness and hope. We are one and yet one pebble thrown in a pond creates a ripple effect that goes on endlessly!

(illustrated ribbon courtesy of www.vermontteddybear.com/SellGroup/Breast-Can...)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Salutations is my fancy way of saying hello

“The means to gain happiness is to throw out from oneself like a spider in all directions an adhesive web of love, and to catch in it all that comes" Leo Tolstoy

Chin up, chin up / Everybody loves a happy face / Wear it, share it / It'll brighten up the darkest place / Twinkle, sparkle / Let a little sunshine in / You'll be on the right side, looking at the bright side / Up with your chinny-chin-chin. Charlotte "Charlotte's Web" 1973

As I climbed from my car I noticed this spider wrapping some food storage. I leaned in as close as I dared, hoping not to disturb it...which brought quite a smile to my face...it seems only a few years ago that my brothers could back me into a corner shrieking whilst holding the smallest spider in their hands.

I love Autumn. It is a time for reflection and quietness. A time before the barrage of holiday activities begins...it is also a time of great melancholy as it signals a season of loss...remembrance of those that have left this life...try as I might I am unable to shake the "blues" at this time of year. My feelings go into hyper sensitive drive and I find I must have time alone to brood and sort myself out. I spent the greater part of a weekend wrapped in a quilt not feeling "well"
And sort myself out I did indeed. During a period of "unrest" I must strive extra diligently to express gratitude and appreciation...

so today I am extremely grateful for

  • loving family and friends
  • the beauty of all I see around me
  • yummy homemade broccoli soup for lunch
  • the slight chill in the air
  • the anticipation of cooler weather
  • a very special wedding in a few weeks
  • baby toes
  • haircuts and restoration of my natural color
  • the weight of Moe kitty sleeping on our feet
  • Duncan shivering with anticipation over a doggie treat
  • sweaters and jeans and scarves
  • riding with the top down (the car's top)
  • HONEYCRISP APPLES - the tart sweetness and the sound of the crunch
  • soon to be started major art project
  • knitting
  • the satisfaction of canning some holiday pepper jelly
  • the smell from bread baking

and I must express sincerest thanks to Robin at Bird Tweets for the most beautiful "gift of jewels" card...it made my day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday - Laughter

"A merry heart doeth good like medicine" ...Proverbs 17:22

What had happened wuz...

An entire weekend spent with rib aching, body shaking laughter...

Laughter is the BEST medicine. It warms the spirit, exercises the heart and lungs, helps balance stress and it is CONTAGIOUS!!!
Mix together wonderful friends, a lovely setting and some good old "story telling"...toss in some beautiful weather...ta dah...a recipe for laughter and joy!
Dear Jeanne...please send photos as I was laughing too much to get everyone!!!
Dear Ladies of SOS Fall Migration...each are a joy and a treasure...love to you!!!
Dear Mary Jane...still thinking about the spaghetti and meatballs...
Dear Strangers from Philly (?) thanks for the extra laughs!!!
Dear Everyone else...find something to laugh about...it can turn the whole day around!