Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Past and Present

I actually love this coat!!! Fall colors and all.

Guess who's Mom was not the most creative on the block??? Notice the snarky grin rather than a smile! Geez Mom, did we have a shawl or something...a blue turtleneck...really

Some one's Mom was more creative than mine. I was so envious of those boots and cape I almost cried!

In the "What the Heck Were You Thinking" Category...I can't believe I actually went out in public dressed as a deranged sugar plum fairy or something. I am so not sure what look I was going for that night. It was the late seventies...what can I say?

No money, no problem...grab some nighties, slippers, hair curlers and nets...ta dah...costume!!!
Notice older child looks like she is thinking...just wait until we pick out your nursing home!

And the "What should have been a costume but really IS NOT" category.....

Gee Mom, I think Lederhosen are for BOYS! Is that a cake on my head? Note purse actually did become part of Halloween ensemble...look up. Brownie dress complete with Beanie, knee socks and loafers!

Back yard view of my Mother's childhood home in aunt still lives there...pretty creepy looking...huh...note wooden shed not to be confused with wooden outhouse in rear of yard. In one of my previous posts I mentioned the outhouse and the creepy cellar. Members of our family have lived in this house for 80+ years. That cellar gave me section was for beer and lemonade (kept it cold) it was delivered weekly in section held fire section was for storage and the infamous bathing section and laundry area...this place is perfect for a Halloween Scarefest. So whatever you do or don't celebrate today...have a great one! Happy Halloween! Excuse me, I hear the candy dish calling my name...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moe and The Bed Game

Our rescue kitty Moe has been with us almost a year now. He is our loveable, mischievous feline boy. One of Moe's favorite morning activities is "The bed game" It begins with a nibble at whatever body part is sticking out from under the covers. Once the players have roused themselves out of bed...Moe begins walking back and forth behind the curtains in an effort to begin the game in earnest....
Up on the foot board to accelerate the activity...are those the blankets and sheets I see being smoothed and straightened? Hmmmmmm....JUMP right in the middle before they reach the top...kitty is now a bump under the covers and will remain so until the comforter is put in place and he comes out to play with the pillows...he must be cajoled and coaxed towards the end of the bed...Are we starting a new game...huh...
Sometimes Moe gets a little exuberant and "flies" through the air. Recently he latched onto my leg and punctured what felt like an artery...blood spewed everywhere...I hobbled to the bathroom mere feet away attempting to NOT drip blood on our very light Berber carpet...pressure was applied and the blasted thing bled and bled through band aids...finally a gauze was folded up several times and applied to the wound with a bandage...
hobble over to carpet to clean up drops before kitty licks them and smears the droplets...yuko...peroxide is a wonderful thing...carpet good as new...leg battered and bruised but good to go and only a few minutes late for a hair appointment!!!

I know you love me...lick...lick...I'm sorry Mom....I really am....sorry (until next time)

Everything is in place and Moe will sleep on the pillows until he is roused by hunger or the movement of a dust mote or the fan or....whatever else catches a kitty's eye when left home alone whilst the adults are working. Dear Husband often calls Moe the Rocket Kitty...he zooms around so...
Several people have mentioned that they just do not understand the whole cat/dog/pet thing...what's to have a pet you love and the pet is family...try it!!! Our Moe's antics are a constant source of pleasure for us...he "talks" to us...his various sounds mean different things...I am hungry...I missed you...come play...what do you mean moving me I was comfortable...I know when I arrive home he will be waiting by the door to greet me. What's not to love about that?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

No Self Control!

Somewhere in the world there should probably be a 12 step program for people who are totally out of control in a bookstore...there, I said name is Connie and I have a problem...or Bless me Father for I have sinned...(that Catholic upbringing) Today is "banking Thursday" the day I set aside to do all the company "errands", personal errands and errands of mercy! It started out innocently enough, the bookstore is next to the post office and I did have to get that book by Mark Twain for book club...books are alphabetized by author so naturally I HAD to look at other books on my way to THE BOOK...

I love everything about books...the colors of the book spines, new crisp pages to turn, that new book smell or that old book smell from the thrift store. I cannot bear to pass a bookstore or library without going inside and having a look around. Fortunately for me, the library is free and lucky me since we own property in two counties...I get library cards for BOTH areas! There are certain books, though, that you simply must purchase...ones you are sure you will read again...ones you absolutely cannot wait until the library gets their copies or until your name comes up on the waiting list...Sadly, I am in no better shape financially if I avoid the bookstores and choose online book purchases...not quite the same as touching the books, flipping through them, reading short passages...Simply put, I have an addiction where books and reading are concerned...I can only think of a few other things that I would rather do...give me a rainy Saturday and you can find me curled up with a mug of something hot and tasty and a book.

Secondary to the book problem is the ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh I haven't read that glossy magazine yet problem.

I am pretty sure this problem is heredity as my mother relies on me to keep her well stocked with books (she doesn't drive) and my daughters have inherited this proclivity from me and it's looking like the grandchildren have the same affliction...We don't understand people that don't read! What is wrong with them???? They are missing something in their DNA for sure. My husband is a non-reader, that is to say he does not read recreationally. A typical conversation between us would be like this

Him: "What are you reading"

Me: A book

Him: " What's it about"

Me: "Why don't you read it yourself" (In other words, I would have to stop reading to explain this to you so leave me alone)

Him: "Aren't you going to watch (this ridiculous, boring, blah, blah) t.v. show with me."

Him: "Are you watching this?"

Me: "Hmmmmmmm....oh yeah sure I am"

Him: "There is a parade of pink elephants running through the living room"

Me: "That's nice honey"

Him: "I'm going to bed"

Me: "I'll be there in a minute" (after I read 27 more chapters) or "let me get to a good place to put my book down"

So at my 12 step program for people addicted to reading and books I will have to admit that today (just today) I purchased the book club book, two hardback books and one magazine...did I mention I was addicted to magazines as well...oh oh...scratch that I think I am addicted to the written word in all forms including writing and blogging...oh dear! My rationale and justification for said problem is a) it doesn't hurt anyone, b) I am learning stuff, c) it keeps me quiet and off the ledge, d) I don't have to feed my books or put gas in them, e) I have many friends with the same "problem" - we call it a book club, f) you have something to do while you wait for things

Now this is what I call Livin!!!

I was thinking of an episode of "Twilight Zone" that was completely freaky...Burgess Meredith plays a character that absolutely LOVES to read and he wears extremely thick "coke bottle bottom" glasses...poor man gets nagged incessantly by his wife and his boss about his reading....well the end has arrived for everyone except old Burgess and he is on the steps of maybe a former library with thousands of books all around, he is practically orgasmic over his good he begins to sort and stack the books, his glasses fall off and he steps on them...rendering him incapable of seeing anything...poor man just breaks down. I feel your pain brother...without my glasses I can't see to read either. All the time in the world and all the books in the world....sad music playing in the background....

So, I was thinking if you rode a subway or a bus or a train to work...would that be a golden opportunity for reading or am I totally naive on that point? I live out in the "country suburbs" and have to drive myself in to the City (we "ain't" talkin NYC or Chicago type City) Do you share my malady? So what have you read lately? Any great recommendations?

P.S. The book club selection I purchased is "The Diaries of Adam and Eve" by Mark Twain

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Epitome of Sweetness and Light

The epitome of sweetness and light must every once in awhile turn into a steam engine once it has chugged up the hill and needs to release some hot air or explode! Some days the engine whines and blows off some steam to prepare for the next here's to blowing some steam...clink...clink

  • either love em or hate em - Mr. SUV driver is it really necessary for you to join me in the median thus removing any possibility of a clear view? Or must you pull as far as possible beside me effectively blocking my view of oncoming are going in the other direction and must wait it necessary to delay me as well? Plus, unless your career consists of delivering stuff all day or you have many, many children why do you need such a gas guzzler anyway? I bet you don't car pool either. In addition, I may be small (car) but I am sleek and fast...I won't move out of your way no matter how much you tail gate me that is what the passing lane is for!!!
  • Telemarketers...I know you are trying to make a living but NO means NO! I particularly love it when you call our place of business and attempt to ask a gazillion questions...I am WORKING...after repeated phone calls and your continued disregard for the word NO...I WILL... put you on hold forever...hang up on you...consider blowing an air horn in your ear...You also seem to know the EXACT moment I walk in the door at home or the EXACT moment I wish to eat dinner...thank goodness for caller id! P.S. the out of area, unknown caller thing...I don't answer those at all...that is what answering machines are for...LEAVE ME ALONE!!! If I want something, I will call you...DITTO for POLITICAL volunteers...I know you believe in your cause, however it is none of your business what my party affiliation is (if I have one) or which candidate will receive my vote. I will always tell you the opposite of what you wish to hear.
  • PLEASE, for all that is holy and good in my life, NO MORE NEGATIVE e-mails about the economy or any political candidate...I don't read can in no way help my world view. No more forwards that will tell me I am going to die or something bad will happen if I don't participate. If a message is uplifting and worthwhile, I will forward it...I do not forward everything that comes my way.
  • To the prostitutes hanging out at the gas station/liquor store, PLEASE leave our husbands, sons, nephews, employees alone...they are going about their business...maybe you should do your business on your own corner...p.s. I don't roll that way either so please quit flagging me down or trying to get in my car!
  • Dear Fast Food Employee (mostly McDonald's) how does DIET COKE sound like ICED TEA??? Are you rebelling against your job? Is it really that hard to get the order correct? And while you are at it, could you possible not overfill the cup and if you do, could you possibly wipe it off before handing it to me? Are the napkins the equivalent of the holy grail to you? I would like to have at least one...more like a couple. I know I have not grown two heads when I ask for extra napkins...I am not insane just because I want a napkin and all I have ordered is something to there some unwritten fast food law that says I have to order food to receive a napkin? Just sayin...
  • Dear Fashion Designers, clothing store buyers...WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?????? I just want some basic items of clothing and I am not a six foot tall size 0 - 2 model...where have all the classics gone...anyone out there know? I just want "normal" clothes with minimal embellishments...Please???
  • CELL PHONES...see earlier post on cell phone rant for specifics...just for today...please, please do not stand in front of my desk and talk on your cell phone...please...put the phone down when attempting to park your SUV!!! or any other car for that matter...unless your vehicle is on fire or you are piled into another vehicle (because YOU WERE ON YOUR CELL PHONE) please what is so important it cannot wait until you are parked?

There, there I feel so much better...

Will the elves that are raiding my closet at night and making alterations on my clothes, please stop...everything is either too big, too small, the wrong color...or just plain itchy, uncomfortable or doesn't feel like pajamas!

Also, the perfect handbag is out there, I just know is being could wax on and on about the desired perfect handbag to hold all the stuff we must carry from one location to another...If you have found the perfect one please, please tell me where and what kind or better yet...just send it to me!!! I am irritated with the miserable little buggers in my closet masquerading as "good" handbags.

There, I really feel better now...thank you for your love and support...and remember to vote!

P.S. Thank you Kristi for the use of "the epitome of sweetness and light" It suits you really well and I am still working on it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flamingos, Forks, Balloons and Shamrocks

Gather around children and I will tell you a tale of Flamingos, Forks, Balloons and Shamrocks.
If you are truly lucky and blessed, into your life will come fairies, princesses, divas and all manner of fey (magical, enchanting, whimsical, being in unnaturally high spirits) creatures.
Once upon a time there was in fact a rather pessimistic, worrying kind of lady in waiting. What she was waiting for she didn't know nor did she feel particularly positive that anything good would become of her. In her lowliest time, an edict was issued that she and her daughters were to attend to Heavenly Father's business in another vineyard. It was in the new vineyard that she met all manner of angels, princesses, goddesses, and divas. She was taught the meaning of Joy! and Friendship that extends into the eternities! The princess learned to love life and very much wanted her daughters to experience this same Joy! For you see the King of All has issued an invitation to surround yourself with lovely creatures of great faith, peace, love, kindness and compassion. The princess has become a princess of quite a lot...she still has many roads to travel, fey creatures to meet and Joy to Spread!
Flamingos are beautiful, elegant pink birds that can bend over backwards to provide food and assistance to those in need. Their likeness has been replicated in plastic and all manner of tchotchkes. In an effort to show much love and affection to one enduring a "big" birthday...her yard and home was inundated with pink flamingos of every size, streamers were hung from every tree and balloons adorned every room of her home. As a welcome home to yet another "floozie" her home was visited by a flock of flamingos. After which any floozie could come home to find herself visited by flamingos wearing all manner of dress.
One particular "floozie" had a particular disliking for the celebration of St. Patrick's Day and was thus secretly showered with hundreds of shamrocks as she attended her business that day. Attempting to pay for groceries, it was discovered that she had piles of confetti shamrocks in her purse. Ahhh...the floozies are a magical and sneaky bunch. Good hearted mischief abounds...
Divas too can be subject to the whims of unknown creatures...mystery still surrounds us as to the identity of the "forker" You must first understand that the Diva had some of the most beautiful flowers in the land and the neighborhood cats found her flowers particularly enticing and lovely to sit upon. In an effort to save the flowers, plastic forks were placed amongst the flowers to discourage the nocturnal visitors. No cats were harmed they were just unable to get comfortable among the flowers and sought out new yards to conquer. Divas and princesses are frequently seen together and attend many social functions in the land. As the companions arrived at the Diva's of the princesses of quite a lot was peering through bleary eyes to see to her atonishment what she thought were hundreds of mushrooms growing in the yard...the Diva had been FORKED!!! Hundreds of Plastic forks were buried throughout the land. The Diva's footman was much annoyed when it became clear that he must rid the entire land of Forks! To this day the mystery has not been solved!
Beware the Flamingo Floozies! You have been warned...befriending one may cause strange, magical, fey occurances to happen in your life!
A most heartfelt thank you goes to Rosezilla and Dishy for their fabulous stories as they have inspired me to try something a little different in the telling of my "story"!!! They are truly "floozies" by proxy!
Floozie = fun-loving, spirited, kind, compassionate, magical, faithful, generous friends with a great sense of style!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Through the Eyes of a Child

This is what happens when you leave your camera within reach of a soon to be four year old!
Do you think we have a budding photographer on our hands? I am always amazed when I look at the world through the eyes of a child...have you ever gotten on your knees and crawled around...things sure look different from that angle! I am convinced we move into a state of ennui when we constantly do things the same way everyday or look at things with our "grown up" eyes. We often miss the subtle occurances happening all around us. My children frequently inspired me to reach new heights. My grandchildren give me the opportunity to see things anew again. Hunter and I were riding in the Boxster with the top down...He always says "put it down, Nonnee!" And away we seats and seat belts, of course. If you are bored, lonely or sad...borrow some children (your friends will love you) and go for a walk , blow bubbles or color...many exciting adventures await you.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What I am Lovin Today!

I love shoes...all kinds...even the kinds I can't wear...who doesn't love, uplifting, elevated, pumped up...both pairs of shoes belong to my daughter and she looks fab in them. She can even walk with grace...she did not learn that from me! Guess which feet are hers? Her shoes were on loan for an activity at church called Zion's Mall...great fun was had by all. My dear readers, you will never guess who walked around in the Apple Bottom Rhinestoned Black Stilettoes!!! No, it was not me!
I love to take pictures, usually at least one each day...a day in the life of...capturing photos enables one to look more closely and appreciate the world around us. I absolutely have no idea what happened here but I like it anyway. I like the way the colors blend together to create an abstract looking scene. Maybe I'll try to paint this onto canvas.
Hmmmmm....trouble more ways than one!!! I love Autumn. I love October in particular. The colors are amazing...the air is crisp...the SC State Fair has arrived...Candy and Caramel Apples...Pumpkins, Halloween...LOVE IT ALL! Congrats to Tilara she won 2nd place for her Vanilla Pound Cake at the State Fair. There are a lot of cakes to compete against. Way to Go, Tilara!!!
Strange, yes...but I like strange...I have no idea how this happened! It is amusing how your brain makes leaps from one thing to the next thing...I was making my bed this morning, as I was smoothing the down blanket we have I started thinking about the feather beds I slept in as a child in Germany. We would visit my Oma and Tante and assorted relatives...all the children would be piled into the very large downstairs bedroom with several beds loaded down with flannel sheets and thick goose down feather beds...the window would be opened a crack YEAR ROUND...once you jumped in and warmed up, you wanted to that time outhouses were still being used. Dark, wooden outhouses with spiders! A bucket was placed in the corner of the room in case you absolutely could not ignore the call of nature! Who wants to go out in the freezing cold and use the DARK outhouse?! You were considered to be very lucky if you were too small or too young to get the job of emptying the bucket. I never had to empty the bucket! My aunt and cousins have indoor plumbing now...prior to that a bath would be heated in the cellar...almost as bad as the outhouse in terms of the creepiness factor. You were lucky if you were the only girl (me) and therefore got the first and warmest bath! I love my bathrooms...having more than one...immediately having hot water...

I love apples, all kinds...granny smith...honeycrisp (my new favs)
I love, love my family and the many people I call friends, both far and near...
Have a beautiful Autumn day my friends! Take a look around at all the beauty and be truly grateful...I know I am.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Twenty Seven Years Ago!

Elizabeth Michelle - Born on October 5, 1981 - seven weeks early in a hurry then and still in a hurry! Happy Birthday Meech!

It is no telling what could happen when sisters get together! Woohoo! Aren't we cute.

Having a bad hair day!!!

Handprints taken at Montessori School around 1986.

Puts herself in the corner!

Church Girls Camp! Awesome Youth Leaders! Best time at Camp EVER!!!! High School Graduation! with Honors. and then some. Happy, Happy MOM!!!On trip with Grandma and Kathy. Washington D.C., Ohio and New York. Niagra Falls

One of the engagement pictures. Married seven years with two children. Wow, so young!
Easter...4 generations!

Here's to many more happy returns! Love MOM