Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lucy, I don think this is my Lunch!

What this is: loaf of bread with soup, 2 packs of crackers, a reuben sandwich, potato salad, pickle, 3 mints and a Large diet coke. What this should be: 1/2 sandwich and a cup of soup with a Large Diet Coke. The Very Large Diet Coke is to alleviate the migraine I cannot seem to shake! It may be the proverbial shot in the rump for me, of course, someone will have to drive me home and make sure I land somewhere in the vicinity of my bed!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cell Phone Rant

Do you ever feel like our fellow citizens take the unlimited calling thing too literally? I do. I LOVE my cell phone. I have been able to call from the side of the road to get assistance. I have been able to call for help for other people. I can call and let someone know I am enroute. My doctor's office can reach me. My grandchildren call on their way home to see if Nonnie's home and is it okay to stop and visit! Cell phones are a wonderful technological advancement. The downside...herewith starts my rant...I don't want to hear someone's conversation when I am in a restaurant attempting to enjoy a meal and conversation at my table. I don't want to hear your personal business while I am shopping, waiting in line, or in the doctor's office. I absolutely do not want to hear what your baby cousin sister brother's girlfriend did last night. I do not need to hear you argue with your spouse or yell at your children. And my all time favorite...turn the darn cell phone OFF when you are in church. God can hear you just fine without it. I was in a meeting yesterday at church and someone's cell phone happens to all of us...but do we all answer the phone in a room full of people? Hell....00000???!!!! Holy Inappropriateness! Yes, there are emergencies, go outside or to the hall to discuss your business. Another personal favorite of mine, answering and talking, at length, when in the company of others. Call them back...the world will not stop its revolution around the Sun if you don't answer your phone. I think that before anyone is allowed to have a cell phone they should have to take a cell phone etiquette class and pass a test. I have a friend, I love her dearly, however, she clearly has NO clue about cell phone etiquette! She once hosted a baby shower in her home and went into the bedroom to answer a call and missed a HUGE amount of time hosting this shower. It doesn't matter where you go with her, she WILL answer her phone and carry on a full length conversation. How about...I'll call you back later. I have pointed this out to said friend and she's like I know, I know. I have another friend, quite the opposite...she is fully present in the moment...the phone goes off and she may check her messages at the end of the outing to see if there is something she needs to do for her family on the way home. Big Difference. Who would you want to spend time with? There are emergency calls, however, I suspect the vast majority of calls just pass the time. If you are carrying on a full length conversation while driving, you are not paying full attention to your driving I do not care who you are. How many accidents do you think are a result of cell phone conversations? In South Carolina, a law is being considered to make it illegal for teenagers to talk on their phones while driving...great about all the other lunatics that pull out in front of you, nearly back into you, nearly running over pedestrians and so on and on while talking on the phone. One more...while watching a movie that you have paid eight bucks to see... why in all that is holy are you on your phone in the movie theater????
I personally also love when someone is carrying on a conversation while on the toilet in a public restroom... how gross is that?! Please people let us show some restraint. Rome is not burning!
Call back later.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Flashback Friday - Addendum to The Universe Always Says Yes!

Bend of Ivy Lodge, Marshall, North Carolina - Big Dreams Retreat - October 2007
Cris recently sent this photo entitled "The Boxster Rebellion Redux" I am so delighted to hear from Cris and to receive this picture! The hill whereupon the rebellion took place is extremely steep. As they say hindsight is 20/20. It may have been a better idea to go all the way down the hill and drive like a bat out of hell to the top! Professionals were called and the very naughty car was rescued. A huge thank you goes out to the strong, supportive, wonderful women who made a difficult evening into a fabulous time! So much was learned at the Big Dreams Retreat presented by Christine Kane. I forgot every bit of it in an instance and turned into a marshmallow. Thanks to Cris for handling the business end of things and getting it on film for my posterity! Said car and I were off to a pretty shaky beginning. It is the inspiration for my first post on Loose Lemons in January. I have made peace with this fabulous car and the two of us get along very well. I am feeling particularly grateful to the many friends that support me in all my efforts and just want all of you to know how much you mean to me. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and feedback. Creativity has always been a driving force for me, as such you can imagine my dismay when I was unable to create anything. This effort has been a catalyst and I am excited to start some new projects! Hibernation time is officially over and Spring signals a time for fresh growth, birth and new beginnings!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Unto the Least of These

" You must be the change you wish to see in the world" Mahatma Ghandi 1869-1948

I often like to meander my way through a very upscale housing development whenever traffic is horrendous on the main strip. I particularly like to drive across the lake to enjoy the reflections and all the beautiful flowers and landscaping. As I am driving the Porsche along the curving roads, those passing me in cars and on foot were waving like long lost friends. I have driven through this particular area in my 1999 Crown Victoria and was not greeted with waves and smiles, more like why are you here and what are you looking at. Hmm...Reminds me of that scene in "Pretty Woman" where Julia Roberts gets treated in a very demeaning manner because of her appearance, comes back later in designer labels and the store clerks cannot help her enough! Have you ever been in a very trendy, upscale shop and have the clerks look at you, like why don't you go back to Wal-mart where you belong? It often amuses or irritates me based on my frame of mind that day. Do we really know WHO a person is based on the clothes they wear, the car they drive or "the address" where they reside? To some people these externals are VERY important. I am guessing their whole sense of identity or importance revolves around what they own. Dear Husband and I work very hard and we are comfortable. We have sufficient for our needs and we are able to do things for others. We have " more" than some and "less" than others. Does this alter our character? As I was loading the boot of my car with office supplies, a man came up behind me (scared ten years off of my life) and really just wanted to know where the engine was in that car. My first impression I about to get robbed...this guy was real friendly and was just fascinated by the fact that the engine was in the rear of the car! Would I have reacted the same way if a guy in a very nice car and suit asked me the same thing. Probably, if he came up behind me and startled me! When I feel the need to judge I remind myself that I do not know every one's circumstances. I am reminded of something I have heard in various messages, you do not know who you are standing or sitting next to...they may be a future world leader. I believe we are all sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father that loves each of us and that we are to love our fellow man/woman with the same fervor no matter where they live, what they drive or wear, what race someone is, what language is spoken or the religion that is practiced. Easier said than done, but we must all give this our best effort. If we were to see Ghandi, looking emaciated, tired and worn with the robes he is depicted in on our side of the street would we cross over thinking he wanted something of us? What if someone does want something of us...would we give? I was leaving the store the other day and a man approached me and asked if I could give him some change for a soda. All I had was a five and I gave it to him. He was thrilled to tears. My mom says she sees him all the time and he probably bought a bottle. I don't know if he did or not...that is not my was what I felt in my heart at the time. We never know when we are "entertaining angels unaware" Another thought that comes to mind from the scriptures is "In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me" Matthew 25:40 (King James version, New Testament) Reminder to self and challenge to others: Let's be a little kinder, gentler, more forgiving, tolerant...we do not know what burden someone is carrying. We are our brother's keeper! Namaste

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

Aw yes, the best laid plans do often get shifted around. My intention for Saturday was to arise early and weed the flower beds. Alas, I slept in and began the usual Saturday morning home caring routine. This too was sidetracked when I decided I did not like the flow of the living room furniture. I mentioned previously that I am purging...I removed two wing chairs that I adore but do not really "go" and are in desperate need of re-upholstering! I cleaned the glass shelves and rearranged objects. I made new plans for a window seat cover and some huge floor cushions. Did I mention I was to pick up my mother around 11:00? I called her and let her know I would be late, I arrived at her home closer to 12:30. My mother does not drive. She needed a haircut and style so badly, I told her I wouldn't take her anywhere else until the hair was done! We met with Michelle and the children, so that Hunter could have a haircut with MiMi. After the haircuts, we went to Red Robin, YUM! Michelle gathered the very tired children and left us to the grocery shopping. My mother and I did not get along well for many years. It took a bad turn of events and her staying at my home for about two weeks for her to realize...1) I love her and will always take care of her 2) Even though I am VERY independent and self-sufficient, I still need my mom. Saturdays are a gift, we have so little time apart from our work week to do the things we enjoy and while I did not get everything I wanted to do accomplished on Saturday, something greater was gained. I spent time with my mother. She is a kinder, softer woman than the one I grew up with. Life has been tough on her and she responded by being tough. She finds it very hard to hug me or tell me she loves me. Mom has gotten better at expressing her positive feelings! I had many tear filled times when I needed my mother and she was emotionally unavailable. It has only taken 48+ years to get her to open up and talk to me and to respond to me in a positive way. Sometimes it takes a long time but you can have new beginnings and happy "endings".

P.S. I think I am trying to pass a kidney stone or I strained something trying to move extremely large, unwieldy furniture by myself. (Dear Husband was out of town) Note to self:
Need an extremely Hunky, handyman to fix things and move heavy stuff...maybe a Carter Oosterhouse looking kind a guy...yea right, I guess I settle for my ole injured husband and a couple of son-in-laws provided I can make them get off their "toys" for more than 5 minutes.
Let me wipe that sweat off your brow for you!!! He is so young and too cute!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Flashback Friday - Gardening 101

I love Spring! My minds runs rampant with projects both indoors and outside. I love a beautiful yard and garden. Unfortunately, I did not inherit my mother's green thumb. I would love to pretend that the above pictures were indeed my lovely garden. NOT! They are in fact taken at the Riverbanks Botanical Gardens. This is what my patch of land would look like if I had unlimited time, funds and a really handy GARDENER or two! Some of my friends have stunning gardens. I have good intentions, really I do but I tend to under water, over water, or just plant the wrong things. Or when the thermostat reads 100+ , the only way I'm going outside is to sit by a pool or lake. That said, when the girls were small I wanted to encourage them to grow stuff. We started with small things, however, my father-in-law was appalled that we had so much land and "nothing" planted. Over the years, he took over the entire backyard of his suburban home. You could barely get out the back door without stepping on peppers, cucumbers, you name it. Imagine our surprise when we came home one day to find the back yard plowed up and planted in green beans! Amazingly, the things grew and grew and grew and grew....I think my father-in-law came by periodically to check on the progress and add his magic growing dust to these green beans. We ate green beans almost every night in every way imaginable. I CANNED green beans, gave them away, pickled them, froze them and finally when the weather hit the 100's and the gigantic locusts started visiting I turned the green beans over to said locusts or giant grasshoppers,whatever they were, they thumped hard when they landed!

The girls enjoyed watching the beans grow, picking them and eating the fruits of their labor. Baby girl in the background was not fond of being dirty but to give her credit she did do her part! My father in law was killed by a drunk driver and taken out of our lives a lot sooner than expected. I have never had as much success growing anything since the year of the bumper crop of beans. As the weather improves, my thoughts have once again turned towards spring planting and what I should add this year. I do have some beautiful flowers and a lovely lawn! I have plans for some herbs and a few easy, peasy vegetables...maybe my friend Phyllis can sprinkle her magic growing dust! How does your garden grow?

Good Grief, what color was my hair?!!! Green Bean Summer circa 1987. Life doesn't get too much better than this!!!
For my daughters in honor of farming and gardening, yes it is the blue jean jumper and flowered shirt! I will probably wear the shirt whilst weeding the flower beds this weekend. The jumper has sadly gone where the "what not to wear" clothes go when they are mocked.
Have a happy weekend, if you're bored, I have plenty of weeds to go around!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year, when the obsessive begin obsessing about the big Spring Clean!

I recently saw something that piqued my interest, it was about a new holiday(yea right who needs another one of those) called "Discardia" invented by Ms. Dinah Sanders. I gathered it takes place during solstices, equinoxes and new moons or pretty much whenever you want it to. "Discardia is celebrated by getting rid of stuff and ideas you no longer need. It's about letting go, abdicating from obligation and guilt, being true to the self you are now. Discardia is the time to get rid of things that no longer add value to your life, shed bad habits, let go of emotional baggage and generally lighten your load." The website I visited has some excellent tips for every area of your home and life at

I asked my husband why we had so much stuff in the garage and to sum it up he says this, well YOU buy stuff, arrange it in the house for awhile, you get tired of it, move it to another room and then you put it in the garage. Sorry I asked! Of course none of the two or three gas powered remote airplanes and all the paraphernalia that goes with it is his JUNK! The last couple of years I believe I have purchased less and purged the house of more. Not quite minimalist. I just have to love something to keep it. many of your Granny's doilies and tchotkes do you keep out of obligation? How about the gifts that you receive that are not really you or you have a gazillion of them already? I abhor clutter, so I rotate things, give stuff away or toss it. If you haven't used it in six months you probably won't use it six months from now. I LOVE a clean house. The rewards for a clean house are too numerous to mention, however after the chores are done I allow myself to get to the fun stuff. Yes, I did mention I am obsessed, right? Confession time, cleaning, while hard work, allows me to vent my frustrations, meditate (yes, meditate) or lets my mind wander aimlessly. Taking care of your home when done with mindfulness can be positively spiritual. In addition to other responsibilities you may have, making your home a haven from the storms of life is an utmost priority.

We often make resolutions at the beginning of a new year that are often "discarded" before said year is off to a good start. I prefer the discardia idea of getting rid of things that no longer work for you. Toss the archaic thinking and embrace the new you. I stick little notes everywhere. One thought that I love comes from William Shakespeare "to thine own self be true" Amen to that Brotha! I once saw a skit where the lady was carrying a bucket in each hand and she was being very selective about what went into those buckets for the day. Do we really want to carry around a bucket full of anger, irritation, petty annoyances and so on? I would rather carry a bucket full of laughter, love and joy. Even those words sound lighter! Lighten your load, clean out your heart and mind while you are cleaning your house! Happy Spring Cleaning to You or Happy Discardia My Friends!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's A Dog's Life!

Pay attention brothers and sisters, doggy eyes will get you ice cream EVERY time!
Rhett catching a few zzzz's on a lazy afternoon, heck everyday is a lazy day for this boy.
Rhett says he would rather fetch in his sleep.

Jackson, the ultimate lazy dog. In the pond, he would grab Rhett by the neck and hitchhike back to shore.
Yeah Babe, I'm handsome, how do ya think I was adopted into this family! P.S. I am an obedient dog too, well, except for the few times I talked Rhett and Jackson into an escape!
Rhett quit speaking to me after that. He's just an old party pooper.

Axl Anders. No, I am not wearing contacts, I really have one brown eye and one blue eye! I'm too sexy for my collar, so sexy it hurts!

Ya know, making the bed is a waste of time. I'll just pull the covers off when I'm ready to nap!

I wish that darn human would hurry up. I have a bevy of beauties lined up to sniff. They won't wait forever!

Woohoo...Freedom at last! Just try and catch us! Those flying monkeys have nothing on us!
I do not personally know the two flying dogs, they were an e-mail gift.
Dogs are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! It is a proven fact that pet owners are happier and healthier. Many nursing homes allow animal visitors because it improves the morale of an aging population. Children learn many lessons by having pets. I particularly like the listen but don't talk feature that animals provide, that and the unconditional love thing. I have lived with hamsters, rabbits, ferrets (my husband's choice), fish ( a little hard to get warm and fuzzy with) and a multitude of cats and dogs. Some we intentionally sought out, others just showed up and never left. At the present time, we have Moe, our kitten, brought to us by way of our daughter and grandson...they just couldn't leave him out in the cold, cold winter. We Love our Moe! Sometimes I refer to him as LB when he is rambunctious and has just bitten me or is hanging off the back of my legs. I want to eventually adopt a greyhound. (if DH ever fixes the gate!) Sadly, not all dogs or pets are treated with the love and devotion that they so willingly give. Thank goodness for pet rescues and adoption agencies. If you don't have a pet, consider adopting one. They'll shower you with gratitude and a dose of slobber! Have you hugged your Dog or Cat today?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Heather Extended Week Long Birthday Celebration!

Livin Da Vida Loca

One portion of the destruction that reigned supreme on Saturday. Thank goodness for the folding table and chair set.

Mixin up the playdoh. We were very creative and didn't make a mess. We were also not allowed to leave the table with playdoh.

Anna wants to push the buddin (button on the camera). Cheese, Nonneee!!!

Oops...cell phone call...we are watching Janelle for Dr. Hancock this weekend. Can she just drop her by your house? Oh Sure... Anna taking picture of Hunter. He's holding "Jels" leash. Note all cushions are once again off the window seat and on the floor! This has been a recurring event in our home since Hunter was old enough to throw them on the floor. Anna does whatever Hunter does.

Legos, Nonnie, legos...let's pour them out all over the floor in the office. Many of these legos originally belonged to my brothers. FYI said legos are still all over office floor. They hurt soooooo bad on barefeet!

Saturday was an experiment in fortitude and patience as I kindly entertained a force of nature called two grandchildren in a non stop series of adventures or misadventures, we are talking 8 hours non-stop. These people NEVER slow down, sit still or quit talking. Most of the time they are quite adorable and we have a grand time, however, at 11:00 p.m ish, it is time to go to SLEEP!!! Blues Clues is just not cute after several viewings either. In a misguided attempt to induce sleep we selected Blue's Clues, got the cold milk sippy cups, the blanket, everything. I was dozing pretty nicely until the little people thought it would be more fun to bounce on my head!!! Of course, THEY did not doze. Did I mention that dog sitting was also involved? Janelle is a sweet, sweet dog that was clearly misunderstood by our now neurotic and psychotic cat, Moe. He slightly flipped out giving my outfit a shabby "Flashdance" look with a proper coating of cat spit. Oh, and did I mention the puncture wounds on my chest. (and I'm his favorite human) I didn't think a domestic cat with a sweet temperment was capable of the noises and expressions that Moe launched at Janelle. Janelle is all like, you have to love me because I'm cute, Moe is not having any of that and thus spent the rest of the evening in the garage. Before you feel to badly for Moe he had toys, food, litter box and a whole garage to explore.

Pure exhaustion forced me to put each child on either side of me in my bed and attempt to sleep.

Hunter sang his missionary song and was out like a light. Anna felt the need to wiggle and kick until she got her nest just right and possibly damaged her Nonnie's kidneys. Aw, the bliss of long awaited rest and sleep, is that the doorbell? You are kidding me, right!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


To my free spirited, fiesty water baby may all your wishes come true!!! LOVE, Mom

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Choices You Make Today Make Tomorrow's Memories

The length of my commute in the mornings is directly proportionate to whether I leave the house at a certain time. A quiet 20 minute commute can become 45 minutes if a series of random events occur. Often, I listen to music, which in turn can remind me of a long ago memory. Memory is a funny thing to me. I have terrible, we are talking non-existent almost, short-term memory. That might be why I wear so much black, I can't remember which outfit I wore the day before and this insures that I won't wear the same thing for a week or at least no one will know if I do! A thought may pop into my head only to pop right back out. So what interests me so much is if I can't remember five minutes ago, why in the universe and beyond can I remember every mistake, every embarrassment, every dumb thing I ever said or did.
I sort of have a theory about that. I am thinking that it goes back to a time when your very survival depended on remembering critical mistakes. You forget to put the fire out and your straw hut is history. Turn your back on a big hairy animal and you are dinner. Get lost, no street signs or GPS to get you home and you could possibly stumble off a cliff. I am sure there are a whole host of psychological reasons and theories as to why you remember some things so much and why you can bury other memories that are too painful to exist in your mind. As I am riding in this morning I am thinking about the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". Have you ever considered how different things would be if you were never born? Or how different things would be if you made different choices along the way. Would you go back and change any of those choices? I watched the movie "The Butterfly Effect" several years person making different choices with different consequences each time. I rank it as pretty horrific, each choice seemingly good at the time, just makes the end result worse each time. Juxtaposed with my own life...if I made a different choice of a marriage partner the first time, I would not have the same two absolutely wonderful daughters, grandchildren and the husband I will be married to forever! I would not be as compassionate and tolerant of mistakes made by others. This is just one example, there are many situations where changing one aspect changes everything else.

My understanding of "The Butterfly Effect" is simply if a butterfly flaps his wings in China, all the consequences of that action would affect the weather in New York. Everything we do has a consequence and it ripples away from us. Change one thing, change everything! "What we do in life, echoes in eternity."

May your choices and memories NOT keep you up at night!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Flashback Friday - You Are It!

Kristi tagged me with this seven things people do not know about you thing. So I thought I would combine it with Flashback Friday.
  1. I won first place in knot tying as a Girl Scout! I still remember how to tie most of those knots!

  2. I do not like jello, I don't like food that moves. I Love Sushi!!! Go figure.

  3. I am terrified of high places but do not mind airplanes.

  4. I am fascinated by the paranormal. I love to read books with vampires and ghosts etc.

  5. I have auditory processing problems. I have to hear something the second time before I realize I have heard it at all.

  6. I love to plunder through drawers, attics, antique stores, junk stores, old jewelry. I would never plunder in someone's house without permission.

  7. I have been in a creative slump for over a year! It is most worrisome! The blog is the only new, sort of creative thing I've done lately

And a bonus, I was born in Germany and lived there until I was about 5 years old when we moved to the United States. I did not like to speak German because the children in the neighborhood made fun of me. Above photo taken in southern Germany around 1962.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shimmy! Shimmy!

Okay, so everyone knows I appear to be an incurable insomniac. I am also fascinated by belly-dancing. I stumbled upon a show the other restless night called "Shimmy" It teaches belly-dancing in a way that makes you think you could actually accomplish this and look good doing it. I always wondered how certain body movements were made and they break it down quite simply. It is exhausting! I was so very proud of myself as I had isolated the movements called camel chest, m&m's combined with the grapevine and a figure eight with your hips. Yeah for me!

Fast forward to last night after dinner, dearly beloved husband is sitting on couch and I am standing in the foyer which is two steps up (makes a great stage)

Me: I watched belly-dancing last night and practiced. It's hard work.

Husband: Really?

Me: Would you like to see some moves?

Husband: Big Smile! Sure!

Me: Busting my new moves. Did I look like a belly dancer?

Husband: deer caught in the headlights look...says, not really...smiles to disarm looks hard maybe you need to practice more.

Me: Maybe for your birthday NEXT MARCH!

Maybe I just didn't have the right outfit...maybe I need some finger cymbals...maybe I need to find my waist so I can isolate it...I have plenty for the chest camel and the belly part...maybe...
if I weren't so clumsy...maybe...

I intend to continue practicing these moves as they are great exercise for parts that you don't exercise with cardio or strength training. Yoga comes on after Shimmy. Look out world, I am on a mission....