Thursday, July 28, 2016

Midnight Musings

Dear Insomnia,
We seem to have a love/hate relationship.  Your presence allows me to reflect on my days, nights, my comings and goings, my "doings"  Your presence also guarantees I will be tired.  We are traveling, the husband is sleeping soundly.  He will wake at dark thirty ready to start the day.  I will not want him to talk to me...not yet anyway.  I need to wake up slowly and quietly.  This is complicated in a one room hotel suite.  This cold is aiding and abetting you, dear insomnia, both of you can go away now! 

My plan was to write about the beautiful places we have visited.  To post a highlight each day.  I have been away from my home since May 14.  It is a blessing and a curse to be able to travel for this length of time.   Perhaps, I will take the non sleeping time to "catch up."  A snapshot of our days.  Speaking of snapshots...I am averaging about 300 photos a day on my big girl camera plus whatever catches my eye on the iPhone, you know because Instagram.

At this point in the trip I have broken a camera lens on a mirrorless 4/3 has been sent home in shame.  I have lost my favorite eyeglasses due to the call of nature in the middle of nowhere and an attack of mosquitos.  I have shipped home one suitcase full of "stuff" and two additional boxes.  I am finding you can get by with a whole lot less than you think you need particularly when loading and unloading a sports car everyday.  I have lost my pocketknife.  It seems as the days wear on and on and on, the floor space by my feet grows smaller and smaller, however the experiences grow and grow.

So, I was having a thought about our visit to Portland's rose garden and particularly The Japanese Garden...the husband is a smoker.  He is fairly considerate for a smoker.  He lit up while waiting for me in this very Zen environment.  This woman, who I am very sure considers herself very Zen, one love and all (as long as you agree and don't offend) was shockingly rude in such a beautiful setting.  She shouted at the husband.  I could tell he was very embarrassed, he apologized.  He was ready to wait for me in the car.  I was ready to get a little more than medieval with the rude woman.  It costs nothing to be kind.  She was not an employee of the garden, she was the self appointed smoking police.  My Mom always says "It is not what you say but how you say it"  For the most part, we have met the most kind and interesting people.

Perhaps, dear Insomnia, we can come to a truce.  You let me sleep and I write at a more reasonable hour. Thanks, bye. 

Stayed tuned for updated "snapshots from the road" or "postcards from the edge"  Name suggestions greatly appreciated!