Thursday, July 24, 2008


I recently purchased this wonderful shower attachment with hose to install above our jacuzzi as it is extremely difficult to clean with the current set up. As I was looking at the contents of the package, I noticed one of these enclosed...

This is one of the many forms of drying agents, moisture absorbers and so forth that are included in various items you wish to keep dry.'ll notice the words DO NOT EAT stamped all over the packet. Somebody, somewhere whilst installing a shower attachment looked over at their partner and said, "Look honey, they included a snack!" Many of the appliances I purchase come with instructions in numerous languages. I have yet to see these little packets with any other language on them. So is this just an "American" thing? I am sure the packets come in products from other countries, however the little packets are written in English. Feel free to correct me! I just don't know. The only people I would think you would need to warn would be very small children that put everything in their mouth. In which case, they can't read so did their parents say "Look honey, they put a snack in here for the children?"
Somebody did it or there would not be a warning. I personally would not eat anything labelled oxygen absorber or silicone crystals or drying agent. As I thought about all the "obvious" labels and signs one sees posted about I wondered if this was due to the ridiculous amount of frivolous lawsuits generated in the United States. Some of my personal favorites included but are not limited to; Warning: Hot Coffee, Coffee is Hot! or Hot Chocolate is Hot! I have spilled enough drinks in my lap to know you are taking a HUGE risk drinking hot stuff in the car.
Although, a diet coke filled to the brim with ice gets mighty chilly when you dump the whole thing in your lap and you have to sit in it until you can change your clothes. Here's a new sign, Warning: Sodas with ice are really COLD, you could spill it and freeze off your ...........! I love the warnings on scissors and knives...they are sharp and they can cut you. Numerous warnings abound, so take heed and DO NOT EAT the little packets! So, have you seen any wacky warnings lately?


scchesleys said...

I always enjoy the ones on hair dryers and such saying do not use near water. Answer me this--if you're in the shower, are you going to be drying your hair?

Emily said...

Hi Connie!

This post totally made me laugh out loud! Thanks! I bought a container of carpet flea remover powder (dang cat had fleas!) and shook my head at the warning "Not Intended for Ingestion." Hello? I would certainly hope not!

Have a beautiful day!

connie said...

Kristi, someone somewhere tried to dry their hair in the bathtub...hence the warning!!!
Emily, LOL one does wonder, huh!

Anonymous said...

In a way, the warnings on cigarette packages that tell you in no uncertain terms that smoking is hazardous to your health are a little wacky. And yet, do people take heed???