Wednesday, December 31, 2008

3rd Annual Silly String War and Holiday Recap!

Ah, the Loose Lemons household does not have a Norman Rockwell or Hallmark Christmas...we have supreme and utter chaos with a heck of a LOT of fun...participants were threatened with a spanking if silly string was sprayed in house (Moi, had to clean that mess up for two hours last year) As you can see we take our silly string very seriously, Carl III "come and get me sucka"

McKinley evaluating the level of silly string coverage! Everyone must participate in silly string removal before re- entering the casa!!!!

Lovely Picture, thank you, in the midst of a hot flash, hair up and a mouth full of silly string...I was just here to take the pictures...thank you very much!

Enough already!!! The grown children and the children ran around and played and played....great grandma (MiMi) chased great grandchildren through the house and then she was can imagine the hilarity of that moment!

Meech and the "Charlie's Angels" pose. Do not mess with me!!!

No, no. no you can't make me laugh...

Engagement announcement, Carl III and the very lovely Kay with an October wedding coming up! Woohoo! We are sooooooooo excited and happy about this development and the ring is stunning!

Playing nicely together after many years of making each other cry. Thank goodness!!!

Taking a break from the chase! Notice MiMi coming SLOWLY around the corner! We had one of our best Christmas festivus ever!
I will be on the couch in my pjs ringing in the New Year as I am relapsing with the creeping crud respiratory infection...two painful injections (and I am no wimp) later and antibiotics has me throwing up the white flag in surrender. I am chillaxin until Monday!!!! I wish each of you a very safe and Happy New Year!!!! Peace and Love!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Tick, tock as the clock winds itself down to the last minute preparations and I have scads to do...I am off the clock so to speak until Monday! Woohoo! I gifted myself with a teeny, tiny Canon Elph camera for those times when you want to take pictures and do not want to carry the big clunky camera now I have to learn how to use it! Leaving you with these few simple offerings....I wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, or anything else you celebrate!

How to amuse or irritate your cat...

I hope the "panoramic view" did not give you a headache! I obviously need more practice!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Hallmark Christmas

As I go about the holiday preparations of sorting and wrapping gifts, preparing menus and stressing over how everything will be complete for the perfect Christmas ever...I realize that true and real life is not a made for television Hallmark movie whereby every crisis is resolved culminating in the perfect life altering event in an hour and a half! Real life is messy. Real life has job loss, wage cuts, divorce, depression, recession and just about any other number of bumps that make life less than idyllic. So are you just not feeling the Christmas spirit? Low on cash? Sad? Angry? Sick? (Me) How does one go about getting into the spirit of Christmas...therein lies the answer..."the spirit of" Christmas is about love, joy, giving and receiving. The Spirit of Christmas is an everyday, every moment blessing not just a monumental once a year event. Here at the Loose Lemons blogspot and household...I strive to make every moment count...some days are better than others. My checklist runs akin to have I been kind, generous, calm, a peacemaker or have I been angry, unforgiving, petty and small? Am I "shrinking" or "expanding" my world? If I am feeling small and "shrinky" I smile at strangers and wish them well. I compliment those I meet. Let that person with one item and a tired look go ahead of me in line...little things that spell the S*P*I*R*I*T. When I am feeling small I go and look at nature, cuddle with my cat, talk to someone and come to realize I am a part of something much larger than just myself and my little world! I realize that the family and friends that come to my home, come to see me to be welcomed...they really don't care if I didn't vacuum the carpet or dust the knick knacks...they would rather "sit a spell" and feel comfortable! We can eat a tin of really good store bought cookies because I just was unable to bake homemade. I guess my thoughts are my life is imperfect and it is okay because it is a good life. I grieve for my friends and family that have passed on, I get angry in really bad traffic, I get stressed by deadlines. Frustrated by illness... I find joy in little things and in each moment and if I need to cry, I cry and then I move on to the next thing and that may even be staring out the window for awhile. I am feeling a sense of peace and calm right now and that is unusual for me! As someone once told me..."you are too tightly wrapped" Of course, those crazy perimenopausal moments may come upon me at any moment! But for now I wish I could embrace each of you in a warm hug and tell you Don't worry, Every thing gonna be all right (imagine a little reggae type music in the background)
Besides who decided a "Hallmark" Holiday was the right kind of holiday? Point me in the direction of the Charlie Brown trees, please!

P.S. I think the Grinch was just misunderstood! He just needed a little love! Remember after all the goodies of Christmas were gone...the "Whos" still stood around and sang...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Box Full of Kisses

One of our first Christmas celebrations in Columbia, South Carolina. Dad was stationed at Fort Jackson Military Post and we lived in the apartments just off the post. This was Baby Boo, when you pulled out the pacifier, she boo hooed like crazy!!! I think my mom eventually gave her away. I loved that doll so much!
The smallest girl child would never smile for pictures. I often wondered what was going through her head. She probably wished her Mom would quit "taping" bows to her head! This was a time when they still allowed me to choose their clothes!

In my wanderings out and about I become so distressed and dismayed when parents are yelling and jerking their exhausted children around. With all the excitement and hullabaloo...children are out of their routine, they are tired, hungry and can be whiny...take them home parents...let them play and rest!!! How sad that they become a sounding board for angry, frustrated parents. I just want to scoop them up and take them popcorn, watch movies and trash the kitchen! My grandchildren frequently visit and the house is never the same... it takes hours to restore it back to "normal" but it is just stuff...the time spent with the kids is priceless.
My tree is more "decorator" style than homemade nowadays, however nothing on that tree means more to me than each child's delight as they look at it and maybe touch the ornaments. It is stuff...feelings are more important! So feel free to come on over and put your feet on the coffee table...provided you don't have on muddy boots! I came across a story similar to the one below several years ago and it sums up some of my feelings about "stuff"

A Box Full of Kisses

The story goes that some time ago, a man punished his 3-year-old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and he became infuriated when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree. Nevertheless, the little girl brought the gift to her father the next morning and said, "This is for you, Daddy." The man was embarrassed by his earlier overreaction, but his anger flared again when he found out the box was empty. He yelled at her, stating, "Don't you know, when you give someone a present, there is supposed to be something inside? The little girl looked up at him with tears in her eyes and cried, "Oh, Daddy, it's not empty at all. I blew kisses into the box. They're all for you, Daddy." The father was crushed. He put his arms around his little girl, and he begged for her forgiveness.
In a very real sense, each one of us, as humans beings, have been given a gold container filled with unconditional love and kisses... from our children, family members, friends, and God. There is simply no other possession, anyone could hold, more precious than this.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa's Helpers

Mix together a lovely group of fun filled, life loving floozies, assorted hats, delicious treats, Kendall's annual "surprise" beverage, generous doses of laughter and kind, loving, giving hearts and an annual Flamingo Floozie Luncheon takes place with fun had by ALL!!!
Thanks to the Lauren that stood in for our errant photographer. Tom had errands to run...hmpf
He generally hides out until he is called for the photo ops.

The hostess with the mostess (the Diva) and her partner in crime (the princess of quite alot)!

Since the Floozies are an extraordinarily blessed lieu of purchasing each other gifts we decided to purchase Christmas for a dear family... a single mom with two lovely very young daughters. Thanks to generous offerings of the Floozies and diligent shopping by the Princess of Quite Alot and the Diva, each child will receive a toy, several pairs of shoes, a winter coat and an extensive winter wardrobe. In addition, a gift certificate will be purchased for their Mother.


Let the wrapping begin!!! Santa's helpers busy boxing and wrapping the gifts in the Flamingo room.

A Very Happy Birthday to Rhetta (far right) ! Can you put your thumb here for just a sec! I was taking pictures and making gift tags.

All enjoyed watching Rhetta open her birthday gifts! Ellie looks like she wants a set of those!

More birthday festivities! The Diva played the stereo this year instead of her beautiful piano!

Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words! We all lead such busy, diverse lives but we come together in the spirit of fun, friendship and giving.

Our friend Bonnie had another committment and could not attend...we missed you!

A moment was shared by several of us remembering our dearly departed Dot Dot...she would have loved this party the best!!!

May each of you be blessed with gratitude, love, and friendship this holiday season.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ghost of Christmas Past

My cousin Rudy and I around 1962 or 63 in Germany. Obviously, we were not quite ready to jump into the photo frenzy that ensues on Christmas morn! Please, please can we open our gifts?
O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum...looking happier! We lived in a very small apartment in Hohenfels, Germany hence the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Childhood times spent in Germany with relatives was the best part of my childhood! I felt very loved and a part of a larger albeit small community. As a child, I always felt a little bit odd living in the United States...even as a U.S. citizen and an adult I often long for a return to that simpler time in Germany. I love my life with my family and have spent my entire adult life living in South Carolina. Life is Good! Sometimes that longing just creeps I look at old photos, we call my aunt overseas and eat lebkuchen! Frohe Weinachten Ya'll

P.S. As I was looking at this photo I noticed a child sized ironing mother ironed my dad's boxers, t shirts and handkerchiefs and I guess she was trying to get me off to the right start...PLEASE...I try not to buy something if it requires more than a good shake out of the dryer!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fabulous Floozies take the Stage

Dear Friends and Family,

For your viewing enjoyment! Look out remaining floozies and one is safe!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Organized Chaos!

There is a delicious sense of anticipation in the air as Thanksgiving celebrations turn into other holiday celebrations. In our household we celebrate Christmas with an emphasis on the birth of Jesus Christ. We honor the diversity with which our friend's celebrate their holidays. Glad tidings all around! Dear Husband put up the "faux" tree last Sunday night and yours truly has been decorating it a couple of ornaments at a time. Boxes are still littered on the floor much to Moe, the kitty's delight! Traditions must be changed on occasion and ours changed from trudging around the Christmas tree farm and cutting the perfect tree to using the pre-lit "faux" tree. Sadly, I can no longer live with a real tree as I break out in huge whelps and bumps if I go near one. I convince myself it is okay because I am being frugal, I am saving trees and it is easier (yeah right)

The grandchildren stopped by one evening and were so excited they could barely contain themselves. Thus the one quarter of the front of the tree is covered with about thirty ornaments and only the shoes of the "girl" would stand still to be photographed!

Since I do not have a fireplace mantle, I use the space above the electronics cabinetry as a "mantle" My OCD self is noticing that I must go home and tweak some of the spacing issues of ornaments!

Work in progress, a 9ft tree is a time consuming endeavor...I hope to be finished before Christmas comes and goes.

My favorite nativity ever...placed in the entry of our remind us to be faithful, joyful, hopeful, charitable, kind, loving, and give thanks for our blessings and abundance! I love the flash of light reflected in the mirror, I imagine the star glowing bright above all else to signal the birth of the Christ child!

Mary and the Christ child, my favorite pieces in this Nativity set. Reminds me of the joy of being a mother. And Mary's joy in bringing forth this infant to redeem mankind.

Whatever your beliefs may be I wish you health, love, peace, and happiness throughout this Holiday Season!
Throughout December I will be exploring traditions, memories and year end musings...I hope you will stop in and take a peek!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues

Queen of procrastination that I am...Pippa over at her porch had a game of capturing "the blues" last week...I am finally posting my has also gotten the song "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues" by Elton John etched in my brain!

Seems like I can ALWAYS find a way to get the grandchildren into any project...I must confess these were not taken last week! (but...they capture blue)

Packed and ready to GO!!! Anyone still want to go on a road trip with me? I promise I'll use a map!

In the kitchen blues, a spot of herbal tea anyone? Or shall I cook something...hmmm...the recipe is here somewhere...

"Swiped" the lucky elephant from my Mom, she has "its" four brothers and sisters...I told her I would give it back after I took a picture and she said I could have her! Mom decided to decorate her bare tulip tree with a drawer full of Mardi Gras beads.

So, that's it for this past week's game of the blues! I guess that's why they call it the blues...friend that I am I did not put the song in the background of this post...because I am nice that way... anyone have any suggestions for getting it "unstuck" ?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks!

I generally practice giving thanks each day for my many blessings. Some days it is hard to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. Being in a transitional phase in my life has resulted in some pretty crazy moments for me and those near and dear ones that receive the brunt of the crazy making moments! I will say that with the changes there is never a dull moment!

I am thankful for the ability to practice whatever religion or rituals I desire without threat from government or angry mobs. I am exceedingly grateful for my belief in Heavenly Father, our creator and for the example of Jesus Christ. I strive each day to be a kind, respectful, compassionate, honest steward towards all people and things of this earth.

I am so thankful to open my front door and see little arms reaching up and saying "I want to hold you" Melts my heart every time! Family is so important to me and I love spending time with ours, immediate and extended family.

I am thankful for the variety of friends that bless my life...this could be a post by itself. I am also thankful for my i-family (thanks for the perfect word Hayden) It has extended my world view and gives me a glimpse into their lives. Thanks s.l.o.b.s!!!

I am thankful for a home that is comfortable and a safe haven for all who enter. (Except when I am having one of those moments and then you better run to the basement!)

I am thankful for my window seat where I can sit and watch the jays, robins, woodpeckers, blackbirds, doves and the many cardinals that come around. Our cat loves to watch the birds as well and often runs from the window seat to his favorite chair and ledge to watch them fly about.
I know his purposes for watching the birds are way different than mine! Our cat gives us great joy and is a part of our family!

I am so thankful for the beautiful Autumn colors and crisp fresh air.

I am thankful for the variety of foods we can enjoy. I love vegetables, so many colors and textures and tastes!

I am grateful everyday that I am able to walk, talk, see and hear! Good health is not to be taken for granted, you really miss it when things start "falling apart"
As I've said many times before, I am thankful for books and a love of reading, I am grateful for all kinds of music and art for all the ways we are able to express our individuality.
Every Day is a Day to be grateful! Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Exercises in Creativity

"List five people you wish you had met who are dead." The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
Just FIVE??????? I have been working on some of the exercises in The Artist's Way in effort to jump start my flagging creativity. Life just gets in the way of creativity and the more practical aspects just seem to take over hours, days and weeks. So back to the task at hand...being an extremely inquisitive and/or nosy person there are so many people I would love to talk to about their lives and contributions to the world! Since I cheat I listed groups of people, in no particular order here goes!

"The universe rings true wherever you fairly trust it" C.S. Lewis - I would love to talk to C.S. Lewis about his conversion to Christianity. I adore "The Chronicles of Narnia" and would love to pick his brain about the characters. C.S. Lewis was quite prolific writing non-fiction, science fiction and fantasy! He hung out with J.R.R. Tolkien and some lessor known writers in a group called the Inklings at a pub. How cool would it be to sit and chat with the Oxford professors about writing!

Jesus Christ, Dr. Martin Luther King, Ghandi - I would love to talk with each of them and discuss how they kept such great faith in humankind despite the cruelty, evil and oppression each of them experienced. What do each one of them see happening in our World in the next decade or generation. I could ask each one a million questions yet would rather just listen as each expressed themselves.

Anne Morrow Lindberg, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alice Paul, Queen Elizabeth I - I would like to talk to these women about being catalysts for change, being powerful women and to thank each for what this means to women in this day. Each suffered tragedies but left amazing legacies for us.

"As for accomplishments, I just did what I had to do as things came along."

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Paul Klee, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Frida Kahlo - I love surrealism! Can you imagine sitting at a table with anyone of these artists and discussing their inspiration, their bad days, what stifles their creativity and what enhances it! I also wouldn't mind speaking with Gustav Klimt, Renoir or Jackson Pollock. I realize I am mixing periods and styles, however I just love art in all of its forms!!! I would ask Jackson Pollock what the heck was he thinking - what is going on with that and did he have a clue his paintings would be valued so highly?

And because I last group is actually people I have met and know I will meet again in the eternities...

Dad, miss him and his calm, rational, loving manner in addition to his visions of the future that were frequently dead on correct!

James, "Jimmy" - my adventurous brother, I would love to talk to him and hike with him, he had a great sense of direction so I wouldn't get lost in the woods (see previous post on getting lost)

Dot, Dot, Dorothy - best friend ever! I miss her so much and am still mad that she is gone from my immediate presence. I still pick up the phone to call her about stuff.

Oma - my maternal grandmother, she taught me about unconditional love, I spent summers with her when living in Germany. I never got to see her again as an adult...with school, marriage etc...she passed before I had a chance to grow up and talk to her as an thank her for wonderful outings and the homemade noodles we made and ate and so many other things including the quick smack on the bottom if the occasion merited!

Who would you spend time with if you could spend time with ANYONE you desired? (not living here and now)

P.S. I would love to chat with Dorothy Parker - she was one sassy lady!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In which she ran away

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful. My grandson had one of the first parts in the primary program at church. He was such a little man and presented his part in front of 200+ people with aplomb! All the children were amazing presenting their songs (solos, duets, trios etc. and as a large group) and giving their talks and scriptures. I was so moved I believe I dribbled tears throughout the entire presentation. Feeling a little overwhelmed and emotionally drained from several weeks of "drama" (for lack of a better word) I left church after the program and thought I would talk DH into a Sunday drive. The idea popped into my head that I would just take off on my own and find a rock, some water and the splendors of Autumn in "the mountains" (this was largely due to the fact that I could not locate my dear husband) Hmph...I packed journal, books, camera, water bottle and a change of clothes...put the top down and took off...not sure where the road would take me...if you don't know where you are going it doesn't matter which road you take (that may be from Lewis Carroll) As I cruised into North Carolina, a spur of the moment decision was made to take the "back roads" to Chimney Rock. Good choice, a most delightful drive down curvy roads through farm lands and horse country. The final curve before arrival at Lake Lure and the Lake just explodes in front of you in a dazzling array of blues with autumnal colors all around. Absolutely breath-taking. Looking for just the right spot to perch, keep driving around the Lake and towards the town of Chimney Rock. Apparently, everybody had the same idea for a Sunday drive...too crowded, taking the "back road" I believe #9 to Black Mountain. This is the road that a sports car was designed for...the S curves were phenomenal, sometimes the car was turned so sharply the front looked like it was meeting the rear! While exciting this type of driving is exhausting. It was beautiful! Just couldn't seem to find the right spot to sit and reflect. Too tired to go back the way I came and not sure how to get home from Black Mountain, no GPS on board and no map...took I-40 in what felt like the wrong direction...
daughter calls and asks if I would like to go to dinner in which this mother replies, I am lost in North Carolina, I don't think I'll be back in time for dinner. I. Just. Want. A. Map. Does anyone sell maps anymore???? See a sign for a highway and a town I recognize! Yipee! Swallow buckets of pride and call dear husband hoping that we BOTH have cell signals and he can direct me home. Stay on that road until you see I-85 east and follow it to I-77 and take that road on home. I-85 runs NORTH and SOUTH, Honey and have we lost our signal and well let's just take I-85 SOUTH because we want to get to SOUTH Carolina...oh no no, drive, drive finally see a sign for Columbia, SC...immediately freak out because it is another 93 miles just to Columbia and we must drive 20 minutes beyond. Stop to get gas, take a potty break, get some caffeine and call DH and tell him the which he should have called me back...oh brother! Finally, finally there is my home, home sweet home and where is that darn husband now? Go directly to bathroom and fill jacuzzi with water. Sweet relief!
Running away from home as a child was a much easier just packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and stayed in the woods all day until you were missed and heard your Mom calling you home. Have you ever felt the need in your adult life to run away and hide? Or the need to reflect and meditate, clear your head by yourself kind of moments? I say take a bath and STAY OUT OF THE CAR!!! All was not lost as it was a most beautiful excursion albeit an exhausting 8 hour tour of North Carolina in all her splendor.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hey Lady What's in Yer Purse?

As I am driving to work and yet another lovely individual does something ridiculous and I must slam on brakes...the contents of my purse fall out all over the floor. This reminds me that I despise all purses and despise the fact that I am a slave to said purse. Gentle readers, I am a touch OCD (just ask my children) and AADD (adult attention deficit disorderly ) or CRS (can't remember stuff) and I suffer from an overactive bladder! I know too much information and what might this have to do with purses you might ask. I need a purse I can live with that does not cause irreparable damage to my back, arms and shoulders. So shopping for the ideal purse is an interesting endeavor in the land in which my mind resides. First, I immediately have to go to the restroom which I abhor public restrooms and what do you do with your purse in the stall? Of course, the restrooms are as far in the back of the store as you can get and still be in the store thus causing one to look at the dazzling array of goodies on the way, those retailers and marketers are not dummies! Oh yeah, I was shopping for a purse not shoes, not sweaters...back to the task at hand. Have you ever picked up one of the designer bags with all the hardware and dangly things? Those things weigh a ton, which if you can afford them, you can probably afford someone to carry it for you. I can go to TJMaxx and immediately fall in love with the most expensive handbag they have in the store. I don't have to see the price I just hone in on the most expensive one. I am entirely too fickle to spend over $100 on a purse! If I could find the perfect purse, I would buy it in every color and carry them the rest of my life. Since my needs change it doesn't exist and you don't know you will hate a purse until you take it home, load it up and schlep it around. I am reminded of a ball and chain.

My DFK (kristi) does not carry a purse if she can help it. On a recent excursion she borrowed her daughter's purse and was rushing around looking for things to put in it. Looking for things to put in have got to be kidding me!!! Did I mention I am a slave to my purse I want it with me ALWAYS! I like a purse that holds my wallet (a purse by itself) 14 tubes of lipstick and gloss, comb, 10 pairs of eyeglasses, sunglasses, tissues, tide to go pen (because I'm messy everything lands on my boobs), ink pens, sketchbook or journal, addresses/datebook (because I am an old fashioned technophobe) camera, water bottle, keys (mine, mom's, in-laws, work etc.), my handy dandy pocket knife with many wonderful attachments (don't ask) cell phone, reading material and hair clips/scrunchies, gum or mints...sometimes husband's wallet or something that will entertain the grandchildren.

I surely would have won the "Let's Make a Deal" purse plunder. Where the emcee says I'll give you $$$ for a .........wait, yes I have one! I recently dumped all of my purses, well most of them on the floor and decided there was something uncomfortable or unwieldy or just something wrong with each and every one of them...I have already given several I am thinking of eliminating all of them and starting over! Hey Dishy, want a purse or anyone else for that matter! You may not want the GINORMOUS one with my initials on it...this was yet another brilliant idea whereby I would put my laptop and purse contents in one was a miserable laptop was too big, everything else fell to the bottom of the cavernous bag...

My daughter bought me this adorable soft as a baby's bum leather purse to carry to NYC for the evenings on the is so tiny! I don't think it really qualifies as a purse it's more like a big wallet with a handle.
I've laid bare my soul within the contents of my purse. There must be some serious psychological explanation as to why some women carry so much stuff or obsess over their purses. Thank goodness I don't carry a diaper bag anymore...I saw a first time mother at the grocery store yesterday and I swear she was carrying the house in that diaper bag and her husband had to carry the baby...I wonder what she thought would happen in that store with a baby and less stuff? I feel your pain sistah, truly I do. So what's in your bag?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Chocolate Milk, Flat Tires, Spiderwebs and Children

Roofing nails and my 4 door larger "grandma" car seek each other out as if magnetized or drawn by some force of nature. My intention was to load up the older, larger Ford and take contents to "Goodwill". As I round the car with the first of many bags, alas the front driver's side tire is flat to the rim flat! Inflate tire, get thee to nearest station, repair like there is no tomorrow, walk outside to find said tire flat yet again and since we are at the station anyway let's change the oil and "fill er up"...discussion with our favorite mechanic about possibly replacing all tires. (They look fine) Rush to pick up grandchildren from daycare before it closes! Feed grandchildren, play, rinse and repeat. Make pallet of down comforters and blankets on floor and prepare to get quiet for the evening and sleep. NOT!!! Watch same two movies, "Chicken Little, The Incredibles" finally put two wiggly children in bed with grandmother, one on each side...wake up every two hours for various reasons...

Look Nonnee, "I makin a spiderweb!" Note to is entirely too funny so one can not really be angry that crochet thread is all over and entwined through everything. Such a creative little creature! The plan is to pick up the great grandma and spend time together. Pick up great grandma...grab some drive thru lunch...hey, Nonnee where's the chocolate milk? They were out of chocolate milk...note full blown meltdown until we reach home...leave the children with the great grandmother and make effort to go to grocery store...why oh why is the car swerving all over the road...YES...ANOTHER flat tire! This time the rear tire is flat to the rim flat! Call father in law because every other male is in North Carolina at a 2 seat Porsche for VW Beetle...still small with 2 doors, however we are back in business with a back seat. Note: refuse to fix tires and drive other car due to the fact that there are two more tires with the potential of having nails in them...

Rest of the day is spent playing, crying and mad dashes to the potty...change little girl...mop floors, rinse and repeat throughout the day...take great grandma home...
Starting to feel a wee bit exhausted and relax in chair, dozing lightly because younger daughter has arrived and is entertaining children...wake up to extremely loud, dancing turtle and little boy right in your face knocking over glass of diet coke which looks lovely running down the walls and all over the hardwood floors...mop, rinse, repeat! Daughter watches children so that "Nonnee" can rest...all three fall asleep on floor (down comforter pallet) daughter wakes and goes home...sleep on couch, stumble to bed for a few hours, four feet running down hallway with a cheerful, happy singsong GOOD MORNING! Attend church, eat lunch, read books and take naps...what's not to love about Sunday! Other grandparents are taking the wee ones Sunday night and Monday. Younger daughter stressing over job, needs to be "fluffed" and fed, (her husband is out of town as well) goes home...8:00 p.m. house is in shambles and all is quiet...
It will be several hours before husband arrives is almost too quiet...restore home, relax on couch, reflect on amounts of spilled beverages, body fluids and sticky about spiderwebs that must be cut because the "webs" are so cleverly constructed...Life is Good, tiring sometimes but still very good...four sticky little hands on your face or around your neck...hand prints on the walls...gosh, deja vu...was it just yesterday that I was the Mom and this was an everyday event? Yes, my friends Life is Good!!! And grandchildren are even better!!!