Monday, September 28, 2009

Salutations is my fancy way of saying hello

“The means to gain happiness is to throw out from oneself like a spider in all directions an adhesive web of love, and to catch in it all that comes" Leo Tolstoy

Chin up, chin up / Everybody loves a happy face / Wear it, share it / It'll brighten up the darkest place / Twinkle, sparkle / Let a little sunshine in / You'll be on the right side, looking at the bright side / Up with your chinny-chin-chin. Charlotte "Charlotte's Web" 1973

As I climbed from my car I noticed this spider wrapping some food storage. I leaned in as close as I dared, hoping not to disturb it...which brought quite a smile to my seems only a few years ago that my brothers could back me into a corner shrieking whilst holding the smallest spider in their hands.

I love Autumn. It is a time for reflection and quietness. A time before the barrage of holiday activities is also a time of great melancholy as it signals a season of loss...remembrance of those that have left this life...try as I might I am unable to shake the "blues" at this time of year. My feelings go into hyper sensitive drive and I find I must have time alone to brood and sort myself out. I spent the greater part of a weekend wrapped in a quilt not feeling "well"
And sort myself out I did indeed. During a period of "unrest" I must strive extra diligently to express gratitude and appreciation...

so today I am extremely grateful for

  • loving family and friends
  • the beauty of all I see around me
  • yummy homemade broccoli soup for lunch
  • the slight chill in the air
  • the anticipation of cooler weather
  • a very special wedding in a few weeks
  • baby toes
  • haircuts and restoration of my natural color
  • the weight of Moe kitty sleeping on our feet
  • Duncan shivering with anticipation over a doggie treat
  • sweaters and jeans and scarves
  • riding with the top down (the car's top)
  • HONEYCRISP APPLES - the tart sweetness and the sound of the crunch
  • soon to be started major art project
  • knitting
  • the satisfaction of canning some holiday pepper jelly
  • the smell from bread baking

and I must express sincerest thanks to Robin at Bird Tweets for the most beautiful "gift of jewels" made my day!


Rosezilla said...

Those are some amazing shots of that spider! Funny how there is beauty in everything... this was a nice, reflective post. I miss Autumn up north. Here, we are about to have a cold front, which will make it 87 instead of 93. Sigh. Well, time to reflect some more, because here are your five words, Miss Connie!

Comfortable, Flowers, Taste, Believe, Work

Hayden Tompkins said...

We basically have the same weather you do except my husband is freaking ECSTATIC about it.

Relyn said...

Your happy list has me smiling. Smiling and feeling grateful for my own blessings. Thank you.

scchesleys said...

Jared was singing "It's the most wonderful time of the year" the other day and I couldn't agree more. We have one of those spiders as well and the boys help it along by catching bugs and throwing them into her web.

Jayne said...

I know I've already made a comment on facebook about this post, but looking at the pictures again reminds me of how we are each in the midst of such webs of relationships...a fact for which I am profoundly grateful.

Yolanda said...

I love the spider shots and like you I love fall .You know I love happy lists and I love that quote.

pippasporch said...

It always fascinates me that people can look FORWARD to cooler weather and scarves. =) I'm absolutely a spring and summer babe, though I *ADORE* the leaves turning in autumn.

Hope you're feeling on top of the world again, Connie.

beth said...

yes yes yes to those honey crisp apples !!!
I'm loving those too right now !!!

and that spider....we had two of them once as my son thought they would be great in the garage in a glass tank they lived and "she" produced 3 egg sacks the size of ping pong balls and then proceeded to eat "him" after she spun a webby cocoon thing around him...

with google we found out that the egg sacks contained thousands of babies and we let the science teacher at school have the whole tank and right before the babies hatched,she took the tank to the woods and let everything be the way nature intended.....

Christina said...

i am loving this list. honeycrisp apples~ yes
i adore charlottes webb!
so lovely.

Liss said...

What an appropriate happy song to go with your post. I love Charlotte's Web and was humming the tune as I read your post.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love that Tolstoy quotation. And your gratitude list is wonderful.