Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's A Dog's Life!

Pay attention brothers and sisters, doggy eyes will get you ice cream EVERY time!
Rhett catching a few zzzz's on a lazy afternoon, heck everyday is a lazy day for this boy.
Rhett says he would rather fetch in his sleep.

Jackson, the ultimate lazy dog. In the pond, he would grab Rhett by the neck and hitchhike back to shore.
Yeah Babe, I'm handsome, how do ya think I was adopted into this family! P.S. I am an obedient dog too, well, except for the few times I talked Rhett and Jackson into an escape!
Rhett quit speaking to me after that. He's just an old party pooper.

Axl Anders. No, I am not wearing contacts, I really have one brown eye and one blue eye! I'm too sexy for my collar, so sexy it hurts!

Ya know, making the bed is a waste of time. I'll just pull the covers off when I'm ready to nap!

I wish that darn human would hurry up. I have a bevy of beauties lined up to sniff. They won't wait forever!

Woohoo...Freedom at last! Just try and catch us! Those flying monkeys have nothing on us!
I do not personally know the two flying dogs, they were an e-mail gift.
Dogs are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! It is a proven fact that pet owners are happier and healthier. Many nursing homes allow animal visitors because it improves the morale of an aging population. Children learn many lessons by having pets. I particularly like the listen but don't talk feature that animals provide, that and the unconditional love thing. I have lived with hamsters, rabbits, ferrets (my husband's choice), fish ( a little hard to get warm and fuzzy with) and a multitude of cats and dogs. Some we intentionally sought out, others just showed up and never left. At the present time, we have Moe, our kitten, brought to us by way of our daughter and grandson...they just couldn't leave him out in the cold, cold winter. We Love our Moe! Sometimes I refer to him as LB when he is rambunctious and has just bitten me or is hanging off the back of my legs. I want to eventually adopt a greyhound. (if DH ever fixes the gate!) Sadly, not all dogs or pets are treated with the love and devotion that they so willingly give. Thank goodness for pet rescues and adoption agencies. If you don't have a pet, consider adopting one. They'll shower you with gratitude and a dose of slobber! Have you hugged your Dog or Cat today?


Alona said...

Yes I have loved on all of my dogs today. I have way more then I wanted to but I know in a few weeks we will part with 4 of them. I love love love my doggies. Even the one that barks at everyone when they visit. I never wanted a yappy pet but he is just so protective. I am working on him so my visitors will enjoy him as much as we do. At least he loves the kids. That is the most important part.

Anonymous said...

I didnt cry, but almost. I miss my Jacksie Poo!

Laresa said...

This is one post I do not get and I probably never will. It's not you Connie. I just don't understand pets. Yes, we have a cat because I got out voted. I have never really liked it. Everybody tells me it is the most friendliest cat in the world. Just don't get it. But hey I am happy for you and other people that have pets I just don't want them in my house.:)

connie said...

Not everyone "gets" the human/pet connection and that is fine. But Heaven's going to be full of them so ya better get used to it LOL!

connie said...
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Valencia said...

Yes, everyday Chloe gets more and more spoiled. Never thought in a million years I could love a dog in the house the way we love Chloe. I know my testimony probably sounded retarded last time about me praying about Chloe, but it just increased my love for my Heavenly Father that He answered my prayer about somthing as trivial as help with potty-training Chloe.