Monday, April 14, 2008

Livin Da Vida Loca

One portion of the destruction that reigned supreme on Saturday. Thank goodness for the folding table and chair set.

Mixin up the playdoh. We were very creative and didn't make a mess. We were also not allowed to leave the table with playdoh.

Anna wants to push the buddin (button on the camera). Cheese, Nonneee!!!

Oops...cell phone call...we are watching Janelle for Dr. Hancock this weekend. Can she just drop her by your house? Oh Sure... Anna taking picture of Hunter. He's holding "Jels" leash. Note all cushions are once again off the window seat and on the floor! This has been a recurring event in our home since Hunter was old enough to throw them on the floor. Anna does whatever Hunter does.

Legos, Nonnie, legos...let's pour them out all over the floor in the office. Many of these legos originally belonged to my brothers. FYI said legos are still all over office floor. They hurt soooooo bad on barefeet!

Saturday was an experiment in fortitude and patience as I kindly entertained a force of nature called two grandchildren in a non stop series of adventures or misadventures, we are talking 8 hours non-stop. These people NEVER slow down, sit still or quit talking. Most of the time they are quite adorable and we have a grand time, however, at 11:00 p.m ish, it is time to go to SLEEP!!! Blues Clues is just not cute after several viewings either. In a misguided attempt to induce sleep we selected Blue's Clues, got the cold milk sippy cups, the blanket, everything. I was dozing pretty nicely until the little people thought it would be more fun to bounce on my head!!! Of course, THEY did not doze. Did I mention that dog sitting was also involved? Janelle is a sweet, sweet dog that was clearly misunderstood by our now neurotic and psychotic cat, Moe. He slightly flipped out giving my outfit a shabby "Flashdance" look with a proper coating of cat spit. Oh, and did I mention the puncture wounds on my chest. (and I'm his favorite human) I didn't think a domestic cat with a sweet temperment was capable of the noises and expressions that Moe launched at Janelle. Janelle is all like, you have to love me because I'm cute, Moe is not having any of that and thus spent the rest of the evening in the garage. Before you feel to badly for Moe he had toys, food, litter box and a whole garage to explore.

Pure exhaustion forced me to put each child on either side of me in my bed and attempt to sleep.

Hunter sang his missionary song and was out like a light. Anna felt the need to wiggle and kick until she got her nest just right and possibly damaged her Nonnie's kidneys. Aw, the bliss of long awaited rest and sleep, is that the doorbell? You are kidding me, right!


scchesleys said...

Oh Brave Nonnie! Don't you just love little kids and animals? They are so darn cute!

Alona said...

Oh yeah. We love those little monsters. Welcome to my world. Now just picture yourself with 6 of them at one time.
And people dont understand why I look forward to 6 pm's and Fridays. LOL

Anonymous said...

I was having a similar experience Saturday. Carrie and Rich left for the temple before 7:00 a.m. Sunday, and three pairs of blue eyes were looking at Grandmama for breakfast and entertainment. I was so glad to see Elizabeth who arrived around 10:00 to help me. I LOVE those little ones, but they are definitely busy and energetic.

Oh, my absolute favorite picture is of Nonnie and Anna.

Valencia said...

Fun, fun, fun! You're a great nonnie!

Anonymous said...