Monday, April 28, 2008

Cell Phone Rant

Do you ever feel like our fellow citizens take the unlimited calling thing too literally? I do. I LOVE my cell phone. I have been able to call from the side of the road to get assistance. I have been able to call for help for other people. I can call and let someone know I am enroute. My doctor's office can reach me. My grandchildren call on their way home to see if Nonnie's home and is it okay to stop and visit! Cell phones are a wonderful technological advancement. The downside...herewith starts my rant...I don't want to hear someone's conversation when I am in a restaurant attempting to enjoy a meal and conversation at my table. I don't want to hear your personal business while I am shopping, waiting in line, or in the doctor's office. I absolutely do not want to hear what your baby cousin sister brother's girlfriend did last night. I do not need to hear you argue with your spouse or yell at your children. And my all time favorite...turn the darn cell phone OFF when you are in church. God can hear you just fine without it. I was in a meeting yesterday at church and someone's cell phone happens to all of us...but do we all answer the phone in a room full of people? Hell....00000???!!!! Holy Inappropriateness! Yes, there are emergencies, go outside or to the hall to discuss your business. Another personal favorite of mine, answering and talking, at length, when in the company of others. Call them back...the world will not stop its revolution around the Sun if you don't answer your phone. I think that before anyone is allowed to have a cell phone they should have to take a cell phone etiquette class and pass a test. I have a friend, I love her dearly, however, she clearly has NO clue about cell phone etiquette! She once hosted a baby shower in her home and went into the bedroom to answer a call and missed a HUGE amount of time hosting this shower. It doesn't matter where you go with her, she WILL answer her phone and carry on a full length conversation. How about...I'll call you back later. I have pointed this out to said friend and she's like I know, I know. I have another friend, quite the opposite...she is fully present in the moment...the phone goes off and she may check her messages at the end of the outing to see if there is something she needs to do for her family on the way home. Big Difference. Who would you want to spend time with? There are emergency calls, however, I suspect the vast majority of calls just pass the time. If you are carrying on a full length conversation while driving, you are not paying full attention to your driving I do not care who you are. How many accidents do you think are a result of cell phone conversations? In South Carolina, a law is being considered to make it illegal for teenagers to talk on their phones while driving...great about all the other lunatics that pull out in front of you, nearly back into you, nearly running over pedestrians and so on and on while talking on the phone. One more...while watching a movie that you have paid eight bucks to see... why in all that is holy are you on your phone in the movie theater????
I personally also love when someone is carrying on a conversation while on the toilet in a public restroom... how gross is that?! Please people let us show some restraint. Rome is not burning!
Call back later.


persistentillusion said...

LMAO, Rome is not burning! Love it.

I would just like to say that I am so SICK of the phone. I'm sick of talking on it, I am sick of hour-long conversations that I ALWAYS have to end, I am sick of the batteries always starting to suck after about a year, I am tired of cell phone companies and their stupid plans, and I wish everyone could just use the phone for business.

My school friends are sad that I don't call, but I start to get antsy after 10 minutes and force myself to stay on for an hour. ARGH.

Michelle said...

HA HA holy inappropiateness ha ha ha

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

Well, said. I couldn't agree more!

marlajayne said...

I LOVED reading this. In fact, I read it twice. Here's what I hate: being in the middle of a conversation with someone on a cell phone and hearing them say, "Oops, I've got a beep. I'm gonna put you on hold." I DON'T THINK SO! My dear husband used to be the world's worst at this until I started hanging up. To me, the message is, "Someone else is calling who is more important or interesting that you are!"

Oh, and that restroom thing...yes, please call back later!

Alona said...

Amen to that!!! How many times have ppl tried to run me over in the road because that call they are on is more important then life at that moment. Oh and the church thing....HA HA I totally could not believe it. That was Dj's teacher from school who complained to me about DJ not paying attenting and having bad grades....he was making an A in that class....hum....who is not paying attention.

Valencia said...

Amen - not much makes me iller (is that a word?) than being with someone on an outing and their phone rings and I become totally invisible. Yes, cell phone etiquette should be a requirement before you qualify for free nights and weekends!

Perfectly Blended said...

Interesting post, although I am world's worst for talking on my cell phone while shopping! LOL
girl, I will burn up 3000 minutes a month on my cell phone.
I will put someone on hold in a skinny minute, ONLY if it's my hubby though.
He is my #1 :-)
and I do believe I have been on the phone with him in the bathroom too.
I suppose I need to practice a little more with my cell phone etiquette!
thanks for the tip Connie!
Have a Terrific Tuesday:-)