Monday, April 21, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

Aw yes, the best laid plans do often get shifted around. My intention for Saturday was to arise early and weed the flower beds. Alas, I slept in and began the usual Saturday morning home caring routine. This too was sidetracked when I decided I did not like the flow of the living room furniture. I mentioned previously that I am purging...I removed two wing chairs that I adore but do not really "go" and are in desperate need of re-upholstering! I cleaned the glass shelves and rearranged objects. I made new plans for a window seat cover and some huge floor cushions. Did I mention I was to pick up my mother around 11:00? I called her and let her know I would be late, I arrived at her home closer to 12:30. My mother does not drive. She needed a haircut and style so badly, I told her I wouldn't take her anywhere else until the hair was done! We met with Michelle and the children, so that Hunter could have a haircut with MiMi. After the haircuts, we went to Red Robin, YUM! Michelle gathered the very tired children and left us to the grocery shopping. My mother and I did not get along well for many years. It took a bad turn of events and her staying at my home for about two weeks for her to realize...1) I love her and will always take care of her 2) Even though I am VERY independent and self-sufficient, I still need my mom. Saturdays are a gift, we have so little time apart from our work week to do the things we enjoy and while I did not get everything I wanted to do accomplished on Saturday, something greater was gained. I spent time with my mother. She is a kinder, softer woman than the one I grew up with. Life has been tough on her and she responded by being tough. She finds it very hard to hug me or tell me she loves me. Mom has gotten better at expressing her positive feelings! I had many tear filled times when I needed my mother and she was emotionally unavailable. It has only taken 48+ years to get her to open up and talk to me and to respond to me in a positive way. Sometimes it takes a long time but you can have new beginnings and happy "endings".

P.S. I think I am trying to pass a kidney stone or I strained something trying to move extremely large, unwieldy furniture by myself. (Dear Husband was out of town) Note to self:
Need an extremely Hunky, handyman to fix things and move heavy stuff...maybe a Carter Oosterhouse looking kind a guy...yea right, I guess I settle for my ole injured husband and a couple of son-in-laws provided I can make them get off their "toys" for more than 5 minutes.
Let me wipe that sweat off your brow for you!!! He is so young and too cute!!!


persistentillusion said...

My foster mom once told me not to move anything too heavy or I might strain my uterus.

To this day, thinking about that still gives me a giggle.

Anonymous said...

he's not too young for me! HA HA

Alona said...

Dang, if you have something like that helping you then I am coming over too. Maybe I can bake bread for you while Im there. There is plenty of "watching" time while baking.
Please remember that I have a son who is usually close by and would not mind at all to come and help out with whatever moving of lifting or fixing that you need.
Be careful!!!!

connie said...

Hayden, I've heard the one about straining your uterus LOL

Meech, Alona
You girls are naughty! Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

Connie~ your handyman doesn't appear to be too young for me either. even if he is, I really don't have anything against younger men. what do you say? do you think I can borrow him?
he he he he
there's just something about tall men!!!

Greg said...

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scchesleys said...

I'll take one of those handymen if you've got a spare one running around!

Anonymous said...

Connie, This comment from Gregory Lang sounds so exciting! Have you followed up on the post by visiting his page? Wow!!!