Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lucy, I don think this is my Lunch!

What this is: loaf of bread with soup, 2 packs of crackers, a reuben sandwich, potato salad, pickle, 3 mints and a Large diet coke. What this should be: 1/2 sandwich and a cup of soup with a Large Diet Coke. The Very Large Diet Coke is to alleviate the migraine I cannot seem to shake! It may be the proverbial shot in the rump for me, of course, someone will have to drive me home and make sure I land somewhere in the vicinity of my bed!


Perfectly Blended said...

good gracious!
I know that d. coke will taste good after an entire morning without.
don'tcha just love McAlister's Deli?
but Holy Moly at the amount of food they give!!!
Their bake potatoes are enormous too. They are spuds on steroids for sure! LOL
Hope your headache goes away soon!
Happy Hump Day to ya!

marlajayne said...

What's the Lucy about? Sorry to be so uninformed...and sorry also that you're still bothered by that montrous headache.

Christy said...

Hope you're feeling much better Connie! BTW, I love your blog. All this time I thought you'd shut it down. So happy to see it's up! YAY!

PS: Really hope you're feeling better. Have a wonderful weekend.