Monday, June 16, 2008

A Cabin in the Woods

In 2008, Asheville NC turned out to be one of the biggest centers, if not THE Actual Epicenter, for the emergence of the 17-Year Cicada (Magicicada septendecim), Brood XIV.

Parts of Western North Carolina have been under siege from the cicadas, and their weird mating call, which some say is akin to a never-ending car alarm, or maybe a “Star Trek” phaser that’s stuck on “kill.”

Every seventeen years the "nymphs" which have been living underground and eating tree roots come out of the ground, shed their shell and begin their mating. The sound reminds me of the mother ship landing.

I have an extremely overactive imagination and I am afraid of the dark and a host of other fears. In an effort to quell some of those fears I stayed in a cabin by myself during my recent retreat. The path to the parking area is lighted, however the descent to the cabin is not...this is huge for me! I walked the path and imagined all sorts of creatures natural and supernatural lying in wait that first night! The trek became easier each time except for the night the owner mentioned that there were a few coyotes and wild pigs on the land. I really did not need that information! Of course, I did encounter some four legged creature, it took off running as soon as it saw me! It was probably just a cat possibly a raccoon, it moved too fast to be an opossum.

The cabins were equipped with electricity but no plumbing. I won't even go into the have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night stories...let's just say I wasn't walking up to the portable john!!! The area was unseasonably hot for the mountains and I like air conditioning!
The cabin was quaint and comfortable.

The view during the daylight hours was breathtaking. The view at night with few curtains breathtaking in a different way. So dark you cannot see your hand in front of your face. Add to that the crazy cicada noises and everything else...I slept with a light on in the cabin the first night. After that night, I graduated to the porch light and flashlight. It was an amazing experience. Standing on the porch in the mornings with the fresh mountain air, birdsong and a cup of herbal tea was absolutely delicious! I learned a lot about myself that weekend. We live in such a beautiful world and I feel as close to God as possible when surrounded by His creations in such a natural setting. I feel an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude for such beauty. We must be responsible and do our part to ensure that this beauty continues for our posterity.

Back to the cicadas, all in all it was a fascinating study of insects but I sure wish they wouldn't fly into my hair!!!


Anonymous said...

"which some say is akin to a never-ending car alarm, or maybe a “Star Trek” phaser that’s stuck on “kill.”

I :heart" Star Trek references.

I am so happy you had a wonderful time.

Alona said...

With some ear plugs that could have been totally relaxing. I am thinking of going to Devils Fork for mountian camping. Cabins or tents not sure yet but should be nice.

scchesleys said...

Okay, that path picture looks scary. I wouldn't have gone outside after dark even with a flashlight. There are bears and coyotes and bugs in them there hills.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of the inside of the cabin. Oh, to visit such a place and read and write and dream...oh and then maybe go for a little hike. You're so right about this beautiful world that God made especially for us to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos, Connie. Thanks for sharing!