Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Get Your Glow On

Just as I am convinced in a Heavenly Father that loves us, lights the way for us, joy to surround us and people to love us; I am equally sure that the Father of lies, contention, chaos and disorder is alive and well and seeks to disrupt our lives in whatever form is available. Some examples include contentious people, mean people, "gossipy" people, misfortune and a myriad host of frustrations. Fortunately, the Great Big Dreams retreat I attended has fueled me with strength, peace and a sense of clarity. I felt a definate shift in my mind and heart being around such a strong group of supportive, loving woman. Despite all the well being and calm, Monday dawned bright but quickly took a downward turn through a mass of mis-communications, irritations, and several other disquieting episodes. I wish to live an authentic life, being true to myself, and having authentic friends whom embody the same beliefs.
After a fairly "crazy" day I was able to talk to some friends that I consider bringers of light in a less than perfect world. I want loving, nurturing, supportive people around me!!! People that sustain you, care for you and shelter you against the storms of life.

To the naysayers and harbingers of contention, I say "Leave My Glow Alone!!!" I wish to be impeccable with my word which means I will not participate in collusion and I will speak the truth. To those that wish to force their opinion on me or fix my life or the lives of those around them, because they feel their way is better...leave our glow alone...we are fine without you. Fix Yourself!!! And I send them blessings of love and peace. We can embrace peace, joy and love bringing light to those around us or we can encourage the darkness, I, for one, say BRING ON THE LIGHT!!! How about you, are you spreading LIGHT?


persistentillusion said...

"I wish to live an authentic life, being true to myself, and having authentic friends whom embody the same beliefs."

Oh, you give me goosebumps! I am so happy that you had this beautiful experience, and have re/connected with your being. You are beautiful.

Michelle said...

You are my inspiration

bFlat said...

It sounds like you had a great time on your retreat. I agree with your statement about keeping those people around you who are positive and I couldn't agree more. I figured this out last year and I have been so much happier. I know who my true friends are and who were there just to make themselves feel better.

Alona said...

You Tell 'um Connie!!!
I hear ya. This was really a good post and I hope that I am to others a light. It makes such a differnece in my life when I am hanging around the right kinda people who are positive and "beams of light"
Thanks for sharing. You are really something. (A good something

marlajayne said...

Great post and pictures. That aqua chair beneath the reddish tree is beckoning me to come and "sit a spell." About Monday, when that happens again, try to think of the words, "This is test. This is only a test." Sounds like you passed it!

I want more light in my life too! I know you've heard me (and so has everyone else who knows me) say that I try to sidestep negative energy. It's hard sometimes because there are circumstances that are beyond our control. Still, whenever possible, I take another path.

Sherrie Mills Johnson said...

You are light! Thanks for shining in my life.