Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Confession Time!

Confession # 1 - My daughter recently gave me a CD with "power ballads". Apparently, my three and a half year old grandson loves the song "Sister Christian". He loves music, musical instruments and can pick out the sounds of various instruments in songs. He also LOVES to play dear husband's drums. Anyway, driving home this week with the top down on my convertible and listening to the power ballads at full volume...I was reminded...I Love Arena Rock, 80's hair bands, head banging rock...go figure! My husband has performed in various bands for as long as I have known him and played as a teenager as well. A couple of years ago, he decided to quit "playing out" Shocking confession, even to me, I miss the practices in the basement and the camaraderie of the "fellows", hanging out and the"gigs" WHO KNEW!!!! I thought I would post a few pictures and stroll down memory lane...

Category 5, named after the strongest hurricane that can strike. They covered mostly heavy metal tunes, 80's hair band tunes and so on. They did do a really rocked out version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and it was one of my favorites. Rick had the most amazing range of vocals I have ever heard. Some of my other favorites were "Rainbow in the Dark and Last in Line", by Ronnie James Dio They played AC/DC, Poison, you name it! The classic "Radar Love" the Golden Earring version. My least favorite song they sang was one called "Tie Ya Mamma Down". Dear Husband played with this group when we were dating. I went to every practice, gig and spent many nights breaking down equipment so that we could get home before 4 a.m. There he is, in the back with long hair keeping the beat!

After Carl left Category 5, he hooked up with some old friends for a new project called "Kickin Kanz". Kickin Kanz covered Collective Soul, Stone Temple Pilots and that type of genre. They preferred to do original music and spent many hours writing lyrics and composing music. I loved Cutter's gravely voice. Joe having lost his vision as a teenager had an amazing talent as a bass player and an acute sense of hearing. Graham composed some amazing guitar riffs and had amazing raw talent. Kickin Kanz preferred to record original music and they did play gigs as well. Dear Husband and I were married by now and I started slacking off at going to the gigs!

Dear Husband then started a project with the former guitarist from Category 5 to create "Ragg Doll" Gina was this tiny "Lita Ford" looking chick and she could sing those hard rock songs all night long. I never understood how she managed to belt out those powerful vocals! Gina sang some Pat Benetar tunes, Lita Ford tunes and a bunch of hard rock guy tunes. She had this mass of blonde hair almost to her knees and my husband would look at that hair and then look at I sure wish you would grow your hair. I have grown it some but you can rest assured it is coming no where near my knees!!! The last band was called "Living Proof" and they performed a lot of original music, my favorites being Hometown America and Half blind and Crazy (it's a love song!) They covered a variety of bands like Maroon 5, Matchbox 20 and Audio Slave. My least favorite song they sang was "Cold Hearted B***H by Jet and it was quite frequently dedicated to me when I was having a "its 10:00, get your crap out of here, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here moment during their practice. I am not sure which band coined the name "Practice Nazi" for me. My honey does play his drums occasionally when he needs to relieve some stress, but the basement for the most part is quiet...for now.

Confession # 2 - I watch some really bad reality television, it's like I am repulsed but I can't look away! The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Real Housewives of NYC. I have watched "Work Out" (not much) some of the dance shows. I LOVE Top Chef and Project Runway. I never did really get into "American Idol" and apparently I may be the only person on the planet that does not watch it.

Confession # 3 - I read and keep thinking I would like to post a secret but do not because I am so transparent everyone would know who posted it! I feel voyeuristic when I check out this website.

Confession # 4 - I used to skip "confession" at the Catholic church we attended because I saw "Dracula has Risen from the Grave" and there was a scene where a woman fell out of a church bell with her neck bitten. I told my mom I went to confession those Saturdays.

Confession # 5 - I struggle everyday to be authentic and to be a good person, to live in love and thanksgiving for all things. My evil persona comes out in traffic and around mean people. I have no patience for inconsiderate, rude people.

Confession # 6 - I am addicted to diet coke even more than chocolate!

So what's your naughty or nice little secret???


bFlat said...

I pretend to be doing homework so I don't have to watch the horrible tv my roommates watch. I also check post secret like its my job.

connie said...

I also check post secret like its my job...that totally cracks me up.
Have you read any of the books?

persistentillusion said...

1. LOL, Category 5 - that's AWESOME. I love it.

2. As for bad tv, I am fascinated by the new Denise Richards show. I don't know why.

3. I lovelovelove It's people at their absolute rawest, their most authentic. You can, literally, 'feel' them.

4. Did you know I got kicked out of my foster home for telling them I was going to church when I wasn't? I would wait across the street at the bank for the whole hour, just sitting there.

5. I too have absolutely no patience for mean and inconsiderate people!

thedailydish said...

MAN THIS POST ROCKS. I have to say I am totally AMAZED your husband is/was a heavy metal rocker. That is too funny & cool. I will have to check out the secrets website - I am so nosy I'll probably love it. As for bad TV, I am hooked on Lost, CSI and Survivor, - oh! and of course Dirty Jobs. None of which are doing me any good, but surely can't be doing too much harm. Love them!