Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Warning! Food Issues & Such

I am a foodie! Surprise! I love to watch cooking shows and travel shows wherein they seek out really bizarre food. I like to cook when I have time to experiment. I LOVE stores like Williams-Sonoma, although that one is a little to much of a box store for me. Point me in the gadget direction and I am a happy camper, er, cooker? I like almost any kind of food, however I do have my limits. I have issues with texture. I cannot eat oatmeal unless it is in the form of a cookie, it absolutely will not go down and stay down! Jello makes me cringe, I don't like my food moving around or squishing between my teeth. Who thinks grapes and jello is a good idea? I can only eat certain types of yogurt. Pudding is in the questionable category. Fuzzy fruit makes me crazy, like my mouth itches or something. I like bananas but do not like anything that is banana flavored such as juice, smoothies and that sort of thing. I have issues from childhood with cooked spinach and Brussels sprouts. Still can't eat them! I want to like Tofu, really I do, I just haven't found the right recipe. Recently I tried to eat a "Thai spring roll" , while the taste was not bad, the texture put me over the edge. The wrapping was not the typical spring roll that I am accustomed to eating. The rubbery texture inside and out was just more than I could bear. I have decided many "Asian" recipes call for hot as heck sauces so that you don't notice the actual ingredients! I absolutely love Sushi and Seaweed Salad, my favorite being eel rolls, go figure. My daughter hosted a Pampered Chef Party at my home and I, of course, was in gadget heaven. Many guests later and a lighter wallet, I settled down to watch a little "food" television to wind down from the party before going to bed. Why would someone relaxing want to watch bizarre food shows? I have this whole I am repulsed but I can't look away issue! I am amazed at some of the food people will eat. I, for one, am not eating organs. You can keep monkey brains and sheep's eyes. No can do. What's up with eating pig's feet or chicken feet? I could very easily be a vegetarian! Liver is another traumatic food stemming from my childhood. Why did my mother think THAT was good for you? It seems to grow with every chew and is impossible to get down your gullet. I think organ meats or "sweet meats" and feet of any kind are best left to Voodoo rituals!!! Whatever will I do when I become a world famous traveller and am offered the delicacy of that country being sheep's eyeballs or whatever? You would not want to insult the host/hostess!

The utensils, plating and cookware is a whole issue for me as well. I like certain types of glasses and abhor others. I worked with a lady who absolutely refused to eat off anything but white plates. She was from the low country and had many "superstitious" beliefs. She had a very difficult time eating anything that she had not prepared. I can sympathize with her! Am I the only one with food issues? So, what are you having for dinner? Care to join me for some pickled pig's feet and hog jowls? Yeah, me neither.


Anonymous said...

lol! i, too, love cooking gadgets--and i barely cook. i just rather like being prepared.

as for bananas...i despise them. they leave an icky film on my teeth.

the only place i eat tofu is in hot and sour soup from my local chinese restaurant.

i still love your polka dots. :) tonight i'm whipping up a big batch of paula deen lemonade!!

scchesleys said...

Okay, maybe I shouldn't have looked at your pics before lunch. My family used to love watching Fear Factor and I was always sick as a dog. Icky food!

Anonymous said...

I hatehatehate the 'cheese' that you get at fast food restaurants. No cheese on my burger, my croissanwich or anywhere else you try to sneak that stuff in. I also hate velveeta.

I, no surprise, always thought I hated cheese when it turns out that I LOVE cheese. I just don't like crappy cheese, yech.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE BANANAS! I often eat 2 a day. But I only like them jussssst barely ripened. Once they hit even a single brown spot they're too ripe for me.

Connie, you should try my recipe for fried tofu. Even my kids like it! With BBQ sauce for dipping it's downright addictive.

PS: LOVED this post!!

Anonymous said...

Just to make sure that I understand you correctly, you can't eat kiwi or chocolate pudding but you like eel rolls??? Have you ever seen an eel? This was quite entertaining, and now I know what NOT to serve when you come over for book club.

I have to ask: Have you even tasted strawberry-banana juice? It's SO GOOD!

connie said...

Jayne, I said go figure when it comes to sushi particularly eel rolls! I don't like strawberry banana juice, I know it's weird but it's me.
CWG, Paula Deen lemonade?? What's in that? Polka Dots are the best!

Dish, I copied the recipe and will try it. Thanks.

K: you definitely don't want to look at maggot soup before lunch!