Friday, June 27, 2008


The Diva, my evil twin...the woman my husband would leave me for if she would have him!
Her singing voice melts his heart! Since my husband worships and adores me I guess I am safe, mediocre singing voice and all. Paula has a soft, gentle wonderful side that her good friends get to see frequently. The Diva sings, dances and entertains! Paula never meets a stranger! A good time is generally had by all when Paula is around! Often feathers ARE involved and not optional.

Music, music, music...It tames the savage beast, it triggers our deepest memories. I love music just about every kind! My daughters find it highly amusing when "Hey Ya" by Outkast plays on the radio. I HAVE to sing and car dance. It's not pretty but that's how I roll! Friday morning's selection was none other than "The Beatles" Only one of the best bands of ALL TIME!!! I was enjoying the CD so much so I brought it inside and am currently listening while I work, with earplugs, natch. I was listening to the song "In My Life" and it brought to mind the many, many friends I have had in my life and the ones I have now. Some of the lyrics state, some are gone but not forgotten, In My Life, I've Loved them all...I get a teary when I listen...the song reminds me of the blessing of friends. The term friend has so many different meanings and we have different levels of friendships! The Level One friends are people that come into your life and you are NEVER the SAME after knowing them. These are the ones that rather you did not call at 3 A.M. but totally listen to you should you call them at said crazy time. These friends will do ANYTHING for you and YOU will do ANYTHING for them. They love you at your worst! Level Two friends are people you meet up with and have a good time with, you totally enjoy them but probably would not request as much from them as you would expect from Level 1 friends. Level three friends are those you talk to and share email jokes, support what they are doing in their lives...these are the ones you don't see in your day to day life...such as blogging buddies, some you have never met but feel you've known them forever. Anything lower than Level Three is more in the acquaintance are to them when you see them but do not go out of your way to be with them. Friendships evolve and change, some for better and sadly, some change due to unfortunate circumstances or misunderstandings. Along with the various levels of friendships, you also have different types of friends such as work friends, book club friends, walking friends or gym friends, dancing friends and so forth. Friends enrich my life so much. I enjoy my down time by myself but nothing beats a friend to hang out and shoot the breeze!

Some are gone but not forgotten...

Dorothy was the type of person that when you met her, your life would NEVER be the same. She was a friend to all especially the animal kingdom! I was fortunate to have her as a BEST friend. I still miss her everyday however am fortunate enough to feel her spirit constantly!

Eddie was just the nicest guy ever. I met him in middle school and we had classes together through tenth grade. He was electrocuted during the Summer after 10th grade while he was working part time. He was shy and quiet. He had the most beautiful smile and smoothest, blemish free skin with the rosiest cheeks. I would not have given him the time of day in high school because I was in my rebel without a cause mode! I was also soooo in love with the guy who would become my first husband. This guy would have been the best boyfriend and husband ever! He was kind, gentle and considerate. He would be the type that would come over when you heard some crazy noise and make sure you are okay and totally not expect something in return.

Time goes on....

I am lucky to have a husband that is my best friend too! He is so funny and entertaining when he isn't annoying me.

Jayne, my church friend evolved to book club friend, walking buddy, shopping of the wisest, well read, interesting people I know!!! Also known as Marlajayne and Mom's Musings.
Jayne put the "y" in her name because she did not want to be just plain Jane...ya gotta love it.
Kristi started as a church friend, book club friend and has developed into a friendship neither one of us can quite explain. We think the same...which is scary for one or both of us!!! Kristi keeps me sane throughout the day with her funny emails!

One of my greatest joys in life is having my daughters as my friends! We have a great time together and I still tell them what to do...I'm just not responsible for their decisions anymore!
I LOVE Kelly she is one of the most enthusiastic friends. She thinks outside the box, is an excellent teacher (professionally and otherwise), photographer, artist. She keeps life very interesting. Kelly sometimes has to be reeled in...she is sooo crazy...that's why she has a "normal" friend like me to keep her straight! Time for a road trip to Jacksonville!

Level One, Two and Three Friends. Guess which one you are!!! Just amusing myself.... I Love You All!!!

I obviously could put tons and tons of pictures and remarks here about the many people I call friends. I am thankful for EACH and EVERY ONE of YOU!!! Wishing you the most fabulous, wonderful weekend where ever you may be...


scchesleys said...

Wonderful picture of Dorothy. I'm in a category all to myself!!!! Woohoo!!! I'm so glad you're my emailing through the day buddy.

Hayden Tompkins said...

I would pay GOOD MONEY to see you car dance.

connie said...

Hayden, my daughters would be happy to video it and post it somewhere!!! LOL

marlajayne said...

Thanks for the kind words, Friend. I'm amazed when I think that I knew no one except my former mother-in-law and my husband's family when I moved here six years ago. Things have certainly changed for the better. Remember the day that I saw you in the office at Central Carolina when I asked you where I'd seen you before? You were there doing something for Heather.

Michelle said...

Im glad I get to be your friend!

curlywurlygurly said...

that beatles song slays me every time. nice post. :)