Friday, December 5, 2008

Organized Chaos!

There is a delicious sense of anticipation in the air as Thanksgiving celebrations turn into other holiday celebrations. In our household we celebrate Christmas with an emphasis on the birth of Jesus Christ. We honor the diversity with which our friend's celebrate their holidays. Glad tidings all around! Dear Husband put up the "faux" tree last Sunday night and yours truly has been decorating it a couple of ornaments at a time. Boxes are still littered on the floor much to Moe, the kitty's delight! Traditions must be changed on occasion and ours changed from trudging around the Christmas tree farm and cutting the perfect tree to using the pre-lit "faux" tree. Sadly, I can no longer live with a real tree as I break out in huge whelps and bumps if I go near one. I convince myself it is okay because I am being frugal, I am saving trees and it is easier (yeah right)

The grandchildren stopped by one evening and were so excited they could barely contain themselves. Thus the one quarter of the front of the tree is covered with about thirty ornaments and only the shoes of the "girl" would stand still to be photographed!

Since I do not have a fireplace mantle, I use the space above the electronics cabinetry as a "mantle" My OCD self is noticing that I must go home and tweak some of the spacing issues of ornaments!

Work in progress, a 9ft tree is a time consuming endeavor...I hope to be finished before Christmas comes and goes.

My favorite nativity ever...placed in the entry of our remind us to be faithful, joyful, hopeful, charitable, kind, loving, and give thanks for our blessings and abundance! I love the flash of light reflected in the mirror, I imagine the star glowing bright above all else to signal the birth of the Christ child!

Mary and the Christ child, my favorite pieces in this Nativity set. Reminds me of the joy of being a mother. And Mary's joy in bringing forth this infant to redeem mankind.

Whatever your beliefs may be I wish you health, love, peace, and happiness throughout this Holiday Season!
Throughout December I will be exploring traditions, memories and year end musings...I hope you will stop in and take a peek!


Anonymous said...

love it!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a beautiful nativity set you have.

My health improved significantly when we stopped using real trees.

Hayden Tompkins said...

PRETTY!! I almost wish I were decorating for Christmas now! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, BEAUTIFUL, Connie, puts me in the Christmas spirit right away!

Real trees for Christmas are unheard of in this part of the world. I have taken out the decorations, but so far this week it has just been too hectic. Will do it bit by bit, like you ~ good idea!

Enjoy every moment of the approach to Christmas!

Rosezilla said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love the nativity - and the flash of light is perfect. We are putting up our tree today, we were just taking a little break. Now I'm inspired to get back to it!

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS! Beautiful tree, nativity, everything. Wishing you the happiest Christmas yet, xoxo