Monday, December 22, 2008

Hallmark Christmas

As I go about the holiday preparations of sorting and wrapping gifts, preparing menus and stressing over how everything will be complete for the perfect Christmas ever...I realize that true and real life is not a made for television Hallmark movie whereby every crisis is resolved culminating in the perfect life altering event in an hour and a half! Real life is messy. Real life has job loss, wage cuts, divorce, depression, recession and just about any other number of bumps that make life less than idyllic. So are you just not feeling the Christmas spirit? Low on cash? Sad? Angry? Sick? (Me) How does one go about getting into the spirit of Christmas...therein lies the answer..."the spirit of" Christmas is about love, joy, giving and receiving. The Spirit of Christmas is an everyday, every moment blessing not just a monumental once a year event. Here at the Loose Lemons blogspot and household...I strive to make every moment count...some days are better than others. My checklist runs akin to have I been kind, generous, calm, a peacemaker or have I been angry, unforgiving, petty and small? Am I "shrinking" or "expanding" my world? If I am feeling small and "shrinky" I smile at strangers and wish them well. I compliment those I meet. Let that person with one item and a tired look go ahead of me in line...little things that spell the S*P*I*R*I*T. When I am feeling small I go and look at nature, cuddle with my cat, talk to someone and come to realize I am a part of something much larger than just myself and my little world! I realize that the family and friends that come to my home, come to see me to be welcomed...they really don't care if I didn't vacuum the carpet or dust the knick knacks...they would rather "sit a spell" and feel comfortable! We can eat a tin of really good store bought cookies because I just was unable to bake homemade. I guess my thoughts are my life is imperfect and it is okay because it is a good life. I grieve for my friends and family that have passed on, I get angry in really bad traffic, I get stressed by deadlines. Frustrated by illness... I find joy in little things and in each moment and if I need to cry, I cry and then I move on to the next thing and that may even be staring out the window for awhile. I am feeling a sense of peace and calm right now and that is unusual for me! As someone once told me..."you are too tightly wrapped" Of course, those crazy perimenopausal moments may come upon me at any moment! But for now I wish I could embrace each of you in a warm hug and tell you Don't worry, Every thing gonna be all right (imagine a little reggae type music in the background)
Besides who decided a "Hallmark" Holiday was the right kind of holiday? Point me in the direction of the Charlie Brown trees, please!

P.S. I think the Grinch was just misunderstood! He just needed a little love! Remember after all the goodies of Christmas were gone...the "Whos" still stood around and sang...


hayden tompkins said...

Beautiful, Connie. "Real life is messy." And so true!!

I love reasons not to do chores. Chores don't matter all that much; I have never seen a gravestone that said "Here Lies John, He Did His Chores". And if I did, I would probably be pretty sad.

Yolanda said...

Your post so echoes how I live and think right now.

Anonymous said...

*Daffy comes in*
Connie, have you hoovered? :o)
What a brilliant post. It reminds me of when you see children running too fast and then suddenly someone, usually older (and very much wiser) just grabs them by the coat tails, pulling them up, slowing them down, thus giving them time to look around and correct their errors in time to avoid disaster! :o) I have a very active mind! This is how I feel. Christmas is one day, and it's a day to be thankful, to be grateful and to be joyous but so to is every other day. Next time I catch myself spilling into self pity, ignorance, ungratefullnes, or grumpiness I will think of your words.

Rosezilla said...

Thank you, Connie! I have been thinking that too, that when someone comes to visit they really don't want to hear me apologizing for this, that and the other thing I didn't get done. I decided it is really selfish to do that, I should be concentrating on my guest instead. Now I am trying to live up to what I decided, lol. Merry Christmas! (By the way, if you do make the fudge, you can use regular peanut butter. I use Jiff, it turns out really well).

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Great perspective. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Connie, this is profoundly touching!

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

A blessed,spirit-filled Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for shining light into my year.

(: love!

Anonymous said...

Love this! There are so many uplifting, "fun" things going on all around us. Last night I was doing some major stressing out in a line at Wal-Mart. Seemed that it would never move, and all of the ones around me were long as well. The woman in front of me began complaining and voiced the opinion that she was perturbed enough to leave. About that time, we heard this cool yule music coming from the center front of the store, and we soon learned that there was an ensemble of folks dressed in red all set up with their musical instruments and voices to entertain the crowds. It was wonderful. I especially enjoyed watching the woman standing watch over the self checkout lane as she began moving to the music and having a jolly old time. I said to the woman in front of me, "Aren't you glad you waited? Look what you would have missed."