Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Stitch in Time

Do you remember the hand embroidered pillowcases of old? I loved the beautiful stitching and rainbow assortment of embroidery floss...the variety of stitches that would leave a pattern on your face if you slept on that part of the pillowcase. So close to purchasing a set with a pre-stamped design on them...sidetracked by something else in the craft/hobby shop. I have some serious trouble focusing my attention when surrounded by so many colors and textures!

In my mother's youth she was in the care of some nuns (that is a post for another day) and it was noted that this "tomboy" had a great aptitude and gift for fine handiwork. My mom could embroider the most intricate stitches. She knit beautiful cables and intricate designs for my brother and I. If it involved some type of thread and a needle, hook or needles...she excelled... all she wanted was to play ball, climb trees or garden. I remember the beautiful clothes of my youth and the decorative items Mom made for our home.

this sampler along with the "boy" mate hung in the room my brother and I shared during our very early childhood years. It needs to be cleaned up, pressed and re-framed...I thought one of the granddarlings should have it, however, I am not quite ready to part with it.

Embroidery has been on my mind alot lately, mostly due to the "Gift of Jewels" project hosted by the lovely and generous Se'Lah. I received this lovely hand embroidered card and knitted envelope which by the way is made of the softest wool (you know me I am a fool for textures) from a fellow blogger in Denmark. Imagine my delight receiving something postmarked from Denmark. Since I am of European descent and spent most of my childhood in tickled my heartstrings in a way I cannot quite explain! Thank you Se'Lah for making this happen and thank you so much "landanna"!

Bonnie, at Mamma has Spoken received a felted pin and card from which she responded by embroidering a pin full of Springtime! She created the pin using craft items from her stash...very green of her and very generous. I adore receiving cards in the receive a gift as well...icing on a very lovely cake my friends! A special thank you to Bonnie for sending Spring my way.

If you will excuse me...I am going to find some needles, embroidery floss and a pillowcase or two.


stephanie of stopbouncing said...

the tears I shed when my grandmothers embroidered pillow cases, washed paper thin, tore under the weight of my head.

Thanks for bringing this long-lost memory back (in a good way, not a "pillowcase *waaaaa*" way)

scchesleys said...

I have a few pillowcases that my beloved granny embroidered for me. They haven't ever been on pillows because I don't want them to get DH sleep drool on them :-)

Mamma has spoken said...

I so grew up on those pillow cases too! I took some of them and framed them since they were getting worn from use. My mom would tell me to use them, I did and now I have them as art work.

Jayne said...

My mother once did all this intricate stitching on a lovely tablecloth, and now I'm wondering where it is. I used to LOVE cross-stitch, crewel, smocking, and candlewicking, but in recent years I've let those "arts" fall by the wayside. You've inspired me to pick them up again.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, lovely post! My mom and I used to do needlework when I was younger. Mostly crewel. I bought a couple kits before we left Philly, but they seem to have gotten lost w/ the shuffle of the move. I love the older embroidery the best. Those framed pieces can cost a fortune. Something like that would look PERFECT in this house!

SE'LAH... said...

what beautiful and intricate needlework... such precious memories are captured with each stitch.

so glad to know you.
one love.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad the envelope and card found a home in which they are appreciated.

It is always good to see when people cherish handmade items. Hope to see some of your work soon.

Have a lovely day.

oryxland said...

I'm from qatar

2 u this the other side of the world and i found your blog unique and very interesting

Rosezilla said...

I have some old embroidered pillowcases; also a pillow that I embroidered. I use to love to do embroidery. Haven't done it in a long time. Maybe it's time.