Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finally - An Exercise Experience to Love!

I mentioned that I was taking a class called NIA (pronounced Neeyuh) and I absolutely love the energy and creative movement! I have a class this evening. I was a bit timid about a "dance class" I have two left feet and as a class member said "my right brain doesn't talk to my left"
I am "releasing" the clumsy, non dancing part of me into a freeform style of movement. Nia's theme: Through movement we find health! The following defines some of what the Nia Technique is all about:

"Can we experience deep physical pleasure, even joy, in a workout? Can a fitness routine nurture exploration of the self and transform the spirit? Nia says yes. Part yoga, part martial arts and dance, this soulful workout incorporates movement from nine systems, including tai kwon do, modern dance, Feldenkrais and others, into an inspiring dance-like routine. It’s performed in bare feet and unrestricted clothing to usually groovy music. And while a Nia instructor won’t urge you to feel the burn, a typical class will get your blood‹and your inspiration—flowing." AMEN and HALLELUJAH!!!

The class is an hour of continuous movement beginning slowly, building and building and ending softly and gently. Nia touches a deep longing in me to move the way our bodies were always intended to move. There is no judgment in Nia...loose your yourself and keep moving! I encourage you to research Nia...I purchased a DVD called Global Unity to practice with at home. If you are local, Nancy offers classes at Columbia Ballet School on Wednesdays at 6:00 and Sundays at 4:00. She also teaches at Still Hopes Wellness Center on Tuesdays at 6:00
Her movements are so beautiful and she is a patient, kind and generous instructor.
Carlos Rosas and Debbie Rosas Stewart (pictured above) are the founders of the Nia Technique, more information can be found here

I am thrilled to have found movement that I enjoy...that excites me...that I actually look forward to the classes. When you are ready...when you release preconceived ideas of what you can do...when the student is ready the "teacher" will appear! I have found my tribe.


stephanie of stopbouncing said...

How awesome to find something that you like (and can) do!

You're awesome!

Mamma has spoken said...

Oh how I envy you right now! I'm not much for the movement thing, unless you count typing on the computer......

persistentillusion said...

I have seen people talking about Nia in several places and have been interested, but still a little wary. Even though I love dance, I hate dance classes (I don't remember steps and combinations well and even if I did, I want to move how I want to move).

But I think I might just check this out! Thank you, Connie, for sharing!!!

SE'LAH... said...

So happy for you. I used to dance every weekend when I was the club. lol.


Happy Easter.

Pippa said...

Oh wow, Connie, that sounds AWESOME and so EMPOWERING! Enjoy every moment of it, and please keep us posted. Please?

Christina said...

Now this is cool! Congrats on the movement. : )