Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Alas, I will never be a hand model. I have smallish hands with short nails and "Sahara" dry skin! Hands fascinate me...such a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. I covet and admire those hands with long fingers, beautiful nails and graceful movement. My hand gestures are larger than life and I have been known to poke someone in the face when speaking (honor the space around me if you wish to remain intact with minimal injuries) At restaurants I sit on my hands (when not eating or drinking) to prevent knocking over liquidy things!

It is amazing how the brain sends messages to the nerves and muscles in the hand...seemingly without much thinking about it on our part. If your head is in rapid fire sequence that you reach and scratch the itch. We really don't head is itching...I will lift my hand and scratch it! According to a number of sources and depending on "who you ask" there are 26 or 27 bones in each hand along with numerous muscles and nerve endings.

Looking at my children's and grandchildren's hands as infants I was always amazed by the delicate size. Grasping something becomes their first order of business! Often we take our hands for granted...the basic everyday use...until we injure them or suffer arthritis then we realize just how much we rely on the smallest movement and function. Many struggle with simple tasks...fine motor skills are a struggle due to disabilities. Observing and working with special needs children for many years has given me an appreciation of those abilities and a lasting impression of tasks accomplished with great effort.

My dear husband offers his hand even when I do not really need the is a gesture of love. After "stickboy" has played drums for hours I massage his fingers. Holding hands is a gesture of love, trust and intimacy. (even when HE forgets and squishes the gunk out of mine with his bear paws) I adore the feel of little hands seeking my hand for comfort and safety.

Our hands have the power to show great love or great hate simply by gestures. We can lift someone up or knock them down. What do your hands say about you?


persistentillusion said...

I know this is all about the hands, but did you cut your hair?? Is it short and SASSY??

Connie said...

Actually this picture is 4 years old! I am seriously contemplating wearing it short and sassy again :)

Mamma has spoken said...

My hands would show you that I do hard work. No long fingernails for me since all that would happen to them is break when I use them to help with whatever I am doing. I've tried the use the side of your finger thingy, but I still prefer the tips. That and I have really dry cuticles so the skin peels around the nail bed. Though my fingers are long and fast as I type, play the flute, or sew.

Jayne said...

Oh my gosh, how did I miss the post?? Guess I haven't been as faithful as I used to be about reading blogs. hands say that they've been around quite a while and that they've touched, manipulated, soothed, created, planted, etc. a lot of people and things. Isn't it amazing that our hands can do so much and yet they never get tired like our feet and legs and back?

Esther Ekanem said...

My hands are nonverbal. They do not speak but show emtions. they do all the work but yet with no refusal. they bring me joy and blessings. my hands position it self to touch all the best things in life but also change the bad into favor.Although, i do not thank them often, they are my assistance to all my daily activities.!!