Monday, November 3, 2008

Exciting Election Day Coverage 2004 - Happy Birthday Hunter!!!

Do you remember what you were doing during the last presidential election? I do, my first grandson, child of my firstborn was pushing his way into the world!!! Just as the current election will make history...the prior election was an historical event for our family! It was the first time I actually stayed awake and watched election returns sitting/dozing in a chair while my daughter labored all through the night! As she pushed and breathed, I placed cool cloths on her head...Kevin was in the room somewhere awaiting the birth. It was a long night and an even longer delivery...I was exhausted! I realized that I had been holding my breath every time Michelle "pushed". My first born was born prematurely with an emergency c-section...she and I were grateful to be alive for THIS day in our personal history! Thank you Kevin and Michelle for allowing me to witness this miracle!
Yes, much to my dismay, this is a real motorcycle and Hunter is a little dare devil and he LOVES riding.

Hunter is thinking, Hurry Up with the song already I WANT CAKE!!!

This is how a real slugger swings.

Happy Birthday Hunter. 4 Big Years Old! (Walkin with Nonnie) Who knew that one little baby could bring so much Joy and Love into the world!!!


Rosezilla said...

What a beautiful little boy! And ALL boy from the looks of things!

Connie, I remember you saying before that you wanted to learn to play drums. Well, go for it, girl! The local music store should have someone giving lessons! I have to admit I was never any good on a set, I played in the school band for years, so I played a lot of different percussion instruments but not all at the same time like a set. My fav is snare, and that is what I play now, just for fun.

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute! How nice of you not to put in the part where you smothered me and I smacked your hand!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Connie~ come on tried to smother Michelle! LOL
I am just kidding.....Happy Birthday to Hunter. What a cool motorcycle!

Connie said...

I did NOT try to smother her...she is claustrophobic like her MOM!!!

Anonymous said...

The photographs are just lovely!
Hunter looks pretty pleased with all of the attention!
I love birthdays...I love birthday cake more.
Many happy returns Hunter.

Hayden Tompkins said...

"my first grandson, child of my firstborn was pushing his way into the world!!!"

WOW. He has impeccable timing!

P.S. Chris's mom gave me a hat loom, so I am IN BUSINESS. This is so much more exciting then trying to make those hats the other way.

Connie said...

Thanks Daffy!

Hayden, the loom is a WONDERFUL thing!

Jayne said...

Wow! It doesn't seem possible that this little blond slugger is already four! Between us, I think he looks more like his grandmother everyday.

Christy said...

Happy Birtdhay Hunter. I love the motorcycle - I had one as a kid and I loved it. He will have many hours of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTER! AND great job Michelle!! You have the most beautiful family. Wishing you all the BEST!

PS: Enjoy the cake, but don't forget to VOTE!! (NOT THAT YOU WOULD)


Anonymous said...

Happy celebrations for the birthday boy, Connie! What a powerful experience & privilege it is to witness a birth.

& THANK YOU so much for your beautiful comments over at my Porch ~ you really lit up my day!