Monday, May 19, 2008

Moe, the flying cat

Aww, yes you will soon be mine, any moment now... Getting closer to the desired object! Yeah, just hold it still for one more minute.Victory, Victory, aw sweet victory. Moe's favorite game is to jump through the air and secure the peacock feather, sparkly thingy.

Just chillin out on the rug after running madly through the house!

Moe has grown so much since his adoption sometime in November. He was just a little puff ball when he came to our house. He looked like a furball with eyes! We are amazed at the speed and agility of felines. They move with such grace and speed. This kitty communicates so well with us. I swear sometimes he answers "what" or "hmm?" He thinks I am his mother and follows me around like a toddler. I have just about broken my neck trying to avoid stepping on him. I am not particularly fond of the game "let's grab her by the back of her legs as she walks away". I heal from one set of scratches only to incur a new set. My feet hold a particular fascination for him as well. Crazy animal! Carl looked at me like I had lost all sense of reason when I suggested we keep him in the first place. Dear Husband LOVES this cat!!! We had him neutered recently and he shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. I guess it is a typical behavior in the animal world for them to stick their rear ends in your face...I was hoping once he was neutered he wouldn't wave the cajones at me it's more like...see, look what you had done to me. Blue box bad, car ride bad! He loves looking out his special window but won't go out even if I leave the door open. It's like, oh no, I know what it's like out there, I am staying in here. He usually sleeps in his favorite chair but sometime during the night he creeps in and wants to sleep near me. Lately he has been creeping up from my feet and getting closer to the goal of my pillows. I love that cat but he's not sleeping on my face! I don't sleep well with others. I don't want anyone or anything on my side of the bed. Yes, my friends this is one spoiled rotten cat.
For those of you that don't get the pet thing, I can't begin to explain it to you. Moe enriches our lives and we enjoy having him as a member of the family.


Anonymous said...

Moe looks like my kitty, Rowan!

Alona said...

It makes me very very happy that you fell in love with this little kitty. Who knows where he would have ended up had you not taken him in. I am so thankful and I see that he is too.
I love it when these things work out so well for people.

scchesleys said...

He's such a joy to have at book club. I wish I could have a kitty, but no, we have dogs and the one kitty experiment that we conducted did not go well. We had to find that lovely kitty another home.