Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Aiken A L A Floozies!

A fun Saturday was spent touring Aiken. The sights were so beautiful with amazing trees resplendent throughout the city! Aiken is/was home to the many wealthy "northerners" wintering in the South from about October to March. They built cottages complete with lovely grounds and servants, I am sure as some of the cottages took up an entire city block. The above home is known as "Rye Patch" and was bequeathed to the City of Aiken as well as Hopeland Gardens. Rye Patch has entertained many prestigious visitors over the years including the Duke and Duchess of York, King Edward and Wallis Simpson to name a few. Currently it is used for events such as weddings. The Aiken Thoroughbred Hall of Fame was visited along with various Aiken stables and horse farms. Quite a few thoroughbreds were spotted, oh yeah we saw some nice horses too! We were served a delightful lunch in the Tulip Room after which much shopping was accomplished. The weather was perfect. The Diva provided us each with a floral fan with which to be true southern belles plus she thought the bus may be hot as you know what. An attempt was made to teach the "language of the fan", alas I fear it is a lost art! All of the "Floozies" would like to send a special thank you to Jeanne for arranging a lovely time! Fun was had by all.


DIVA said...

WOW! Priceless....

Consider yourself the Official Fantastic Floozie Blogger and Photographer...Thanks for capturing our fun time!


Alona said...

Looks like a good time.
What a beautiful place to visit.