Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What shall I wear today?

As I was browsing through my closet yet one more thoughts were which shade of black should I wear today. Spring and Summer will soon be upon us and I should probably find an alternate color. I live in black pants, skirts, sweaters and shirts. I wear jeans several days of the week as well . Fortunately, I work in a casual environment and am pretty well dressed for said work place. Additionally, I am NOT a morning person, grab something black and you are good to go. I did notice that I was wearing two different textures of black socks recently. Oh well. Dear Husband and I were watching the movie, "Elizabeth, The Golden Age" this weekend. The costuming in the movie was spectacular. Can you just imagine having to put on those layers upon layers every morning!? Not to mention those ruffs, you know they would have to irritate the stuffing out of you. Elizabeth and the ladies of her court used white lead and vinegar as a base makeup, red dye and egg white as rouge. No wonder they did not smile much. Between the poisonous makeup and the corsets with bone in them, you would definitely be miserable. I'm also thinking you would not eat or drink much because who wants to go to the bathroom in all that gear. Course, you did have a whole crew of people who could hold your dress up and attend your more intimate needs, if you were royalty. If you were a peasant I guess you did not have quite so much to cope with but still big dresses, slips, and bloomers, no thanks. Makes a bra, pantyhose or spanx seem like such a small thing! I have certain fashion must haves:
  • excellent haircut and color
  • bare escentuals mineral makeup
  • a good moisturizer
  • fabulous earrings!
  • hand knitted scarves for winter
  • a good quality jacket
  • black pants - (I have about 6 pairs)
  • black skirts (various lengths and styles)
  • black shirts and sweaters
  • bootleg jeans
  • bright cotton t shirts or tanks to go under black stuff!
  • good quality bras and undies (the girls need good support ya know)
  • fun socks
  • Hand made necklaces and bracelets, (I make my own)
  • Silver stuff
  • Comfortable shoes that are made well and look good, trust me it is worth it to pay a little more to have happy, good looking feet!
  • several handbags, as soon as I find the perfect "one" I'll let you know.

I like for my clothing and accessories to look fashionable, however, comfort is a must. I can't do stilettos or anything extreme. Being the expert that I am I will be glad to offer advice on what not to wear! Did I mention I am also very funny?! Enough said, I am off to clean my closet.


Erika Maxfield said...

This post cracked me up! I wear scrubs or jeans 6 days a week -- so yes, comfort is a MUST!

scchesleys said...

I knew I wasn't the only one whose closet was mostly black! I also have about 6 pairs of black pants, it's a topic of conversation btwn Mike and I. Love it! You are so funny!

Anonymous said...

you crack me up too!!!
I think all those ruffles and such is kinda hot (meaning sexy), don't you think:-)
I totally agree with your list of fashion must haves. you just need to add a pair of red pumps to your list!

Anonymous said...

Are you the friend who thought she had nothing of interest to write about??? I love your posts, and this is one of my favorites. It's clever that you compared and contrasted your wardrobe with those of an earlier era AND that your tastes are so "with it" and like mine.

Question: Can we get together and make a bracelet of some turquoise beads that I have? I need your expertise.

Comment: DH and I got in from our Nashville trip after midnight last night (or this morning), and among my purchases was a black hoodie that I had to have to complement certain jean ensembles.

connie said...

Jayne, if you will stay home for five minutes (LOL) I will be glad to help you with a bracelet. I love "a black hoodie that I had to have" comment!

Anonymous said...

Bare Minerals! Be still my heart...

Alona said...

You are such a funny girl. Thanks for always making me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Love left out jean jumper with t-shirt blue and yellow flowers.....very springy