Friday, March 21, 2008

Flashback Friday - So Many Eggs in One Basket!

Back by popular demand (who knew???) Flashback Friday! Wow, three generations of Easter. My brother and me circa 1964. Note the basket in the first picture and the second, Michelle was able to use it for about 3 years. Sadly, the basket would not hold up for the grandchildren!

Spring signifies a breath of fresh air after months of cold, dreary, dark days. It is not uncommon for us in the South to experience unseasonably warm weather in the traditional winter months. We still anticipate the beautiful weather with a healthy dose of Spring Fever! Spring also signals the advent of Easter. Originally Easter was the pagan festival of Eastre and was a celebration of rebirth. The rabbit symbolizes the Goddess Eastre in her earthly form. Eggs have been exchanged since before Christian times as a symbol of rebirth. The wealthy exchanged eggs with gold leafing and the poor dyed their eggs with flowers and grasses. Early Christians "scheduled" their holy days to coincide with the pagan festivals. Our family attends church on Easter Sunday to honor Jesus Christ with hymns of praise, worship and gratitude for our blessings. Afterwards we gather, enjoy a family meal and raid the Easter baskets. Even now, our grown children love the Easter baskets with each one having a favorite treat. One loves Cadbury eggs, another Lindt chocolate carrots and some like the Reeses eggs. The "babies" love to find the plastic eggs with a surprise inside!

So many eggs in one basket, so much joy in our family. I can't say it enough LIFE IS GOOD!!!
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Spring and a Happy Easter.


Anonymous said...

Love the Flash back Friday's!!!
I just love, love, love pictures. The first one in black and white is priceless.
you always have great pictures and stories to tell. love reading your blog.
AND yes, I am working today:-)

Have a FABULOUS weekend and
Hoppy Easter to ya!

Alona said...

Happy Easter Connie. The pic of Michelle and Heather are the Michelle and Heather that I remember. Cute pics. Hope you all have a Fun Easter weekend.

Laresa said...

I love flashback Fridays. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics! Thanks for the not so cute ones ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Love this pictures, especially the first one. It reminds me of my own childhood...and also of the circle of life and how quickly things change. Before we know it, Hunter and Anna will be that age!

Valencia said...

Glad to see "Flashback Friday" too. Love reading your blog and the pictures are great. You have a beautiful family. Today I was so mad at myself - the photo looked great of ya'll in the Porched at the stoplight, along with about 48 other photos I AcCiDeNtAlLy deleted from my camera - I'm still so mad at myself!!! Have a great week.

Erika Maxfield said...

I love this post! And yes, we will be seeing you, we're going to make it down the beginning of May to visit the ward! Happy Easter!!!