Thursday, February 14, 2008

You Are Loved

Today is Valentine's Day, a day set apart to really emphasize L*O*V*E
A song from the Children's Primary Songbook came to mind this morning and I thought I would share it, "As I Have Loved You", words and music by Luacine Clark Fox:

As I have loved you, Love one another
This new commandment, Love one another
By this shall men know Ye are my disciples,
If ye have loved One to Another
A simple song so full of meaning. Today is a good day to show love, however let us keep in mind that everyday is a Great day to show someone you care. There is too much pain and misery in the world, I challenge each of you to be crusaders in the cause of Love and Kindness.
P.S. Scripture references for the above song are: 1John 4:11 and John 13:34-35


Anonymous said...

Go ahead widget woman!

connie said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting! I so enjoy the comments. Happy Valentine's Day!
Yeah, Cindy has made me dangerous.

Laresa said...

That is just beautiful. I was thinking about Loving one another this morning. Luke and I had fun day doing that for certain people. I will have to blog about it.
What a better place this world would be if we just followed that song.

Hayden said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Anonymous said...

I love this song too. It's stirring. Before leaving the coast completely today, we met at Elizabeth's for lunch, and I quizzed the kids about what they learned in church today (it's an old tradition that they go along with), and Amanda, my future daughter-in-law, jumped in and said one of the talks was about love. I told them that I sincerely believe that it's the most powerful force in the world.