Monday, February 4, 2008

Feathering Your Nest

Like most of the work outside of the home people in the world I look forward to the weekends. It is a time for rest and recreation. Many weekends require what my friend, Jayne calls home care. Doesn't that sound so much nicer than housework? I like my house clean! I like things to be in order! I can't rely on my memory all the time so I like to be able to find things in their proper places. My children and their spouses find it quite amusing to rearrange items. Bets have been made as to how quickly I would notice the errant object. How cruel! We all have a laugh at my expense. So happy to please. Recently, I purchased a book called, "Feathering Your Nest" by Nell Hill. It is aptly named as it has wonderful advice and pictures of making your house a home with items that you love. I like to think of my time spent arranging, rearranging and tending our "stuff" as feathering our nest! Staying at home is a luxury as far too often I am called away for any number of reasons. The main one being I go to work every day for most of the day! I enjoy making our home comfortable for family and friends. Nothing gives me greater delight than someone feeling at home and wanting to stay awhile. One of the girl's friends once said, "I love the way your house smells." Well said, I love the smell of soup cooking on the stove and bread baking and if it is a work night, candles that smell like cookies or sage and citrus. Hmmmmmm, what shall I cook this evening?


Anonymous said...

I dont know, but can I come eat?! Just Kidding! I need your help "organizing" again. Im about to light a match in my living room. LOVE YOU

connie said...

remember dear child, my living room was often strewn with toys and barbie paraphan...stuff! Having a 3 year old and a 2 year old pretty much means stuff everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to buy this book! Your home is wonderful...full of positive chi, as the feng shui folks would say. Haven't you noticed how all of us find ourselves gravitating to the shelves in your living room to note your latest arrangement of books, frames, and accessories? Then there's that hall bathroom that's so cool...and the kitchen with the rooster rug. Oh, and the sideboard with its changing displays always stops me in my tracks.

I picked up that homecaring word from Sarah Breathnach (sp.) and have never felt quite the same about it since. She also made me see the importance of simply puttering. It's almost a sacred pastime.

Hayden said...

"I like my house clean! I like things to be in order! I can't rely on my memory all the time so I like to be able to find things in their proper places."


I have the worst memory which is totally the reason that I am so organized. It's a blessing and don't let them tell you otherwise, lol.