Friday, February 22, 2008

Flashback Friday

It is a rainy, dreary Friday. To put a little fun in my day...I have been working on job costing and payroll, woohoo, I decided to browse through some pictures. I do not have the express permission of Ashley (in back) Mari (left) and Keeley (right) however, if you ham in front of my camera, you are fair game for the blog! I was privileged to work with these young ladies and many others in our Young Women's organization at church. Due to time constraints, family illness and it was just time to get someone younger in there, I no longer teach these girls a class on Sunday. I hope that I continue teaching them and the other young ladies by example. I loved each of them so much. I am still bombarded with hugs every Sunday! I love it. You can never get too many hugs and be shown too much affection. A little bit about the girls in the you can see they are definately outgoing and good friends. Ashley is beautiful, kind, helpful, smart (more than she lets on sometimes) and extremely gifted athletically. Mari is beautiful, goes out of her way to be of service, sets a positive example for the younger girls, and is a very talented dancer particularly ballet. Keeley is gorgeous, has an award winning smile that she gets from her mother, is absolutely fabulous with children and has a great sense of humor! All the young ladies that I associated with during my time in this wonderful organization were the sweetest, most spiritual daughters of Heavenly Father. I wish I had a fraction of their knowledge when I was that age. They collectively have the most awesome testimonies.
I spent many fun filled hours involved in a variety of activities, often not to good on my poor bones! (the dates on the pictures are incorrect) I was challenged to ride this horse, with a ..."but you have to"... I am terrified of heights. What was really sad is that this horse is a quarter horse, the breed not being extremely big or tall. To save face I attempted a ride and was okay until one of my clever girls spooked said horse. Yes I was ready for the dismount and how. Another dare was a challenge issued by the young women and the young men at an ice skating rink. This turned out okay surprisingly enough. We had a breakfast at my house, these girls can C*O*O*K! I was also privileged to work with Michelle, Karen and Amy, the other "adults" in the group. Those women were such great examples to me and we developed a love for each other that the Gospel encourages and supports. I can still call them if I need something.
Thanks to each of you, young women and leaders for being such a powerful influence on my life.
Thanks for the joy, the tears, the hard work, and all the fun. I Love Ya All!


Anonymous said...

Those pics are a scream!

Laresa said...

I love your flashback Fridays. What a great idea!

Alona said...

Love the pics and love that you love my daughter the way you do. She have sure benefited from you being her teacher for a while. You are a wonderful example to them. You showed them how to have fun and enjoy life but to always remember who you are and remember our Heavenly Father and close friends are VERY valuable in life. Thanks!I am very glad I can call you my friend as well. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this. Looks like the bishop knew what he was doing by keeping you in there for so long. Those girls needed someone like you who genuninely cared for them.

Anonymous said...

Ashleigh loved you being in the youth program! From time to time she still talks about how much "fun" you are, but I aready know that. I'd have to agree about Ashleigh being smarter than she let's on sometimes. She is like, duh! LOL
obviously it was the cooking talent from the other girls in the youth. Ashleigh cooks like here mama! SHE DOESN'T!!! he he he he

LOVED this post!

Valencia said...

You are so much fun, Connie. Yes, we should get together again soon. Thank you, too, for your sweet comments. My email is at home or you can always reach me at work at - Have a great evening!