Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feeling Peevish

"Nonneeeeeeeeeee, please turn the hose back on, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!" This photo of my grandson depicts how I am feeling today! Lest you think I am always in a sunshine kind of mood. No, sometimes, I must succumb to a case of pure irritability! After spending several hours at the doctor's office and pharmacy yesterday, with a lighter wallet and a bag of "meds" I went to bed early and fully expected to feel better today! No such miracle occurred. To humor myself, I have decided this is a great day to make a short list of pet peeves! Here they are in no particular order in terms of the irritability factor

  • negative people
  • rude service people, if you do not like your job, get a new one.
  • inconsiderate drivers
  • people that litter
  • self righteous people, that insist on inflicting their opinion on you.
  • my husband watching tv when I'm trying to talk to him, usually about something he doesn't want to hear...or him responding "whatever" this makes me very dangerous
  • toilet seats being left up by the male population
  • crooked pictures (it's that OCD thing)
  • meaness and pettiness
  • dishes in the sink
  • scrunched up shower curtains, why bother with a pretty one if you can't see it!
  • when a new register opens after a long wait and the cashier says I'll take the next person in line and the people that just got in line rush over.
  • knee highs with dresses that are too short when you sit down, the only exception being extremely "old" ladies.
  • ugly shoes
  • the car next to you or behind you having that boom, boom bass going on
  • tacky billboards and signs everywhere
  • tiny purses
  • cigars
  • telemarketers at dinner time - why doesn't the no call thing work?
Well, I think that will do for now. I could probably come up with some more given my current frame of mind! I read something recently that said, "Energy flows where attention goes" so I better focus on uplifting ideas!


Hayden said...

Can I add, "news coverage of election stuff"?

It just makes me want to bang my head on a wall.

connie said...

I agree completely!!!

Michelle said...

I cried laughing so hard!

marlajayne said...

Do you feel better now, Dear? I heard a funny comment about littering recently. A colleague of mine said they were discussing it in one of her classes, and one of the girls freely admitted that she always littered. Her reasoning was that she didn't want all that trash in her car, for crying out loud!