Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Twenty-five More!

The sky is so blue today. It is still a little cloudy and cool out. I find myself needing a break from year end books and payroll to just gaze out my window. I have wonderful pictures of favorite things to take a look at when my eyes blur from rows of numbers! The photos in this post were all taken at The Bend of Ivy Lodge in Marshall, NC near Asheville. So, it's lunch time and I present you with 25 more favorites...

  • Bend of Ivy Lodge, a serene and beautiful lodge in the mountains alongside a tranquil river.
  • rock gardens, rocks, especially "found" heart shaped ones
  • Christus Statue in Salt Lake City and Brazil (I have been to SLC not Brazil)
  • Buddha statues, he is always serene and/or happy
  • great massages
  • facials
  • having my feet rubbed with lots of lotion by sweet husband
  • eating cherries over the kitchen sink
  • homemade lemonade
  • popcorn
  • beach glass
  • shells
  • birkenstocks and danskos
  • flip flops
  • comfortable boot cut jeans
  • hair that smells Great
  • hugs and kisses
  • antique stores!!!
  • favorite quilt, the top is made of old suits and embroidered in a feather stitch (antique shop bargain in great shape)
  • Sweet grandson taking my favorite quilt and then snuggling with me
  • My granddaughter feeding me anything she is eating whether I want it or not!
  • my granddog Rhett, the black 125lb lab who thinks he is a lap dog and doesn't know he is a D*O*G
  • my daughters asking for advice or recipes
  • Heather's pumpkin roll, YUM!
  • Michelle's dancing
    It amazes me how many simple things around me enrich my life and bring me joy! Life can be so delightful if we take the time to look at the wonders around us. One hundred favorites, a piece of cake...only 25 more

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