Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dot Dot

"We are lighthouse people, the storms come and go and buffett us around but we still stand afterwards and hopefully our lights still shine" ...Dorothy Popham
I was privileged to call Dorothy my dearest friend of about 15 years. Dorothy passed this life into the next on December 6, 2007 after a courageous battle with cancer. The above quote was taken from a note written to me almost a year ago. Throughout Dorothy's illness, she maintained a positive attitude and a strong determination to continue "doing" for herself. She never lost her spunk. As she lie in the hospital bed one evening, she looked at me through half closed eyes and said, "Aren't you about due for a haircut and some highlights"! In the midst of dying we still took the time to laugh and talk about everyday stuff. Dorothy was my friend, mentor, sister, sometimes mother and often a royal pain and I loved her for all those roles she fulfilled in my life. My daughters loved her as a mother and she loved them as well. My oldest daughter had so many similiar characteristics I often wondered if I was just the carrier and Dot was really her mom! My grandson adored her and she adored him. The two had a very special relationship. He still speaks to her and prays for her. Many children were privileged enough to have this no nonsense, loving lady be their caregiver over a 30 year span of time. She never met an animal that she didn't love. One could go on and on about the amazing qualities of such a great person. Of strong moral character and virtue, Dorothy never lost sight of her values. She was/is a noble spirit and beloved by many. Always at home near the sea, her native home an island, may she run along the sands of Paradise and continue to touch lives.
To Dot, til we meet are loved and missed very much!


Anonymous said...

I loved her as well and miss her very much. She was always so helpful to me in getting my daycare going and I was flattered when she would call me for advise on how to handle a few daycare situations. She said she wanted the updated version. lol
She and Tracy Home taught me for a long time when I was new in the ward. They kept me coming to church when I did not feel like I was even noticed. They noticed when I was not there and so did Connie.
You just never know what impact you might have on a person with the simple things like saying hi or noticing when they are not there to speak to.
Thanks Dorthy for being my friend as well.
Thanks Connie for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

I love it mommy! Good Job!

Laresa said...

That was just beautiful. Every time I see you I think you must miss her so much. Wow! What a great friend. But what great memories you have together.

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Anonymous said...

The moment I saw the pictures of you, Katie, and Dorothy on the beach, I knew I was in for a treat. She loved the seashore so much. Remember that wonderful painting in her living room? She told me that depending on when you looked at it, it could be sunrise or sunset, and I know it brought her a lot of pleasure.