Sunday, January 20, 2008

A few of my favorite things

One of my favorite singers/bloggers, Christine Kane made the suggestion of listing at least 100 things you love...It is very awkward for me to talke about myself or tell others about myself so I'm thinking this exercise will be good for me. One of my favorite movies is "The Sound of Music", I can just hear "Maria" singing ...these are a few of my favorite things...100 things at one time seems a bit overwhelming so I thought I would go with about 25 things at a time in no particular order!
Here goes...
  • My Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ without whom I would not be so richly blessed.
  • my crazy, loud, fun and loving husband
  • our wonderful children
  • being "Nonnie" to the grandchildren, they bring so much joy and love into our lives.
  • sending love notes to my husband and receiving notes from him.
  • our sweet kitten, Moe, he is a beautiful tabby with an engaging personality. (Michelle rescued him and brought him to us to adopt)
  • my fuzzy bathrobe and slippers
  • hot cocoa or herbal tea on a rainy, Saturday morning
  • watching butterflies and birds from the windowseat
  • something yummy simmering on the stove in my wonderful kitchen
  • fresh baked bread
  • a good soak in the jacuzzi
  • a full moon shining through the upper windows in the living room
  • cool, starry nights
  • morning sounds and smells
  • laughter, lots of it
  • hearing my mom speak German especially when she switches languages in the middle of a sentence
  • calls, e-mails and especially notes from my friends
  • big, glossy magazines
  • books, reading as much as I can
  • the smell of citrus
  • majestic hymns, i.e "All Creatures of our God and King"
  • music, music, music
  • sunrise on the ocean
  • rain on the tin roof in Neeses

It is amazing how quickly you can think of many things or people you love. This makes me very aware of some of the truly wonderful, simple things that make life so fabulous. More to come....


Anonymous said...

how's this for irony! i guess great minds think alike. I posted 32 things I love b/c I am turning 32. what a fantastic list you have! your'e a pretty cool gal!
Have a FABULOUS week!
C-U Thursday!

Valencia said...

Hope you have a great birthday week this week, Connie! Thank you for the invite today for Thursday--see you Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Yo! ICH LIEBE DICH! Ill buy you a prrrrrrrrrise if we go to the soo. I love hearing mimi talk too!

Anonymous said...

I think you and Christine are having far too much influence on me...just kidding. How can you have too much of a good thing? I'm going to copy your idea and come up with 25 of my favorite things too. My daughter Carrie posted 100 things about herself, and I really enjoyed reading them and learning even more about this special young woman.