Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life's Simple Pleasures

Christina is hosting another "simple things" party to show January who is boss! I do not have a huge beef against January since it is my birthday month and around here we tend to celebrate for a month!

the simple things I love today...

the sun is shining brightly~sloppy granddarling kisses~daughter made chili (yum)~funky, soft socks in a variety of textures and colors~the feeling of a scarf around my neck~big hugs from my darling husband~Moe kitty jumping on the bed to let me know it is morning and time for breakfast~teacups and saucers~fragrant steam rising from a mug~hot chocolate with marshmallows~all my darlings wrapped up in a quilt~cookbooks~daisies~fresh herbs~baskets~ homemade birthday treats~just washed hair~list making~vegetable soup and cornbread~naps~phone calls and notes from friends near and far~a good feel it down to your toes laugh~hearts and stars~paper, pencils and words~hugs and kisses~every shade of green~

Life has so many simple pleasures...look around...seize the moment...enjoy the day!

Friday, January 22, 2010


What do you suppose a man does for his wife for her birthday when he has already bought her the most awesome car...
  • loves her on her worst days...brings her breakfast...acts like she hung the moon or something equivalent...really, really likes to make her laugh...loves it when the two share a laughterfest over something silly...walks away when she is in a mood...exhibits a passion for living that will knock her socks off most days
  • as I listen to women talk about their husbands...I think of two personalities coming together to face life and all that entails...the good, the bad and the ugly. In all the ways we can drive each other crazy there is however a deep abiding love and his/my quirks are what make us who we are as an individual and as a couple.
  • My dear husband has a passion and zest for life...everything he does is larger than life...he is not a quiet man. Whatever his pursuit...he is all IN. He does not play small. He is everything I am not. I don't often tell him I admire this about him because half the time it his passion for things that can also make me cuckoo!!! and very, very tired.
  • Right now...he has reunited with his drum set and a few other musicians...oy vey...drums in the morning, drums in the evening, drums at supper time (sound like a familiar refrain, I can't remember the song)
A few friends have be working on a photo of the week challenge...this week's theme is SWEET...
I thought chocolate, birthday cake (since it is my birthday week) candy...since I have been such a crab lately my husband needs to know I think he is the Sweetest! and my car...DEFINITELY a SWEET ride!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That's What She Said

I know you are eagerly awaiting the thoughts that are rambling around in my brain today...the birthday festivities continue...
  • people want to you purchase birthday gifts for yourself? (well, heck yeah, I do)

  • one of the gifts I gave myself...budgeted and donated money to disaster relief and other charitable causes...needs continue LONG after the holidays are over and done.

  • have you thanked your parents (if you can) for "having" you whether by birth or by adoption? My Dad always said he was lucky because he was able to pick me :) I sure miss him!

  • why is paperwork triplicated (I know it is probably not a word) and quadruplicated etc. anytime the government is involved? I blame them on my now poor eyesight...quit changing stuff already unless it is ABSOLUTELY beneficial to all.

  • if you are driving a GIANT TRUCK or SUV do you not think it would be a really great idea to watch what you are doing...stop texting, put the phone down...use your mirrors for crying out loud and quit pulling out in front of me :)

  • some months ago, a blog buddy wrote about a man (not her husband) that wished to have a polyamorous surprise he and his wife have or are word for age old dilemma of how to have your cake and eat it too...just sayin...HE says it is for personal growth and development...hmmmpf...(A Big Raspberry to you Mr. Personal Growth and Development I'm Bored and Lack Committment) I hope you don't rub off on the little growth and developments and that Mrs. G & D has a great life without you.

  • I really am striving to be the epitome of sweetness and light...some days a diamond, some days a stone!

  • To quote the late, gorgeous and tragic Marilyn Monroe "If you can't handle me at my worst then you don't deserve me at my Best" for some reason this resonates with me...we each have our best and worst days!

  • what happened to glamour and "dressing up" p.s. I am the worst offender these days...a life long family friend, a SAHM, always...always...put on makeup, fixed her hair and dressed in nice clothes before her husband arrived home from work.

  • on that note...I seriously budget for my fabulous hairstylist every six weeks...too bad I am not photogenic and my hair IS always a mess when someone snaps a pic...what's up with that? I blame it on my personal temperature fluctuations (hot flashes)

Life is Good, Friends are Great, Our children are FABULOUS and our grandchildren are even MORE FABULOUS!!! Now if someone would just pass me some would be even better! She has electric boots, a mohair suit...I read it a magazinoooooooooooo...yes this song is still stuck in my head along with TURN THE BEAT AROUND (Miami Sound Machine) and I FEEL GOOD (James Brown) more than you asked for...we aim to please around here.

vintage (1954) mohair it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let the Party Begin

It is my birthday week...I have been a little remiss in the celebratory department. I was taught by the Diva to celebrate a birthday for at least a month. Since I was late starting I think it will just have to extend into February. I heard on "Chelsea Lately" (I love her droll expressions) that January has one of the most depressing days in it. Hmmm...not sure I agree with that. Last year was my 50th...that sounded so cool...51 not so celebrate in grand style and because I love a list...for the next five days I will be listing 10 random "things" plus a bonus for the one...and away we go...

  • Blackberry inherited from dear husband...Kindle for birthday gift...How in the world is a body supposed to accomplish anything else with new gadgets around?

  • Still trying to re-organize from Christmas holidays

  • focus and concentration issues...oh look a bird...what did I come into this room for???

  • LOVE my new knitted scarf that I knitted for MYSELF...I never knit anything for myself

  • the weather is absolutely is hard to be at work at my least I have great windows...

  • yes I should be working on corporate income tax stuff etc...

  • procrastination is my middle name

  • must go to the grocery current mood I will buy way too many perishable fruits and all the colors!

  • the donkey playing ball and the horse chasing him will be out today because I don't have my camera with me and the weather is great.

  • things I would rather be doing RIGHT now...hiking, taking pictures, playing with Duncan doggy followed by herbal tea and a nap with my favorite quilt and Moe kitty.

Wishing you a glorious day...just for today...BE HAPPY!!! You Make Me Feel Like Dancin...wanna dance the night away

Diva dance instruction at Jeanne and Mike's wedding - March's electric!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Change of Perspective


Ever have one of those days nay weeks whereby it seems as though you just got out of bed on the "wrong side" The month is half over and I guess I was expecting miracles without doing anything on my part. My friend Jayne wrote a little wake up and be thankful post which prompted me to realize I needed a change of perspective. I have a book that I purchased last year and have attempted several times to implement the activities in the book to improve my relationships with others starting with my beloved. Ordinarily we tease and joke and love and live. In the throes of hormonal hell...he just plain gets on my nerves. It is a forty day one...patience!!! My shares are depleted. Day One Assignment...practice patience and say only kind, loving criticism allowed. I blew that assignment out of the water trying to get my hibernating bear out of the bed. Instead of gaining equilibrium and starting over...a downward spiral ensued...yes, I am talking to you MAN in BIG TRUCK not watching where you are going...get the point, I thought you might. Visiting a few blog friends always does the trick as most are genial, positive thinking, caring kind of folks...thus a turn around point after reading Jayne's post and a few others. To further my cause, I also practiced three pages of "stream of consciousness" writing as described in the book "The Artist's Way". On my third page I had the urge to attempt writing with my non dominant hand, which in my case is the left hand. This required so much effort to not so simply form letters I have been writing made spelling difficult...some of my letters were backwards...difficult to "stay on the lines"...a massive shift of perspective. It is a right handed, fully functional, mobile, technical society...what happens to those that do not fit in the mold? I plan to do a little more "left handed" writing...compassion has increased, empathy back in place, tolerance, understanding and kindness restored. I take the everyday, "mundane" tasks for granted...the simple act of writing and reading and walking and talking. Not so simple for everyone. Excuse me friends, I have to go make nice with my beloved as he bought this crankypants a diet coke and breakfast...ya gotta LOVE that man! To quote my dear friend Jayne, “Hey, I hope some good things happen to you today.”

(Jayne and Connie - New Year's Day 2010 - expecting great things to keep happening)

*Crankypants can be found here.

Monday, January 11, 2010


HOME is...

more about a feeling than an actual location or structure...a place of comfort, warmth and peace...
a gathering place for those we love...our Heart Space...familiar sights and smells...welcoming to friends and strangers...a place of spirit, love and laughter...a warm embrace...a kindly for body and soul...where we hang our hats...take off our shoes...sort our sorrows and multiply our JOY!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


“Try to keep your soul young and quivering right up to old age, and to imagine right up to the brink of death that life is only beginning. I think that is the only way to keep adding to one’s talent, and one’s inner happiness.” George Sand

So...I have no problem beginning...that is when I am not is the finishing that often causes me problems. I am currently reading three books, have three knitting projects on the needles...two of which I don't like and will unravel...the list could go on and on. We are six days into a New bing, bang, pow is not living up to expectations here. This is my year to "release" all the old stuff that hinders progress...when you throw that out into the must fortify one's self for what may come. I am currently battling cold sores, digestive ills and a number of other physical manifestations...thanks Universe!

I thought it would be lots of fun to participate in a 365 photo a day collaboration and I am now officially six days behind...fabulous photo of the week due the beginning of this post...meh.

In true Loose Lemon fashion...we will make lemonade out of lemons. Obviously my body needs the rest to handle releasing old "stuff" and naps are good, right? I will make up with my camera and we will enjoy the freezing weather together...looking at an uninspiring drive to and from work with new eyes. Knitting projects will be unraveled and begun anew. Herb tea, soup and quiet are good things along with warm bubble baths and glossy magazines (even if the cat whines when he can't get the door to the bathroom open)

If you are looking for me...I am bubble bathing or napping or reading or gazing at the birds...I am releasing, releasing, releasing...