Thursday, January 14, 2010

Change of Perspective


Ever have one of those days nay weeks whereby it seems as though you just got out of bed on the "wrong side" The month is half over and I guess I was expecting miracles without doing anything on my part. My friend Jayne wrote a little wake up and be thankful post which prompted me to realize I needed a change of perspective. I have a book that I purchased last year and have attempted several times to implement the activities in the book to improve my relationships with others starting with my beloved. Ordinarily we tease and joke and love and live. In the throes of hormonal hell...he just plain gets on my nerves. It is a forty day one...patience!!! My shares are depleted. Day One Assignment...practice patience and say only kind, loving criticism allowed. I blew that assignment out of the water trying to get my hibernating bear out of the bed. Instead of gaining equilibrium and starting over...a downward spiral ensued...yes, I am talking to you MAN in BIG TRUCK not watching where you are going...get the point, I thought you might. Visiting a few blog friends always does the trick as most are genial, positive thinking, caring kind of folks...thus a turn around point after reading Jayne's post and a few others. To further my cause, I also practiced three pages of "stream of consciousness" writing as described in the book "The Artist's Way". On my third page I had the urge to attempt writing with my non dominant hand, which in my case is the left hand. This required so much effort to not so simply form letters I have been writing made spelling difficult...some of my letters were backwards...difficult to "stay on the lines"...a massive shift of perspective. It is a right handed, fully functional, mobile, technical society...what happens to those that do not fit in the mold? I plan to do a little more "left handed" writing...compassion has increased, empathy back in place, tolerance, understanding and kindness restored. I take the everyday, "mundane" tasks for granted...the simple act of writing and reading and walking and talking. Not so simple for everyone. Excuse me friends, I have to go make nice with my beloved as he bought this crankypants a diet coke and breakfast...ya gotta LOVE that man! To quote my dear friend Jayne, “Hey, I hope some good things happen to you today.”

(Jayne and Connie - New Year's Day 2010 - expecting great things to keep happening)

*Crankypants can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Ah, what a great picture...and a great post. We all KNOW this stuff about gratitude and blessings and kindness, but at the same time we all need little reminders. I know I do, and I'll be looking to you for them. By the way, I love the crankypants picture too. Very funny.

stephanie of stopbouncing said...

those "cranky pants" are GREAT!
if only they made them for adults...

Instead of looking back at the past two weeks and counting "failures", why not try again today?
Sure, that jerk in the truck ruined the mantra for that day, but try the nothing-but-kind-words thing today.
And kudos for you for trying that. Sheesh, I'm aiming for an hour where I'm not mean to someone :)

Now, if you'll excuse ME, I need to learn how to knit myself some lady sized cranky pants.

Hayden Tompkins said...

I get cranky when I'm hungry! I have a blood sugar thing and it's basically like The Hulk.

Also, I can neither confirm nor deny this, but there may be lots of swearing involved when I put those pants on.

Pippa said...

Wow, Connie, what a stellar exercise! I've got The Artist's Way as well and still want to work through it, too. Writing with your non-dominant hand sounds truly like it can bring on a change of perspective. I find using my left hand works much better when I simply write backwards, and somehow it boosts that right-brain creativity I'm always looking for. I used to write poetry backwards on my filing cabinet at work, with a wipe-off marker. From your experience I'd say it is definitely time to start again...

Good luck with patience, friend! =)

Christy said...

We are all entitled to wear cranky pants sometimes! I love how you push yourself to try new -- and difficult -- things!! I bow to you!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love those pants.

And I love this post. You've reminded me to be grateful for so many things I take for granted.