Monday, February 2, 2009

Okay I'll Play and the Award Goes to...

I was recently given the Honest Scrap award by Grandma Kathleen and this one by Delicious Bass. I appreciate the thought from my fellow bloggers and will respond somewhat according to the are supposed to tag other folks...consider yourself tagged if you want to play along!
The Honest Scrap award suggests that you list ten HONEST things about yourself that others may not life is such an open book I'll have to get super creative!

1. In the height of the series "Dark Shadows" and similar genre...a friend and I decided we wanted to be witches. She had all kinds of interesting doo dads but the whole thing frightened my catholic self so badly that I quit hanging out with her. Wicca and that sort of thing holds a fascination for me because I am terribly curious...It also scares the wits out of me!!!

2. A friend (whom shall remain nameless) and I worked with a horrid, mean woman that was extraordinarily superstitious, she grew up in the low country with lots of voodoo etc. and we secretly plotted to buy chicken feet and scatter them all over her yard...We mended the error of our ways (we were afraid she would have a heart attack or shoot us) and did not do the chicken feet drive by but we still laugh about it.

3. This is no secret to anyone who knows me...I cry at the drop of a hat...if you cry in front of me I most certainly will cry right along with you.

4. I truly suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder..certain things drive me to distraction...I am not as bad as Jack Nicholson in "As Good As It Gets" I totally relate to the television series
Monk. I am undiagnosed, although my medical doctor has prescribed various meds for me. My family likes to "mess with me" by re-arranging stuff in my house.

5. I am a pessimist and a cynic...truly I am...I work very diligently each day to accentuate the positive thus the whole Loose Lemons concept.

6. I can change messy diapers and take children to the potty all day long just don't talk about "boogers" to me! Blech...makes me gag every time!

7. I am terrified of alcohol consumption...we have a long line of alcoholics and substance abuse in our family and friend's families. It is a tragic thing to behold. I "just" eat too much of the wrong foods. Not good either!

8. I do not understand why I sometimes experience an overwhelming sense of melancholy when I am abundantly blessed.

9. Someday I would like to develop a stand up comedy routine however the idea scares me witless.

10. I am a huge contradiction of characteristics! (Aren't we all) example: I prefer to be low key and stay under "the radar" at the same time wishing to be noticed and receive attention.

The Kreativ Award suggestions are as follows:

7 things you did before you became a mom: that was such a long time ago...
1) I actually slept through the night
2) I went out A LOT...concerts, movies, nightclubs
3) I took showers when I WANTED TO.
4) I took Yoga classes and went to a gym regularly...oh yes I did.
5) I traveled to places on the "spur of the moment"
6) I ate regular, healthy meals at a table and did not eat leftovers off of other people's plates
(Moms, you know you did/do eat your children's leftovers provided they have not put their hands in it)
7) Read a whole book on a Saturday afternoon if I wanted to!

7 things you would like to do:
1) Travel to England, Italy, China, South America, Jerusalem and several other places
2) Visit Alaska and the other 23 states I have not seen.
3) Live in a cabin alongside a stream in the mountains...any mountains
4) Spend a lot of time visiting art museums!
5) Spend more time on art and creativity
6) Learn more languages! Re-visit my bilingual roots
7) Increase my humanitarian efforts

7 things that attract me to my husband...hmmm
1) He is extremely passionate about his beliefs.
2) He is funny, most of the time
3) He has a tender, sensitive side that most people do not get to see
4) He is very creative whether in music, drawing or designing electrical systems
5) He is protective of me and the children and grandchildren
6) He is generous to a fault, he always does things in a big way (i.e. buying me cars)
7) He is original, one of a kind, loving, and he thinks I am beautiful!

7 favorite foods...just 7???
1) Anything Chinese or Asian
2) My mom's crepe like pancakes
3) Sauerkraut, Collards, almost any greens
4) French fries, overly salted
5) Chocolate
6) Cheese Puffs
7) Cheese - any kind

7 things I say too often:
1) #%&@* in the car (use your imagination)
2) jeepers!
3) whatever
4) holy...whatever, holy cow, holy smokes etc.
5) Lord have mercy and I really mean it!
6) Yes
7) much to my dismay and shut up (no I am not proud of that one!)

Well, that is probably way more information than you care to have and by all means, if you wish, play along on your blog. Oh yeah, I am the Queen of Procrastination, which is why I am blogging instead of working on tax preparation!!!


bFlat said...

Traveling is one of my all time favorite hobbies too! I would love to road trip throughout the US and visit all the states.

I am also a procrastinating queen....

marlajayne said...

Isn't there a neat museum at the Columbia Museum of Art? Let's go one Saturday soon...after Colton Edward Maseda makes his arrival.

marlajayne said...

Okay, let's rephrase. Isn't there a neat exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art?

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'd love to know what your bilingual roots are.

I enjoyed reading more about you.

curlywurlygurly said...

where did my comment go!?!? i typed a huge, blathering comment and it's POOF! gone. i'm sad.

okay, i was interested to learn that chinese is your favorite type of food--that's so adventurous!

last week, a friend took me to a place i'd never eaten--pf changs.
what is up with the lettuce things? i can't say it was my favorite meal, but people sure line up for that stuff.

i liked learning all about you...and i'm waiting to go for a ride in the porsche!

Connie said...

Hey Nat, what's to do in Jersey???
We have to wait until it is warm cuz I am not driving that car in the snow and ice :)

stopbouncing said...

oohhhhhh, now I see why you commented that my Wiccan past interested you...
I assure you, "Dark Shadows" witches are different than Real Witches.

And the "7 things you could do before you became a mom" goes in my CON category. But I'm all about the leftovers :)

See, these things are good, you learn so much. Sometimes about yourself.

GrandmaKathleen said...

Connie thanks for accepting the Honest Scrap award, I love learning more about my blogger friends.
I relate to you being sentimental and very emotional, many things will trigger my eyes to fill up and eventually cry.
Do not let fear overcome you you, YOU go do that comedy act.
Do you have MEET-UP groups in your area, sign up for one or organize one. They can be so much fun.
Do be creative, do it you you.